Screwdriver Gloves

What terrible thing can happen if you malfunction with such a simple tool. How is a screwdriver? This is probably the first question that comes to mind. Yes, undoubtedly, this is not a chainsaw or a puncher, so what can be dangerous when working with such a not so complicated and at first glance harmless device?

For starters, if we are dealing with a power tool, this is a defeat. “decent” discharge of electric current. Further, if you often have to work with, say, concrete. It is dust and splinters that can cause serious damage to the eyes. And finally, poor fixation of the instrument in the hand, as well as an unstable position of the body, will easily provide you with physical damage, especially if the drilling function is involved. You will definitely agree that there is little good in the above list of troubles. So how can all this be avoided?

First of all, you should carefully read the instructions for the power tool. Most of them set forth rather detailed rules for both safety and working directly with the tool. Note that it is recommended to take the instructions not when “the fried rooster pecked somewhere,” but before starting all the work.

Workplace safety

The workplace should be well lit and not cluttered with any unnecessary trash. If there is not enough light, then it is better to have a flashlight in your arsenal or use a backlit tool. Various fasteners should not interfere with the operator. For carrying and storing additional equipment, as well as consumables, it is better to use special cases. In order to always have the necessary equipment or improvised materials at hand, rationally store them in the pockets of special work clothes, and not at the object itself, where drilling or other actions take place. Be sure to remove the adjusting key after adjustment in special holders.

Hazardous area. The place where work should be done with extreme care. A screwdriver can spark, which in turn will provoke ignition, fires and detonation. Outsider at the place of work. Also a potential hazard. If the master is often distracted, his attention is not focused on the action being performed, so the chance of getting injured increases significantly.

Safe use of power tools

Screwdriver Gloves

Electric shock can easily cause a variety of processes in the human body. From a sharp pain impulse to disorientation, as well as loss of consciousness. It is dangerous by the probability of cardiac arrest, breathing, as well as local burns of varying severity.

The following actions, which deserve mention, invariably lead to electric shock. Therefore, it is recommended to remember forever what exactly can become the source of a possible defeat, and to avoid this in the future.

For example, handicraft production of adapters or self-cutting of a plug, if it does not fit the outlet, is fraught with an increase in temperature in current-conducting metals. Do not withstand the load and household adapter plugs.

Screwdriver Gloves

A common practice among many “especially experienced” masters: at the end of work, just pull the cord to disconnect from the outlet. After that, wind the power cable and use this makeshift “ring” to make it easier to carry the equipment. It’s comfortable. But is it safe? The electric cord is bent, the place of its fastening can be frayed, if not reinforced with special rubber pads. As a result, we get a bare wire. It is also worth protecting the cord from melting, accidental ingress of aggressive solutions, moving elements that can damage the coating or completely cut the power cable. It is worth noting that if the length of the standard cord is not enough, then the work is a stretch. It is also source of trouble. It is best to always have a spare extension cord.

Water. Wonderful conductor of electric charge. Therefore, working in a high humidity environment with a power tool is highly undesirable. At the same time, it is always necessary to protect the power tool from penetrating inside any liquids. The operation process in this case will be protected by an RCD (residual current device). Acting almost instantly, it quickly and easily blocks the movement of energy from the current source to the equipment.

Proper operation

Always try to correctly assess the nature and complexity of the work, do not overload your tool. Carefully check it before work for malfunctions, pay attention to the integrity of the power cord, the health of the switch. If breakages are found, they should be repaired immediately before starting work on the power tool. Before setting up and installing / replacing equipment, disconnect the tool from the power supply. Remember that an electric tool. This is not a toy for children, so keep it out of reach of them. It is also necessary to properly and timely care for the tool. Keep the equipment in a clean and sharpened (if required) state.

Always hold the screwdriver firmly by the insulated handle. Screwing and unscrewing screws often results in high returns. This is especially true for models with high speeds. The rubberized handle can become an element that will not allow electric shock to the user if the screw accidentally gets into the line of the wiring. However, the most reasonable option would be to use a special detector for hidden wiring before starting work.

Safe use of cordless tools

For batteries, always use exclusively “native” chargers, and for the tool. Suitable batteries recommended by the manufacturer. Keep an unused battery away from metal objects that can short-circuit the poles, which may cause a fire. If the battery malfunctions, or if it is damaged, liquid and gas may be released, which cause skin irritation and burns. Dispose of the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

In the event that you found any damage to the charger before turning it on, do not try to repair it yourself. There is a service center for this. Protect it from dampness and moisture. Do not leave the included charger on flammable materials (paper, textiles, etc.). Make sure that it is kept in good condition and clean.

Operator Safety

Always use the tool for its intended purpose. There are separate devices for “hammering nails and chopping nuts”. As it was written above, correctly assess the severity of work, this applies not only to technology, but also directly to the user. At the end of a hard working day, you, for example, decided to screw a shelf at home, and the cornice mount was shaky, but will you be able to keep the tool in your hands in a tired state? Do not imitate plumbers from jokes, starting to work “under the fly”that is, completely in a state of intoxication. This will necessarily lead to sad consequences.

Never neglect protective equipment. Special equipment, glasses, gloves and shoes were not created as a tribute to fashion at the time, all this increases the personal safety of the employee. The screwdriver has a design with actively rotating elements, therefore everything that can catch or wrap. Jewelry, watch straps, long hair. Need to be removed under clothing or removed altogether.

If you have to work at height, then first you need to make sure that the layout of the master is as stable as possible. Anyone can step back.

Tool repair and maintenance

A power tool should not be repaired or remade on its own. Contact a qualified service technician. It is also worth mentioning that unauthorized actions, such as disassembling the equipment case or replacing components with non-certified analogs, lead to the cancellation of the warranty by the manufacturer and the refusal to consider further user complaints.