Segment Mower Adjustment

The principle of operation and description of the device of a self-made segment mower

Segment mower drive the tiller is carried out from the power take-off shaft (PTO) through a chain or V-belt transmission. Such a transfer can be done from the intermediate shaft of a homemade tiller by installing another sprocket or pulley on it. Most often, an eccentric is installed on the drive shaft of the mower, which converts the rotational motion of the shaft into the reciprocating motion of the segment with the blades of the tiller mower. But you can also design another drive of the tiller mower: spring the cutting segments of the homemade mower and then they will need to be moved only in one direction. To do this, a pusher is installed on the drive pulley of the tiller segment mower, which at each revolution will move the cutting segment to the extreme position, and it will return back under the action of a spring. True, the spring in this case should be quite stiff, and the speed of the drive shaft is not very high. By cons eccentric drive mower can be attributed to the additional vibration created by the eccentric of the drive shaft homemade segment mower for tiller

Segment mower drive for tiller. How to make a do-it-yourself segment mower drive

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Homemade mower for tiller

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Homemade segment mower for tiller

Such a segmented mower for a tiller is made of 15x50x120 metal beams. 12 holes need to be drilled in them so that their dimensions fit the M8 bolts. In the future, a guide rail (89 cm) with teeth and knives will be attached to these bolts. Knives are installed on both sides of the timber.

Runners and clamps are attached from both ends of the timber. A wheel is attached to the main frame, which can be removed from an unnecessary stroller. Under the influence of the PTO of the tiller, the cutting part of the mower starts working. This can be seen in more detail in the figure:

Main welded frame (1), braces (2), gear wheel (3), fixing and adjustment of the braking system (4), pawl for fixing the brake (5), main arches (6 and 8), hinged body (7), leg (9), gas line (10), regulator valve (11), gas tank (12), handle (13), levers (14 and 17), latching mechanism (15), fastening bolt (16), throttle control lever ( 18), clamp (19), engine muffler (20), engine (21), fixing hardware (22), fairing (23), cutting blades (24 and 25), cover (26), slide (27), element fixings (28), knife frame (29), rod (30), pin (31), plates for holding the lower and upper parts (32 and 33).

Segment Mower Adjustment

The mower, assembled according to this drawing, easily mows the grass. This homemade mower can be seen in action at.

Homemade mower for tiller (rotary, segment)

To facilitate the physical labor of a person on a personal plot, more than a hundred different sheds for the tiller are offered. But not everyone can afford to buy such equipment, because its cost is not cheap. The article describes a homemade mower for a tiller, the pros and cons of popular designs.

When assembling such a mower, the most important thing is to get a safe and high-quality model. To make a mower for a tiller with your own hands, they usually use improvised units from agricultural machinery. After all, the main goal pursued by the creators of a homemade mower is saving money and achieving maximum results. Some models that ordinary gardeners come up with often surprise professionals with their idea and simplicity of design.

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Homemade rotary mower for a tiller

A home-made rotary mower on a tiller is used for mowing grass for hay and for mowing a lawn. If the grass is small, then the mower will simply chop it up, and mow tall grass.

Consider a model made for the Tiller Neva and similar models. We use two discs from the grain seeder, and from the chainsaw, a chain and a gearbox. One disc requires four knives. They are made from hardened metal. To install them, holes with a diameter of six millimeters are drilled on each disc with a carbide drill. Using a splint, we attach the knives to the discs. We also keep the gap between the knife and the shank, which is 1-2 mm larger than the thickness of the knife itself.

Due to this, the centrifugal force, when rotating, will straighten the knives from the disc, and they will mow the grass. At the same time, it should be possible to rotate the knives 360 degrees, which is done to make the knives more safe when they collide with something solid.
Strong carbon steel is used to make the axle to which the knives will be mounted. The diameter of the axle must be at least eight millimeters. In order for the knives to have free movement, you need to tighten the axle with a disc until it stops.

These two discs are mounted on a welded frame and communicate with the PTO drive. The rotation of the discs should occur towards each other, which will allow the mowed grass to be folded into rows.

Homemade mower for tiller, characteristics and description

Usually, home-made mowers for a tiller, construct a frontal type: rotary mower, segment mower and carriage mower.

The welded frame is the basis for the segment and rotary mowers. It is made from metal corners, 4×4 cm in size. For the wheel axle, the bearing housings are mounted on the frame. Then the working part of the mower of the selected type is made.

How to connect a homemade mower to a tiller

A hand-assembled mower will not produce the desired result if it is not properly attached to the tiller. There are certain rules to follow when installing the mower.

First of all, you need to put the tiller into reverse mode. Before being connected to the PTO shaft, a connecting unit is placed in the hitch socket. Using a pivot with a spring, you need to lock the connection. The absence of a spring will lead to a malfunction of the trailer mechanism.

For greater safety, cover the mower blades with a protective cover. Tiller wheels contain weights to aid in tillage. Since they are not necessary when mowing grass, they should be removed. Start cutting grass with the mower at the lowest speed. No need to rush when cornering and make them smoothly.
If you assembled a mower for a tiller with your own hands, first of all, its work should be safe.

When a home-made mower is connected to the tiller and it works, quite high rotations of the discs with knives are achieved. In the event of a breakdown of the mount, you or people around you may be injured. Therefore, first think about whether you have enough skill to make such a device. After all, it will be much cheaper to purchase a ready-made mower for a tiller than medicines and treatment of crippled organs or nerves.

Segment mounted tractor mower: how to do it yourself

For specific agricultural work, special equipment is required. The reason is that it is simply impossible to carry out all the work by hand with a large area. For these purposes, segment mowers have been developed. The presented designs are very convenient in terms of operation and greatly simplify all work.

What a homemade potato hiller looks like can be found in this article.

Features of the KS-F-2.1 mower

She works in flat and clean areas. It is unacceptable for stones and other solid debris to enter the mechanism, which lead to breakage of the cutting segments.

These mowers have many positive qualities:

  • High productivity, large width of the processed strip;
  • The ability to work on compact tractors due to the low weight of the installation;
  • Low energy consumption, allowing to keep the cost of production at the same level with small volumes of workpieces;
  • Ease of controls. One tractor driver is enough for her, without additional assistants;
  • High quality of the work performed for cutting grass and a long service life. At the end of the field season on the device, you just need to replace the cutting blade.

Tractors YUMZ, MTZ 80 and MTZ 82, more compact tractors T 25 and T 40 are most suitable for them.

This brand of mowers successfully works on huge fields of collective farms and farmers. The high demand is due to the variety of modifications, including:

  • Fingerless;
  • With a slice called Schumacher, German production;
  • With the presence of a hydraulic cylinder in the lifting mechanism;
  • Other versions.

The most popular of them is a type of B4 model, which is distinguished by a more reliable frame, a bar of a cutting tool, and an increased reliability of the safety device. It is easier to make the necessary inclination of the cutting blade on it.

A similar model of class B is lighter, differs in the presence of a mechanized lifting using a hydraulic cylinder, but the tractor needs a more powerful one.

European technology

The goods, which are received in European countries, can boast of their quality characteristics. But this statement has not received an accurate statement or refutation to this day. But in practice, the matter will be arranged in such a way that the segment mowers of the European assembly are invented in accordance with all standards.

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The most popular is the manufacturer Al-Ko. These products are imported to all European countries. The reason for this demand is due to the fact that mowers have already won the hearts of many consumers. Of course, the cost of European products will be higher than Russian ones. The average price of a segment mower reaches 30,000 40,000 rubles. But today people began to adhere more to quality characteristics than price.

Tractor t 70s technical characteristics and other technical data are indicated in the article.

Characteristics of KP-F-6

The main advantage of the presented model is that it has a small size, and you can use the mowing on large areas. Segment mower KP-F-6 is a popular machine among farmers.

It can be installed on tractors of 0.9-1.4 class. Device length 6050 mm, width 7620 mm, height 2470 mm. The mowers are capable of mowing plants with a height of 80 mm. Travel speed is 9 km / h.

What the Terrion 4200 tractor looks like and what technical equipment has, you can find out from the article.

On segment mower for mini tractor:

The main advantage of the segment mower is the ease of physical work. Since earlier it was necessary to mow the grass manually, the whole process was delayed for a long time. Today, all problems with excess vegetation on your site can be solved with the help of an easy and effective device. It does not take up much space and is mounted on a tractor.

About how the Buhler Versatile tractor looks like, it is indicated in the article.

over, such a device allows you to get much high-quality grass. After mowing, the grass is not distributed over the entire territory of the site, but is laid evenly. Thanks to this, it is possible to easily collect vegetation and use it for needs.


Segment mower KSF-2.1 is an excellent solution for farms and individual villagers. Thanks to its design, it allows you to harvest hay in unlimited quantities, without spending a lot of time and resources.

In addition, it can be used for harvesting various crops: wheat, oats, etc. The price for such a model will be about 25,000 30,000 rubles

  • Weight 190 kg;
  • Dimensions (l / w / h) 50cm / 180cm / 255.5cm;
  • Width of the mowed surface 2.1 m;
  • The area of ​​the treated surface is 1.7 ha / h;
  • Speed 9 km / h;
  • Power 7500 W;
  • Height of the mowed grass (min) 4 cm;
  • Height of mowed grass (max) 6 cm.

If you want a cheaper model, then follow here and read a review of a homemade segmented mower for the Tiller Neva, which can be assembled literally from scrap materials that can be found in every home.

Segment mower specifications

The main indicators are presented in the table:

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the ability to use in any weather conditions, segment mowers KSF-2.1 have a number of other advantages, for which they are appreciated by many business executives:

  • High productivity achieved by a relatively high speed of work and a large width of simultaneous capture of more than 2 meters.
  • The light weight of this mounted mowing equipment allows you to work with it even on small types of transport devices.
  • Low power consumption of the device will help save money and does not affect the increase in the cost of hay while reducing the volume of the workpiece.
  • Simple operation without connecting hydraulics does not require additional maintenance personnel, except for the operator of the draft tractor.
  • The cost-effectiveness of purchasing the device itself and spare parts for it, available everywhere.
  • High-quality work at high speed and long service life by the end of the operating period, it will be enough to change the cutting blade, and the mower will be ready for the mowing season again.

Segment mower KSF-2.1 with a special type of grass cutting elements

The KSF-2.1 segment mower is designed to be mounted on mini-tractors and tillers. This device is intended for the mechanization of hay harvesting processes, getting its name due to the special type of cutting elements in the grass in the form of large sharp triangles. Also called segmental finger.

Features of operation

The mower is attached to the tractor by fixing the longitudinal rods of the tractor hitch, setting the distance from the ground to their rear ends of about 40 cm and lifting no more than 65 cm.This is done to prevent lateral displacement of the mower frame relative to the central axis of the traction unit.

When working with the device, you should follow the rules that contribute to its long-term and safe operation:

  • The cutter bar of the mower must be covered with a protective cover.
  • The stopping of the tractor must occur with the simultaneous actuation of the power take-off shaft.
  • All adjustment and cleaning work with the mower itself and especially the cutting tool is carried out with a complete stop and a plug of the tractor.
  • The device is transported with a protective shield put on its teeth.

Segment mower KSF 2.1

Segment mowers, type KSF-2.1, are manufactured by the Luberetskiy plant Selkhozmash (Russia, Moscow). This enterprise is the successor of the Ukhtomsky plant and the successor of its long-term business of manufacturing hay harvesting equipment of various types and designs.


Technical characteristics of the KSF-2.1 segment mower:

Specifications Unit measurements Indicators
Total weight of the device Kg 190
Transport dimensions, lengths / widths / heights mm 500/1800/2555
Drive power kW 7.5
Work progress speed, up to km / h nine
Capture of the cut strip mm 2100
Cutting height mm 40-60
Productivity, max. Ha / h 1.7
Tractor required traction 0.6-1.4
Required PTO frequency rpm 540
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KSF-2.1 mower consists of the following main structural units and parts:

  • The frame on which the base is taken for the rest of the working tools and which has a fastener for installation to the tractor hitch.
  • A pull rod designed to connect the working cutting tool with the device frame.
  • Cutting blade with sharp segments (fingers).

In operation of the mower, the blade with knives is set in a forward-reverse motion parallel to the ground surface. In this case, the stems encountered on its way fall on the fixed segments of the canvas and are immediately firmly pressed against them by the movable blades. Grasses are cut in the same way as conventional shears, leaving behind a strip of ready-made mowing.
Mower scheme KSF-2.1 1 knife head; 2 guiding knife heads; 3 knife head cover; 4 inner shoe; 5 branch bar; 6 outer shoe; 7 field board; 8 finger; 9 finger liner; 10 segment of the knife; 11 clamping the knife; 12 back of the knife; 13 friction plate.

Device and adjustment of the KS-2.1 mower.

Mounted single-bar mower KS-2.1 is designed for mowing natural and seeded grasses. The mower consists of a cutterbar, a drawbar, a connecting rod, a mower drive, a frame, and a cutterbar lifting mechanism. Device:

Cutting device: consists of a knife, finger bar, shoes, fingers, friction plates and hold-downs. During mower operation, the cutter bar slides on the ground on two shoes (inner and outer), under which there are steel soles, which serve to set the cutter bar at different cutting heights of the grass, depending on the unevenness of the ground surface. The knife consists of segments, backrest and head. The knife is in the grooves of the fingers and moves in them reciprocally.

Drawbar. Used to connect the cutter bar to the mower frame.

The connecting rod connecting the knife to the drive mechanism is a rod (pipe) with a threaded bushing and body welded to it on the ends.

The mower drive consists of a pulley. Eccentric, V-belts, drive pulley box and cardan transmission.

Adjustments: 1. Adjustment of the position of the knife in the cutter bar. Fingers with a gap between the end of the segment and the liner, or raised up in comparison with others, must be trimmed with careful hammer blows on the nose of the finger. A gap of up to 1 mm is permissible between the rear end of the insert and the segment. The clamps of the knife must touch the segment, if there is a gap, they must be bent to the segments with light hammer blows. In the extreme positions of the connecting rod, the middle of the knife segments should not reach the middle of the fingers by 5 mm. This is achieved by changing the length of the connecting rod by rotating it. The overrun of the knife towards the outer shoe is not allowed, because in this case, when the cutting unit is placed in the transport (vertical) position, the connecting rod will be in the space.

2. Adjustment of the inclination of the cutter bar. If the soil is uneven, the cutter bar fingers may hit the ground. To avoid this, tilt the cutting unit back. When the herbage is lodged, the cutterbar should be tilted forward so that the fingers do not crush the grass, but, sinking into the lodged mass, raise it. The tilt of the cutter bar forward or backward is produced by turning the hinge relative to the drawbar.

3. Adjustment of the cutting height of the grass. The soles of the inner and outer shoes should be rearranged to higher-lying holes, which will increase the cutting height of the grass.

4. The tension of the belts is adjusted by moving the drive pulley using the tension screw.

5. Adjustment of the lifting mechanism. Do not raise the mower so that the axles of the linkage are above 650 mm from the ground, as excessive lifting can cause damage to parts. In the working position, the hitch axles should be at a height of 100 mm. When lifting the cutterbar of the tractor hydraulic mechanism of the tractor, the inner shoe should lift off the ground approximately 100-150 mm earlier than the outer one, which is achieved by rotating the lever with a threaded eye in one direction or the other relative to the mated part.

6. Adjustment of the position of the cutter bar in relation to the connecting rod and the tractor. For normal operation of the mower, it is necessary that the connecting rod is installed perpendicular to the eccentric axis. This is achieved by changing the length of the truss and by rotating the sleeve in the desired direction.

For normal operation of the mower, it is necessary that the cutting unit is parallel to the axis of the rear wheels of the tractor. But due to the fact that there are gaps in the hinge joints of the mower, the outer end of the cutter bar must be brought forward relative to a straight mowing line parallel to the axis of the rear wheels of the tractor through the nose of the finger located next to the inner shoe. In this case, the nose of the finger located next to the outer shoe should protrude 35-55 mm forward. The position of the cutting device relative to the tractor is adjusted by changing the length of the truss (by rotating its head in the desired direction).