Selection of chain electric saws according to parameters.

best chain electric saws

In a private house, a chainsaw is not the most convenient tool: it requires regular refueling, servicing a carburetor and air filter, and a resource of a high.speed two.stroke motor, especially on budget Chinese models, is far from ideal. But most of the works performed by a saw in such conditions occurs near the outlet. it is enough to stretch out an extension cord to the street to be able to use the electrical saw. The electric motor does not need refueling, its resource is higher than that of a gasoline, by an order of magnitude, moreover, the owner gets rid of smoke, revolution and vibrations, which are inevitable for benzo tools. If the saw is also the battery, then the bindings to the outlet are avoided.

Harbor Freight Electric ChainSaw 9 amp 14 Inch Review and Demonstration

Well, it is worth seeing which chain electric saws can be called the best in 2022. Given the variety of models, we will divide them into five categories:

  • Amateur power plants are a budget market segment, simple Chinese.made tools. We will not consider the battery models of the lower segment: here we will immediately have to sacrifice either the quality of the battery or performance. A characteristic feature of electric saws is the lack of a clear separation in power and the length of the tire, like that of gasoline: that amateur, that a professional electric saw will have close characteristics.
  • In the middle segment, electric saw models are presented, which, if necessary, will also be on the shoulder. this implies more attention to both engine cooling and the reliability of the oil pump. The battery models of this segment in performance will be lower, but they will already show decent autonomy.
  • Professional chain electric saws, both network and battery, are designed with the calculation of long.term work with maximum return: this is not only the quality of materials and assembly, but also thought out ergonomics, without which a professional tool cannot be considered such.

Rating of the best electric chain saws 2022.

The rating is compiled taking into account the reviews of experts and ordinary buyers.

Category place name rating
The best inexpensive chain electric saws for the home
The best network chain electric saws of the middle class
The best battery.class chain saws of the middle class
The best professional network chain saws
The best professional chain power saws on batteries

Which chain electric saw to buy

A similar tool is popular with both home masters and professionals. Therefore, the main criteria for choosing a chain electric saw depend on the tasks that are to be solved with its help.

The main indicator of the productivity of the device is power:

  • For infrequent work in everyday life, drunk dry branches, small repair will be enough with a capacity of 1000 watts.
  • Larger construction and carpentry work, as well as logging, will require electric saws with a engine not weaker than 2000 watts.

The permissible value of the processed blanks or trunks of trees depends on the length of the tire. When using in private economy, the optimal value will be 30 centimeters. For processing thick logs, rolls of forest or construction work, it is better to use models with a tire of about 40-45 cm.

An important characteristic is the chain step. The optimal indicator for neat and safe cut without risk of reverse blow is the value of 3/8 inch.

It is also worth paying attention to the weight of the device. The convenience of prolonged work with the tool depends on this. Motorpils for home use weigh about 3-4 kilograms, more productive-up to 7 kg.

To protect yourself and others from injuries, we recommend that you consider when buying a double insulation saw, blocking a circuit circuit breaker or a pin stiff.

The parameters of the teeth of the chain

Chain elements. teeth. have differences that are important to consider when purchasing a chain for certain works.

Each part of the tooth has its own purpose. For example, the upper face of the tooth, which is often called a spatula, narrows in the rear and forms the angle of the end blade. It is necessary to cut the chips

The sliding surface and the tilt of the end blade form the front angle, which has different options. from 60º to 85º. Adjust the angle of the upper blade, like the front angle, during the sharpening process. Each of the elements, in particular, its value and degree of severity, affect the cutting ability.

It is impossible to distort the angles of inclination to arbitrary parameters, there are proven standards that must be followed depending on the type of chain and its functional purpose.

The angle of inclination of the shoulder blade forms the optimal cutting properties when cutting the chain into a wood layer. On the inside is the angle of sharpening. 10º or 30º, which, if necessary, can be changed

Rear angle values ​​- 50º or 60º. This is the most important angle, but it is quite difficult to measure it, and it is also difficult to fit if you do not observe the remaining values.

The distance of the depth limiter affects how thick the shavings. It depends on the type and purpose of the chain and is 0.6-0.8 mm. The limiter also requires adjustment and grows down, but much less often-after 5-8 sharpening

Independent replacement of the saw chain

Elekid companies do not prohibit the replacement of the chain with their own hands, on the contrary, often complete new products with instructions for the repair and replacement of individual parts. You should start by buying a new chain.

We check the circuit for compliance, that is, we study its characteristics: length (depends on the tire), the size of the step (relative to the stars), the thickness of the drive link

One of the common designs of budget saws is with lateral tension. To change the chain, we perform the following actions alternately:

  • We pushing the protective shield, at the same time lowering the brake;
  • rotate the control tension screw with a screwdriver, unscrew the nut, thereby weaken the tension;
  • Remove the lid;
  • separate the tire with a chain from the star;
  • Remove the old chain from the tire, set the new one in its place;
  • We perform actions in the reverse order.

Put the chain smoothly, without jerking. We finally pull it after closing the plastic cover with a screw and nut.

There are modern systems of non.closing chains, but many masters prefer a traditional side stretch, somewhat problematic, but proven and reliable

Modern electric spil models have the so.called lamb nuts for a soperative tension of the chain. Thanks to this element, the replacement process occurs faster. and this is important with large volumes of work. Dropping the brake, unscrew the nut and remove the lid. Having slightly pushing the tire back, remove the old chain, put on the new one. first on the asterisk, then along the entire length. Then install the asterisk in place, tighten the nut. We turn the tension wheel in the direction indicated on the case and finally tighten the “lamb”.

The last step is to check the chain tension. It should fit tightly to the tire with a released brake, but scroll under manual exposure. For a more effective check, it is recommended to drive the saw at low speeds

You can look at more than more about stretching the chain at

Popular questions and answers

Yuri Dudin, senior seller of household appliances and tools.

What parameters should you pay attention to first?

In addition to the main parameters, check the model for the availability of protection against overheating. This will allow the use of the saw longer without damage to the tool.

Find out if shock.absorbing pads are provided that help reduce unpleasant sensations from vibration during the work of the electric saw.

Depending on the type of electric saw, other important features may appear. For example, it is worth making sure that it will be convenient for you to adjust the power of the chain tension in the chain saw.

It is excellent if the oil tank container is larger, so that you have to fill it less often during the operation of the tool.

Does the powerproof power affect performance on performance?

Speaking in simple language, without numbers and complex calculations, then the difference between the performance of the saw and how much electricity it consumes, exists and is called energy efficiency.

When choosing a model with high energy efficiency, you get a powerful tool and in addition to save on electricity accounts. Electric saws consume approximately the same amount of electricity. 1, 3.1.5 kW. At the same time, the power is different for everyone, the indicator ranges from 1000 to 3000 W.

What are the pros and cons of chain electric saws?

The pluses include the fact that the electrical chain type does not emit exhaust gases, so it is suitable for work in the rooms. She does not vibrate so much, works quieter and weighs, most often, fewer competitors.

Of the minuses. that after rain or in a room with high humidity, this tool will not work. Also, if the model is not equipped with overheating protection, you yourself will have to monitor the operation of the engine and give the unit for the respite.

Basic safety regulations when working with electric saw

Can Oregon electric Chainsaw use other disposable chains?

The first and one of the most important points that you need to follow during work is a cable. It is not worth advancing on it, it is forbidden to work in a license and, of course, it should not fall under the chain.

Do not lose sight of the chain, protect it from heating, pinching, rupture. If there is no automatic lubrication system, process the chain in a timely manner.

Learn the instructions carefully before the start of work to know how the brake works.

Take care of clothes and protection for the eyes, head, limbs.

Eliminate the contact of a working tool with water and wet materials. Do not work after rain in the open air and in rooms with high humidity.

Clean, lubricate and store the tool correctly, in accordance with the instructions.

the best professional battery chain electric saws

Professional batteries are reliable, resistant to large overloads, they can continuously work for a long time. over, their price is two or more times higher than ordinary models.

DEWALT DCM575x1 54 V/3 A h

Professional Daw Electric, equipped with a unique FLEX VOLT battery system, which provides maximum battery life.

The device has a strong design, a simple algorithm for installing a saw chain, an automatic lubricant system.

An electric circuit breaker is provided that provides a smooth start and the possibility of monitoring the performance of the work.

  • voltage, B. 54;
  • Capacity of the battery, Ach. 3;
  • Tire length, cm. 40;
  • options. smooth speed control, smooth start, automatic lubrication;
  • chain step. 3/8;
  • weight, kg. 4.4;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 15;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-USA).
chain, electric, saws, according, parameters

The kit includes an electric saw, a tire and a circuit, a battery and a charger. Price. 35,000 r.

  • Much more effective than an electric saw.
  • Excellent quality of materials and assembly.
  • The presence of a battery and charger.
  • Increased endurance.
  • Safety of work.
  • Cracking protection.

DEWALT DCM575X1 54 V/3 A H. a professional apparatus assembled under the control of a well.known brand.

Differs in endurance, ease of use and a huge resource that completely covers the cost of buying.

The device takes third place in our ranking.

Denzel RCS400-36

Electric battery jacket with a bronnial engine operating on two power sources of high capacity. Is distinguished by an intelligent load recognition system, environmentally friendly and simple in application.

The front shield protects against touching the cutting part, and the brake instantly works in emergency cases.

The model also provides a high-load recognition system, built-in protection against overload, a missus tent, the ability to control the charge through the LED indicator and much more.

  • voltage, B. 36;
  • Capacity of the battery, Ach. 4;
  • Tire length, cm. 40;
  • options. circuit braking, electronic protection of the motor, engine without a brush, tensioning the chain / replacement of the canvas without a tool;
  • chain step. 3/8;
  • weight, kg. 3.6;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 19;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-Germany).

The kit has everything necessary for work, including the battery and charger. Cost. 17,800 r.

  • Convenient rubberized pen.
  • The ability to control the battery charge level.
  • Light weight that allows you to work for a long time without great fatigue in the hands.
  • The ability to simultaneously charge two devices at once.
  • Readiness for work immediately after the purchase, you do not need to buy anything.
  • Easy operation.
  • Large set of different protection systems.

Denzel RCS400-36-an electric chain from the German brand, which is highlighted by simplicity of maintenance / operation, reliability and relatively low price. Is rightfully on the second line of the rating.

Stihl MSA 140 C-BQ-AK30-L101 36 V/4.9 A h

Light and reliable professional saw with a soft handle, quick and comfortable lubricant chain. For the safety of the work, a chain brake is provided, there is a transparent insert to control the oil level.

The characteristics of the model include the maximum silence of the work, a reliable motor, an increased battery life and the ease of assembly.

  • voltage, B. 36;
  • Capacity of the battery, Ach. 4.9;
  • Tire length, cm. 30;
  • options. engine braking, electronic motor protection, regulation of chain tension without tools;
  • chain step. 3/8;
  • weight, kg. 2.5;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 14;
  • The manufacturer is Germany.

The kit includes a battery, a charger and the electric drain itself with all components. Cost 35,000 r.

  • Light weight.
  • Ease of use due to maneuverability and soft handles.
  • High performance.
  • Light tension of the chain.
  • Quiet work, which allows you to do without headphones.

Judging by the reviews, the Stihl MSA 140 C-BQ-AK30-L101 is one of the best professional electric saws on the batteries available today on the market.

It is convenient, reliable and safe in application, which allows you to put it in first place in our ranking.

Stihl MSA 140 C-BQ-AK30-L101 36 V/4.9 A h

Engine braking, electronic motor protection, regulation of chain tension without tool

Circuit braking, electronic motor protection, engine without a brush, a chain tension / replacement of a canvas without a tool

Smooth speed regulation, smooth start, automatic lubrication

the best expensive professional network chain electric saws

Have high power, reliable, the ability to withstand heavy loads, differ in good build quality, which is made of high.strength materials.


a new generation of electric saw with a quick and safe chain tension without the use of additional tools. For protection, a Quick Stop Super brake is provided, which provides instant stop when releasing the rear handle.

The device provides an indicator indicating the overload of the motor, and the soft handle provides comfortable operation.

The lubrication of the chain occurs automatically, and the special system makes the tension as simple and understandable as possible.

  • power, kW. 2.3;
  • chain step, inch. 3/8;
  • Tire length, cm. 40;
  • weight, kg. 4.8;
  • The number of speeds is 1;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 26;
  • Additional options. the brake of the chain;
  • The manufacturer is Germany.

Complete with the device itself is a tire and a chain. If desired, the cable can be purchased separately. Cost 25,000 r.

  • Large engine power.
  • Reliability and high equipment resource.
  • Ease of operation (ease of assembly and cleaning).
  • The best option for both beginners and professionals.
  • All elements are well thought out by the manufacturer.
  • The presence of a gear stops.
  • Overheating / overload protection.

STIHL MSE 230 C-BQ model-a real top model among electric network saws.

It is released by an economical consumption of oil, a quick suspension chain, a comfortable handle and complete safety in operation.

Located on the third line of our rating.

Husqvarna 420l

Electric chain saw with a new generation drive, increased engine power and high circuit speed. The motor is longitudinally, which provides optimal equipment balancing.

The chain tension is carried out without the use of special tools. There is a window for checking the oil level for a timely valve.

The safety of the work is provided by an inertial chain brake, as well as a convenient ergonomic pen that provides good fixation of the product in the hand.

  • power, kW. 2;
  • chain step, inch. 3/8;
  • Tire length, cm. 40;
  • weight, kg. 4.7;
  • The number of speeds is 1;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 14.5;
  • Additional options. the brake of the chain;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-Sweden).

The configuration includes the electric saw itself, a saw chain and instructions. Cost. 22,500 r.

  • High assembly quality.
  • Longitudinal location of the power unit.
  • Lack of vibrations.
  • Maximum work safety.
  • Thin cut, which is only 3 mm.
  • Great service.

Despite the Chinese assembly, the chain Husqvarna 420l is highlighted in high quality, which is confirmed by the long operation of the equipment.

Judging by the reviews, the device has a long service life and does not break even with increased load. Is rightfully on the second line of our rating.

Stihl MSE 250 C-Q-16 2500 W

Electric professional saw with improved performance and powerful engine.

The model provides a new gearbox with metal teeth, providing even greater strength and a long life life.

A convenient handle provides convenience and tool control. There is a toothed emphasis for safe work.

The lubricant of the chain occurs automatically, there is protection against overload, a transparent oil tank and a chain brake that provides an almost instant stop in force majeure situations.

  • power, kW. 2.5;
  • chain step, inch. 3/8;
  • Tire length, cm. 40;
  • weight, kg. 5.8;
  • The number of speeds is 1;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 26;
  • Additional options. the brake of the chain, smooth start;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-Germany).

The device is equipped with a saw chain, tire, universal key, casing and instructions for use. The cost of the device is 35,000 r.

  • High speed and quality of work.
  • Great power, as for an electric model.
  • Corporate chain brake.
  • A neat cut.
  • Stylish design.
  • Rich equipment.
  • Suitable for solving problems of any complexity.
  • Has a lateral chain tension.

Model Stihl MSE 250 C-Q-16 2500 W is ahead of many competitors in reliability, ease of use and characteristics.

It is not surprising that it takes the first line of our rating.

6th place. Huter ELS-2200P

In 6th place, the best budgetary saw of electrical saws according to specialists, which is intended for home use: sawing boards, rolling trees in the garden, pruning of bitch. With the help of an ergonomic structure with a rubberized handle coating, a comfortable grip is guaranteed with a hand without risk of slipping.

Electric saw is equipped with a reliable electric motor with a capacity of 2.2 kW and a 40 cm long tire. The main difference between the ELS-2200P from the ELS-2200 predecessor will be the lateral position of the motor, which will not affect the working characteristics of the tool. The saw has a circuit auto.fitting system and tools for its tension. At the base of the handle is a thought.out latch to prevent disconnecting the plug from the outlet. To determine the level of lubricant for the chain, the case provides an observation window with a scale. Users express dissatisfaction with the insufficient mobility of the device, since it is permissible to use the tool only in the immediate vicinity of the 220 in.

For safe operation, the circuit is implemented, the antivibration system and the blocking option from the sudden launch. Replacing brushes in an electric engine occurs quickly and easily due to their convenient location. The characteristic features of the electric saw will be simplicity and ease of use, since it will not require refueling fuel. It should also be noted a low degree of noise that is created during operation, as well as the complete absence of harmful emissions.

  • Comfortable grip with your hand;
  • The presence of Auto.brakes of the quapi;
  • Comfort and care;
  • Low degree of noise formation;
  • Lack of harmful emissions;
  • Auto.switch of chain;
  • Convenience of adjusting the tension of the circuit;
  • High power;
  • Simplicity of use;
  • Economical oil consumption.

5th place. Daewoo Power Products Dacs 1900e

Daewoo Power Products Dacs 1900e. The best electrical saw in terms of price and quality ratio, which is created for cutting logs and trunks, branches and branches of trees. The case is made of shock.resistant plastic, which guarantees immunity to mechanical exposure. Ergonomic handle with a rubberized coating provides a reliable grip and gives the hand to slide over the surface. Thanks to this, proper safety during operation is achieved.

DACS 1900E is equipped with a reliable electric motor with a capacity of 1.85 kW, which allows you to cope with the task of any complexity. The motor drives the guide tire with a chain, providing the speed of rotation of the circuit up to 6500 rpm. The maneuverability and comfortability of the use of electric saws is provided by a reliable bus with a length of 35 cm and a groove width of 1.3 mm. The tool uses an antivibration system that allows you to perform the work faster.

The oil reservoir contains up to 120 ml, the quantity sensor will allow maintaining the chain in working condition. Among the useful options: smoothly launching and blocking spindle. Due to the special ratio of rotation and torque, the maximum performance of DACS 1900E is achieved. The transverse position of the engine promotes the transfer of 100%torque to the chain.

In the electric saw, a toothed metal emphasis is used, as well as protection against sudden launch, which ensures the safety of use. There is a safety panel that excludes contacting the hand with the chain. For faster preparation for work, the chain stretch is carried out without the use of the key. On the rear hand there is a hook that fixes the extension cord. In the configuration to the DACS 1900E, there are a protective cover, chain and tire. With a mass of 3.88 kg, an electric saw is extremely convenient in operation, the length of the network cord is 0.25 m.

  • Sufficient motor power;
  • A reliable chain tension node;
  • Low noise during operation;
  • Anti.vibration system;
  • High.quality assembly;
  • Ease of use;
  • Low weight;
  • Simplicity of care;
  • There is a window for checking the amount of oil;
  • Auto.switch of chain;
  • Safety of work.

How to choose an electric chain saw: the main criteria

When choosing your model, it is recommended to focus on the set of parameters:

  • Power. 1 kW is enough for rare summer cottages, but construction/carpentry and logging require 2000 watts;
  • A chain reaction. the function of rapid braking is necessary in all saws, minimizing the risk of trauma;
  • Size. larger tires allow you to expand the range of available tasks;
  • The location of the engine. along the body increases maneuverability, the transverse provides the best balance;
  • The system of smooth start. the presence of such an option increases the level of safety during the operation of the saw;
  • The tension of the chain is advantageous the ability to carry out settings without tools.

Important! When choosing an electric saw, you should especially carefully study the level of security. In saws, numerous additional options can maintain health and even life to the owner.

Comparison of technical characteristics and prices

If you still have questions about electric pills, then the comparative table will make it possible to understand them.

Name Price (c) Tool power (W) The ability to change the bus A comprehensive user rating
Positive Negative
Daewoo Power Products Dacs 2500e 7 000 2 500
Bosch Ake 30 S 7 700 1800
HUTER ELS-2400 6 800 2400 Percent 50% by 50%
Patriot ESP 1816 6 000 1800 Percent 50% by 50%
Hammer CPP 1800 D 5,000 1800
STIHL MSE 220 25,000 1800
Bosch Ake 40-19 S 18 500 1900
Husqvarna 420l 22 500 2000
STIHL MSE 190 C-BQ 25,000 2300
Makita UC4530A 12,000 2300
Bosch Ake 35-19 S 12 600 1900
Husqvarna 436 Li 25,000 1900
STIHL MSE 190 C-BQ 25,000 2300
Monferme 20237M-1 20,000 2000
GreenWorks G24CS25 2.0ah 11,000 1800 Percent 50% by 50%
DEWALT DCM575x1 41 000 2000
Husqvarna 436 Li 25,000 1900
Makita DUC353Z 21,000 1900
Bosch Universalchain 18 2.5Ach x1 12 300 1900
Ryobi RCS36 19 300 1800

Modern electric saws make up good competition for gasoline models. But you need to choose your own option thoughtfully and without haste.

Overview of household chain saws

So, we will analyze how to choose a good and inexpensive electric engine for a house. Each of the saws described in the comparative table has its advantages, so you should choose the right one based on the requirements that you are presented with the future purchase.

Place Name Characteristics

If the question arises, about the chain saw of electric, which one to choose, it is not always worth considering only inexpensive offers. With a more free budget, you can pay attention to the following power tools, the main parameters of which are displayed in the second table.

chain, electric, saws, according, parameters
Place Name Options

For those who consider the autonomous saw, we give a comparative characteristic of the best chain electric saws operating from the battery (see the table).

Place Name Characteristics

Further in the review, the best chain electric saws are presented (rating, taking into account the user characteristics and customer evaluation). see the fourth and fifth table.

place. Patriot ESP 1814: characteristics and price

engine’s type electric
Power 1800 watts
Number of speeds one
The step of the chain 3/8 inches
Tire length 35 cm
Rotational speed 7600 rpm
The weight 3 kg
Price 4 860 ₽

Patriot ESP 1814: Advantages and disadvantages

High functionality;

The presence of a brake of the quip;

Low weight;

Tempting price;

Quiet work of the model;

Positive reviews of the owners;

place. Makita UC4041A: characteristics and price

engine’s type electric
Power 1800 watts
Number of speeds one
The step of the chain 3/8 inches
Tire length 40 cm
The weight four.7 kg
Price 8 857 ₽

Makita UC4041A: Advantages and disadvantages

Instant stopping of the chain;

Adjustment of the pump supply pump;

Ease of use;

Quiet work;

It copes with its main task;

chain, electric, saws, according, parameters

Positive reviews of the owners;

Low weight;