Shield for working with angle grinder


Currently, in the manufacture of protective masks for working with an angle grinder, various models of shields are used. All of them are made of heat-resistant and shock-resistant materials. As a rule, these elements are also equipped with a special fastener that allows the product to be fixed and not fall off during operation.

These parts of the masks can be made either from a transparent solid material (polycarbonate) or from a special metal base. In the latter case, the product will be a surface with many cells. Most often, stainless steel is used to create it. At the same time, it is additionally covered with hygienic paint, which has good abrasion resistance, and is subjected to heat treatment.

Mask guards can be either standard size or longer. The last option is made in order to protect not only the face, but also the neck, upper chest when working with the instrument.

Grinder Repair. Installing the 5-Inch Guard (DeWALT Part # 397661-02)

In addition, most of the shin guards are made with a padded backing. It is for the head. This allows a person to work comfortably with the instrument.


They can protect a person from severe shock injuries. This polymer is an excellent particle protector. In addition, it is often used when working with hazardous chemicals and metal scales.

Attached to the mask

In this case, the transparent part of the mask is connected to a special headgear. You can raise or lower the product using a small device designed to fix.

Often masks for working with an angle grinder differ in the material that was used to make them.

Features of the

Masks are the most reliable protective equipment when working with an angle grinder. They are much more effective than simple goggles for protection. After all, such products completely cover a person’s face from the ingress of solid particles, scales.

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Outwardly, such a means of protection looks like a small semicircular screen. It can be made of various heavy-duty and heat-resistant materials. Each mask has special fasteners for fixing. They can be either stepped or smooth.

Some models of these masks also have an additional visor made of polycarbonate. It is designed to cover the forehead while using the tool, which increases the degree of protection and reduces the risk of human injury.

Some types of masks are produced together with a special metal mesh, consisting of many small cells. This element allows you to increase the degree of protection of a person, to avoid the appearance of microdamages on the product itself during operation.

Currently, there are a wide variety of different angle grinder masks. They may differ in the way they are attached.

How to choose?

Before purchasing a protective mask, you should pay attention to some features. So, it is necessary to pay attention to the degree and possibility of injury while working with an angle grinder.

If you plan to use the instrument in more hazardous areas where chemicals are present, then it is best to buy more reliable and durable polycarbonate or polystyrene masks.

Also, don’t forget to check the dimming system. Remember that the automatic light filter should respond within a split second for harsh electrical flashes.

If this system does not work well, it can lead to severe damage to the retina.

Reinforced metal mesh

These masks are made from many small cells. They are able to protect a person from large fragments and scales.

shield, working, angle, grinder

These types of protective equipment are most often used in large sawmills and mining mines.

Protective mask for working with an angle grinder: varieties and tips for choosing

When carrying out various construction work, an angle grinder is often used. In the process of using this tool, certain safety rules must be observed.

So, you can work with an angle grinder only with goggles or a special protective mask.


These masks are made with small straps. They allow you to tightly hold the plastic part of the product on the human head. In addition, this version has a special swivel mechanism that allows you to fix the transparent mask screen.

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Protective shields

Protective shield VITA NBT with temples (PC lens thickness 0.25 mm height 19.5 cm)

Protective shield NBT Stalex (thickness 1 mm) headband elastic

Angle Grinder Safety. Tip on Using the Correct Guard from Toolstop

Spare lens for NBT Stalex shield (thickness 1 mm) price per piece

Protective shield NBT (lens height 17.5 cm, thickness 3 mm)

Protective shield NBT extended (lens height 22.5 cm, thickness 3 mm)

Protective shield NBT Vision (lens height 18.5 cm, thickness 3.0 mm) with a headgear from the mask X.

VITA mesh guard with FM radio headphones 28 dB for lawnmower and lumberjack

VITA mesh guard with 31 dB headphones and helmet for lawnmower and lumberjack

Protective guard NBT mesh for lawnmower (lens height 17 cm)

Protective shield NBT Stalex (thickness 1 mm) headgear elastic

1) Came the next day. Fast. 2) Beautiful 3) convenient 4) easy to assemble 5) the price, I could not find it cheaper. 6) breathe easily. 1) they do not respond to messages in viber 2) the shields have small scratches, in the form of a dotted line, barely noticeable throughout the mask. I don’t know if this affects functionality. Scratches are barely noticeable, as if production ones are too uniform. 3) through the flap it is seen dimly with glare, to.

Protective shield NBT Stalex (thickness 1 mm) headgear elastic

shields are light, ale, the shields are tatty, the muddy.

Protective shield NBT Stalex (thickness 1 mm) headband elastic

Great visor But check the screen itself for scratches

Protective guard NBT mesh for lawnmower (lens height 17 cm)

Protective shield NBT Vision (lens height 18.5 cm, thickness 3.0 mm) with a headband from the Chameleon mask

a good shield, however, before the zbiranny, I brought a knife to the side with a knife (they did not allow the good to put the head on to the shield).

Protective shield NBT extended (lens height 22.5 cm, thickness 3 mm)

The shield is easy to use, it is practically not felt on the head, the protective surface comes pasted over with a film on both sides. The headband is adjustable in directions. Shield thickness. 3 mm

Range of face shields, applications

On our site are presented protective shields of different types, differing in the material of manufacture and design solutions. With us you can choose the optimal, effective equipment, including:

  • shields with a transparent, impact-resistant polycarbonate front surface, guaranteeing good visibility and reliable eye protection;
  • elongated face shields with a headband or a special rim;
  • models with metal mesh and detachable earpieces. ideal protective accessory for forestry workers and gardeners;
  • protective masks with mesh, ear muffs and a robust helmet providing comprehensive protection for eyes and ears, face and scalp.
  • building;
  • metallurgical, woodworking and processing industries, including those related to metal processing, where a protective shield is used to work with an angle grinder or on metalworking machines;
  • automotive industry;
  • oil industry and other areas of activity.
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Safety goggles can also be used in households, for example when mowing the lawn or working with a chainsaw.

shield, working, angle, grinder

Protective face shield

To ensure the safety of employees of industrial enterprises working in different fields of activity, the specifics of whose work involves the formation in the production process of flying small particles of various materials that can cause injury, the use of face shields is provided. source of danger can be metal and wood shavings, scale and slag, chemically active reagents, coolants, paint and other substances. The protective shield will reliably cover the head, face and organs of vision, providing good visibility of the treated surface and the ability to safely perform work.

Criteria for the selection of protective shields

When choosing protective equipment for the face, it is necessary to pay attention to the following important points:

  • the quality of the material from which the shield is made;
  • the ability to adjust the position of the protective panel so that the shield can be lifted up;
  • reliability of fasteners;
  • the presence of a helmet, if there is a risk of injury from objects falling on the head or hitting the head;
  • Adjustable earpieces to fit snugly around your ears
  • comfort and ergonomics of the headgear.

For some jobs, it is better to choose masks with a mesh, which allow you to reliably cover your face on the sides.