Small angle grinder Bosch with adjustable speed

Repair of the Bosch angle grinder with your own hands

Angle grinders (angle grinder, angle grinder) by the German brand Bosch are of high quality, reliability and durability. The main competitive advantage of Bosch angle grinders lies in the extensive use of innovative technology in the manufacture of the product.

But also the German quality can not withstand Russian carelessness. Improper use of the tool, untimely replacement of lubricant, carbon brushes, bearings leads to the failure of the tool.

In order to repair a Bosch angle grinder, you can go two ways: to take the angle grinder to the service center or perform the repair of the Bosch angle grinder with your own hands.

The first option is more expensive and not always of high quality. The second option can be implemented only if the consumer has a great desire to understand everything himself.

Bosch angle grinder diagram will help you to perform the repair yourself.

Bosch angle grinders are conventionally divided into low-power up to 1000 watts, and powerful over 1000 watts are labeled GWS 7-125, GWS 20-230 or other.

The first number 20 or more indicates a tool output of more than 1000 W. The second number 230 indicates the maximum diameter of the cutting wheel.

The first number up to 20 indicates the power rating of the tool up to 1000 W, and the second number indicates the maximum cutting wheel diameter of 125 mm.

Constructional features of a Bosch angle grinder

The design feature of the Bosch angle grinder is represented in the application of the gearbox as a bearing in the driven helical needle pinion bearing.In Bosch angle grinders, the idler pinion on the spindle shaft is press-fastened.

In Bosch angle grinders of small power, in which spur gears are installed in the gearboxes, it is provided the installation of adjustment gaskets. This design allows you to restore gear contact performance by reducing the thickness of the gasket. Helical gears tend to wear much less than spur gears at higher tool speeds.

Gear reducer idler on Bosch angle grinders

A typical working environment for angle grinders is a dusty area. Dust is the main cause of damage to the power tool, in love with the angle grinder.

Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder

The GWS 850 CE angle grinder is a professional power grinder designed for intensive use, and is equipped with special electronics to maintain constant RPM under load for best performance.

Thanks to the integrated electric motor with a rated power of 850 W, the Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder has a power output of 2800-11000 rpm at idle speed. The GWS 850 CE is not only powerful, it is ergonomic, and thanks to the drive, variable speed and ergonomic housing it is very comfortable to use.

In addition to the powerful engine, the Bosch GWS 850 CE is equipped with a torsionresistant protective housing, which ensures total safety for the user during operation of the power tool. There is also a safety switch to protect the worker, which contributes to a smooth start of the grinder.

The shockproof housing of the Bosch GWS 850 CE is made of high-quality materials and has special air vents that ensure good cooling of the motor, which ensures its longevity.

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Idle speed: 2800-11000 rpm

Grinding wheel with depressed center: 125 mm

The Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder is included:

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angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch

Each angle grinder Bosch has its own individual, distinctive features.

Some boast a certain function, while others do not. For example, not all hacksaw blades have an anti-vibration handle, etc.д. But it is worth noting that there are a number of features that unite all angle grinders of this company without exception. Namely:

What features you should pay attention to when buying a Bosch angle grinder?

Name Information
Wheel diameter It is selected depending on the required cutting depth, the material to be interacted with, as well as the type of work to be performed (cutting and scraping discs).
Speed adjustment Suitable for sanding plastic or paints. Motor overheating is faster at low speed (one-speed gearbox on our grinders).
Starting current limitation Soft-start capability on almost all of our models. Thanks to it, the gearwheels wear much slower.
Motor protection against overload Depending on the degree of overheating of the engine, it either slowly begins to lose speed, or stops completely This prevents the motor from burning out.
Emergency stop for the motor To avoid injury to the operator some of our models have a sudden stop of the motor when a disc jams.
Spindle lock Safety stop on idler pinion necessary when replacing disc.
Vibration-absorbing handle Frequent and prolonged vibration on the angle grinder is not healthy. When vibrations occur, the handle is shock-absorbed and makes you feel as comfortable as possible.

We hope that the above information will help you intelligently and practically buy a Bosch angle grinder.

Bosch power grinders in the GWS and PWS series

Bosch manufactures its angle grinders in 2 variations:

Before you buy a Bosch angle grinder, you should know what is behind these German acronyms and what the difference between them is. Below we explain everything to you. It’s very simple. WS stands for Winkelschleifer, in German. angle grinder. G stands for gewerblich (professional or industrial), P for persönlich (personal or household).

What are the differences between the angle grinders??

As you have already realized, the GWS angle grinder is intended for professional use, and the PWS is for home use. The first characteristic difference is the color of the product. Professional angle grinders have blue color, household. green. The first variant is reliable, durable and designed for continuous daily work. Such products only need rest when the person is resting. At the same time the tool for home use should not be used more than 3 hours a day. Professional grinders use higher-quality plastic (usually reinforced), while metal ones are made of alloy steel. The handles of industrial lawn mowers are non-slip and sit comfortably in the hand, and automatically shut off when they overheat. over, professional angle grinder boasts the presence of release clutches in case of jamming of the saw wheel.

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Cordless angle grinders Bosch

The main advantage of these devices is their autonomy. They are lightweight, compact and ergonomic. All this allows you to work with it in hard-to-reach places in the absence of electricity. Bosch cordless angle grinders also allow you to hold them over your head for extended periods of time. Designed for cutting, grinding and sanding of different materials (wood, plastic, ceramics). Not suitable for very long jobs because of the battery capacity, and for jobs that may require deep cutting. Not possible because of small blade diameters. Like cordless angle grinders, cordless angle grinders have a “soft start” system, that is, they are equipped with constant electronics.

Bosch angle grinder with adjustable speed

Devices from Bosch. it is always excellent quality and a guarantee of effectiveness of the work performed. Angle grinder Bosch with adjustable speed is very well known to Ukrainian consumers who are engaged in construction or repair of cars.

  • Qualitatively clean joints from heterogeneous contaminants, including rust and scale;
  • Cut tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, concrete, stone, glass and more;
  • Polish and sand any surface.

Bosch angle grinder with adjustable speed: the advantages

The equipment that is on sale differs in some parameters, but also guarantees a higher level of quality and a greater degree of durability. Along with these factors, almost all models from Bosch demonstrate the following indicators:

  • High motor power;
  • Smooth start, thanks to which the inclusion occurs without sudden jumps and drops;
  • The housing, reliably protected from dust and small debris;
  • ability to resist vibration processes;
  • automatic switch-off of brushes;
  • support of constant rotation speed;
  • relatively low price;
  • perfect design and ergonomic shape.

In addition to the above properties, the Bosch angle grinder with speed control also has another useful function, which is directly evidenced by the name of the product. When you have to machine “capricious” materials, it is essential to adjust the speed of the disc. This is the function of a special device that allows you to adjust the speed. This feature allows you to cut glass without breaking off small pieces of glass. Cutting soft metals will not cause melted edges.

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Makita. about the brand and advantages

The Japanese brand Makita is known not only for its high-quality equipment, but also for its constant innovation. There is no better technology in the world today than Japanese. The bright red Makita logo on the angle grinder indicates that the device will function perfectly, and clearly ensure comfortable work. Japanese materials are of high quality, factory assembling is strictly controlled. Durability is long, and reliability has been proved by many decades of Japanese devices, including angle grinders.

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Special mention should be made of the range of products. Although we said at the beginning of the article, which angle grinder is more suitable for the home, but in the brand’s catalog there are models for both domestic use and for complex professional tasks. For home works, they are more taken for the simple reason that most of the angle grinder features compact size, low weight, low noise. And with a light and quiet machine you can work long hours without getting tired.

Among Makita boltcutters you can choose from:

  • Powerful chain saws for cutting metal, for sanding various surfaces. They are suitable for indoor work or work close to home. Power is excellent, but there is a binding power cord to the outlet.
  • Small cordless models. They are good in that they are always ready to work anywhere, you only need to monitor the battery charge.

By design, there are one-handed angle grinder and two-handed angle grinders.

Pleases and very generous arsenal of electronic functions:

  • Spindle speed adjustment depending on the material to be machined;
  • Soft start (no jerk on start);
  • Maintain a constant RPM (the engine does not stall under load).

Japanese angle grinders are safe to work because they are equipped with:

The more electronic “bells and whistles” in the device, the higher its price, but to work with such an angle grinder is a pleasure. But to Makita’s credit, it should be noted that even their cheapest models are very ergonomic, with well-thought-out algorithms of protection from injury, and are very functional.

The only unpleasant finding is that there are not so many service centers of this brand in Ukraine. But the angle grinder is very reliable, factory defects are reduced to zero, breakdowns occur very rarely. So let’s hope that the warranty repair you will not need. And the availability of consumables Makita is normal. you can buy in any store or on the Internet.

Bosch is an angle grinder that meets all European standards 100%

Bosch is a well-known German manufacturer. It is one of the companies that have introduced to the world the socalled “Great German Quality” of the machines. Bosch angle grinders completely correspond to the world’s idea of meticulousness and thoroughness of Germans. their assembly is perfect, everything is taken into account down to the smallest wire and screw, everything works and is designed for long life.

Among the developments there are expensive models that allow you to perform work with the highest comfort and very high quality. There are also budget angle grinders, with a smaller set of additional functions, for example, without a speed regulator. Such a machine works only at one speed. the maximum, but all its other indicators (power, durability) are at the highest level. It turns out that you can save money and buy an excellent professional device with good technical characteristics for a small price. over, the inconvenience of the lack of speed regulator occurs except for grinding or cutting very thin sheets of metal. And you can install it with your own hands.

  • Variety of price range. there is both a choice of very expensive and very cheap practical models, without electronic “bells and whistles”;
  • The high quality of materials and assembly, which meets European standards;
  • Effective safety systems and protection mechanisms;
  • The functionality and power of solid professional tools.

The disadvantages of users in their feedback include the fact that some models are often overpriced. It is possible to find an angle grinder of similar characteristics, with excellent quality, which will cost 10-20% cheaper than the Bosch.