Snow shovel for power tiller with his hands

Snow blowers from different manufacturers

We propose to get acquainted with various snow blowers, made by well-known and not so much, brands.

Communal brush “Tornado”

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Utility brush

Snow blower snow blower snow blower snow blower Belarus 05-09H-MTZ SN-1M

Snowplow SN-1M

Snowplow CM-1

Snowplow motorblower CM-1 “Favorite


Overall dimensions, mm max length x width x height 600х600х800
Working speed, km/h 2,04,0
Working width, cm 56
Maximum height of fresh snow removed, cm up to 17
Discharge range of the main mass of loose snow, m 5
Weight, kg not more than 55
Belt type. A. 1320, pcs. 1
Number of servicemen, people. 1

Snowplow CM-2

Snow blower with power block CM-2

Snow Clearing With My Homemade Walk Behind Snow Plow DIY


Technical characteristics
Overall dimensions, mm max length x width x height 600х600х800
Operating speed, km/h 2,04,0
Grip width, cm 56
Maximum height of fresh snow removed, cm up to 17
Discharge range of the main mass of loose snow, m 5
Weight, kg not more than 55
Belt type. A. 1320, pcs. 1
Number of operating personnel, pers. 1

snow thrower Tselina TYP-1

Tselina TIP-1 snow thrower

Snowblower to R316T Husqvarna

Snow thrower for R316T Husqvarna


Working width 100 cm
Working height 50 cm
Maximum rotation of the chutes 180°
Rotation speed 1100 rpm./minute
Height adjustment range 3 cm
Transmission manufacturer Sumec
Gearbox 1:1
Overall machine length 122 cm
Overall width of the machine 107 cm
Overall machine height 101.5 cm
Weight 68 kg

Pubert R0027 snow thrower

Pubert R0027 snow thrower


  • Working width 66 cm.
  • Working height 25 cm.
  • Snow throwing up to 5 meters
  • Production capacity (with fresh snow not more than 20 cm) 2500 m sqm./ч
  • Weight 42 kg

Features of snowplough making

Consider another option for making a shovel, which is not too different from the previous one. The blade itself needs 3 millimeter steel plate, but for the struts, which provide additional rigidity, you need thicker steel. You need to make holes in the stands to attach the shovel to the boom. It is very important to ensure vertical placement of the homemade attachment in relation to the front of the power unit.

Diagram of a power tiller with a dozer blade

How to make a snowplow mouldboard

Consider another option for making a shovel, which is not too different from the previous one. For the blade itself you need a 3 millimeter steel sheet, and for the racks, which provide additional rigidity, you need to take thicker steel. You need to make holes in the posts to attach the shovel to the rods. It is very important to ensure the vertical placement of the homemade attachment in relation to the front of the power unit.

Shovel blades for snow removal

Clearing snow and mud is time-consuming work, so machinery is widely used to make it easier: off-road vehicle, ATV, single-axle tractor. There are different variants of ready-made snowplow designs on the attachment market. To minimize purchase costs, the tool can easily be selfmade.

For off-highway vehicles

The device can be installed on a domestic car as well as on a four-wheel drive foreign car. Convenient when the blade disassembles. In this case it is easy to dismantle and place in the luggage compartment of the car. The snowplow is equipped with an electric winch, which provides control of the tool directly from the cabin of an off-road vehicle. Depending on the amount and density of precipitation, the shovel is set at a certain angle.

For ATVs

The choice of frame-mounting tool design depends on the model of the vehicle.

There are different types of installation equipment:

  • Front set, when the moldboard is coupled to the front frame, which is typical for vehicles with low ground clearance.
  • Central mounting kit is included in the structure of the ATV frame and at the same time strengthens it. This design maintains high ground clearance and provides stability during snow plowing operations.

The width of the shovel depends on the power of the motor, the weight of the equipment and can be from 125 to 150 cm.

Blade for power tiller

Homemade shovels blade for a motor-block is not necessarily equipped with a spring damping mechanism to protect against contact with an uneven surface, since the single-axle tractor has a low speed of movement. In addition, you can avoid the use of a lift-and-turn device, which significantly reduces the cost of a working snowplow kit.

Snow shoveling with a power tiller is productive due to the fact that the device takes not only the front position, but also rotates left and right at an angle of 300. Grip width depends on the model of lift-and-turn bucket. If using 3 mm thick metal, the standard value is one meter.

Equipping a single-axle tractor with snowplowing equipment, it is important to buy metal grousers. They facilitate snow removal and improve its quality.

Tools and materials

To create a snowplow blade yourself, you will need:

  • 850x700x3 mm steel plate;
  • 4 steel plates 450h230h3-4 mm;
  • 850x100x3mm iron strip;
  • two eyelets for attaching rods;
  • 1 m of square pipe with a section of 40×40 mm;
  • Bolts M10,M12 and M8, as well as washers and nuts;
  • Two bars 520 mm long;
  • a set of metal drill bits;
  • pliers;
  • wrench set;
  • a sheet of thick durable rubber;
  • a small but thick steel plate;
  • angle grinder with metal disks;
  • apparatus for electric welding;
  • hand drill.

Scheme of making a shovel for power tiller

How to make a mouldboard for a power tiller with your own hands?

Shovel for power tiller. this is one of the simplest options for the blade, but this does not mean that its manufacture will require 30 minutes of time and a minimum of improvised materials. On the contrary, if you want to make a shovel on a single-axle tractor, you will need to prepare carefully and buy all the necessary tools and materials in advance.

In order to make a homemade mouldboard as good as possible, be sure to study the drawings. They will tell you the size and order of attachment of the elements of the clearing device. After a detailed study of the drawings, prepare all necessary equipment and materials. For the work you will need:

  • Tin sheets, at least 3 mm thick. The dimensions of the sheets should be 85 x 22 x 45 cm;
  • 1 metal stand. a steel tube will do;
  • 4 stiffening ribs, about 4 mm thick;
  • A steel strip long enough to encompass the blade. The thickness of the strip should be at least 5 mm;
  • 2 eyelets for attaching the blade linkage;
  • a set of washers and nuts;
  • A square tube with a cross section of 4×4 cm and a length of 1 m;
  • a set of drills, 5-6 and 8-9 mm in diameter;
  • flat piece of rubber;
  • Two bars, each 52 cm long;
  • 1 sheet of steel, 10-12 mm thick with dimensions of 60 x 60 cm;
  • welding machine;
  • angle grinder with steel cutting discs
  • an electric drill or a torch.

With all of the above materials and tools on hand, it will be easier for you to make a mounted snow thrower for your power tiller. The correct procedure is as follows:

  • First make the fence bucket. Using these ribs you weld together a frame with three horizontal and four vertical guides.Next, heat the steel sheets with a gas torch and carefully bend the metal so that it takes the shape of a bucket. Weld the finished element to the frame made of stiffeners. You should end up with a snowplow identical to the one shown in the photo;
  • Next, make a knife for clearing snow. this element should shred the snow that has accumulated and strengthen the snowplow on a single-axle tractor. To make the blade, take a steel strip and drill 3 equal holes in it, which should be 5-6 mm in diameter. The distance between them should not be less than 10 cm. Next, secure the blade with bolts, putting a rubber gasket between it and the bucket;
  • The next step is to make and assemble the mounting mechanism. Cut a 4×4 cm piece of pipe and weld it to the back of the bucket roughly in the middle of the element. In the middle part of the tube, weld a part in the shape of a semicircle. for this purpose, take a thick piece of steel. Make three identical holes in the semi-circle which you will later need for screwing in the bolts;
  • Next, take the same piece of pipe and make it into a holder, which resembles the shape of the letter G. Insert one end of the holder carefully into one of the holes in the semicircle, and secure the other end to the frame of the power harvester;
  • The lifting height of the bucket can be adjusted by means of two bolts screwed into the surface of the existing dimples in the square tube. details about making a snowplow will tell you about the video.

Making a shovel on a single-axle tractor for snow removal, you must be sure to check the functionality of the attachment. First of all, test the functionality of the blade height adjustment mechanism to make sure that you will not damage the decorative coating of the yard when you clean the yard. Snow shovel attachment to a power tiller should not outweigh the agricultural machine. if you notice that the center of gravity of the unit and attachments is disturbed, be sure to attach weights in the back of the power tiller.

What you need

After correctly connecting all parts of the power harvester (Neva brand, etc.д.), connect it to the outlet and remove snow from the desired area. But don’t think you only need this kind of equipment when you’re shoveling snow. The machine can also be used to remove debris from the fields after harvesting, and to level the soil before planting crops. In addition, the shovel blade will allow you to transfer a small amount of soil from one place to another.

As we can see, this tool is very necessary for the cultivation of cultivated plants in the vegetable garden. With its help, it is possible to carry out certain tasks on the arrangement and beautification of the garden and homestead plot.

How to make a moldboard for a power tiller from a barrel

An old metal barrel is a good material for a shovel. However, the thickness of the metal should be at least 2 mm, and better. 3 mm. Thin tinplate from the load will simply bend. To get the workpiece of the desired oval, the barrel is cut with an angle grinder lengthwise into three equal segments.

The next step is to measure the length of the workpiece, which will determine the width of the grip of the shovel. If the barrel was about 1 m high, this will be enough. When a low container is available, one billet length is not enough. Cut segments are welded together. Overlap the pieces and weld the joints on both sides. To strengthen the seam, you can drill holes and put rivets.

If the segments cut out of the barrel are small, they are welded together to obtain the desired width of the blade

To assemble with your own hands the blade for the motor block from a barrel cleans the snow well and does not scratch the sidewalk, the shovel is equipped with a knife. In its lower part, a metal bar with a minimum thickness of 5 mm is fastened along its edge with rivets or bolts. In addition, the holes are drilled at a pitch of 100 mm for bolts to mount the strip of conveyor belt. The rubber overlay will not let the metal tire scratch the paving slabs or asphalt.

The next step is to produce the frame for the trailed implement and the blade pivot assembly. First find the middle of the shovel by its height. At this point, a piece of 40×40 mm section profile pipe is welded along its entire length. In the center of the crosspiece weld a semicircle cut with an angle grinder from metal 8 mm thick. In the plate drilled three holes: one in the center and two indented, so you get a turn the bucket sideways by 30 °.

From a profile tube of a similar cross section weld the frame of the trailed device. The bracket turns out to be in the shape of the letter “G”. One side of it is connected to the power tiller, and the other side is brought to the adjusting knot of turns. So that the homemade shovel on the single axle tractor for snow removal can be adjusted in height, an adjusting screw lever is adapted. One side is attached to the L-shaped bracket, and the other is threaded into the hole in the profile tube of the trailed implement.

Snowplow for your own hands and snowplow from a gas cylinder. drawings

An automatic all-purpose device designed for clearing snow over a large area is called a snow blower for a power tiller. The mechanism collects, sweeps and throws the snow to a specific place. It is used to save time and facilitate manual labor, is used for work in private and household areas, production areas, near offices and stores.