Snowplow machine with your own hands from a chainsaw

Working principle

If you only intend to clean your driveway, an electric motor might be enough.

6.In this set, the power take-off shaft, located in the motoblock, will be connected with the rotor of the snowplow, which will drive the entire design.

7.The self-propelled gasoline snow blower, made without the use of extraneous units, has a slightly different principle of operation. The wheelbase or tracks, depending on what you install on the machine, will drive the snowblower independently.

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8.Otherwise, it will work just like a snow blower on a power tiller. Rotating blades, located on the metal shaft of the auger mechanism, rake the snow mass to the center.

9.There are two plates, which also rotate, raking the snow further, transferring it to the rotor mechanism. The rotor makes an additional crushing of the snow cover, transferring it further to the outlet pipe.

10.From the pipe the snow mass flies out to a certain distance (the throwing distance will depend on the power of the used motor).

Construction of a homemade snowmobile

Since we will be making a vehicle from a static tool, before implementing the conceived desire, we should develop a schematic diagram. The snowmobile should not only move optimally, but also be able to carry the weight of the owner of a small load.

Based on this, each component must have a specific purpose, and at the very beginning the device is clearly thought out. The schematic diagram of the snowmobile has the following form, on it and should be guided when making a homemade snowmobile with a motor from a gasoline saw:

The design of the base of the motor block

You can make a snowmobile from a variety of equipment, such as a moped, scooter, grass trimmer, etc. д. However, a single-axle tractor can be considered the best choice. Since this machine remains unclaimed in winter, it can safely be taken as the basis for creating a snowcat. The snowmobile attachment can be made on wheels and this design is simpler. The most difficult thing to make a snowmobile with your own hands from a caterpillar. However, it has a higher cross-country ability, which can be the main criterion for choosing the type of design.

Keep in mind that not every single-axle tractor can be converted into a snowmobile. It is best to use units that are equipped:

The units “Neva” can be considered an optimal choice. They have an attractive price, and their engines are assembled in Japan. The design of the motor sled assembled with your own hands can be divided into two main parts. the leading and driven.

The first category should include the motor from the power tiller, drive elements and the supporting frame. The leading part is made up:

Before you start working to create a self-made snowmobile, you need to pick up all the necessary materials and parts.

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Making a frame

It is worthwhile to study the drawings well in advance. If you want, you can make a mini snowcat of your own design, but many people prefer ready-made solutions. To make the frame, it is worth using iron pipes. To give them the desired shape according to the drawing, you will need a pipe bender. When this work is completed, it is necessary to connect all the elements of the frame by welding.

The next step is to make the front of the main subframe structure. This is where the power plant and gearbox will be mounted, for example, from Zhiguli. For the task at hand, a stand is welded to the frame with holes for a motor. The drive chain is installed in a special slot.


It is necessary to attach one or two skis to the steering column with an articulated joint. Shock absorbers for the front suspension is better to use ready-made, for example, from a motorcycle. You should also decide whether to use tracks for movement, or plan to make a mini-snowmobile on cameras. Each of these types of drive has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

The wheeled unit is more maneuverable, but inferior to the tracked one in passability. Tracks can be made from a variety of materials, such as conveyor belt.

It is important to remember that they should be light and strong, while ensuring good contact tracks with the surface.

How to make a snowplow from a chainsaw with your own hands

In winter, after a large amount of precipitation in the form of snow, you have to clean your own yard or territory in front of the garage from drifts. Doing it manually is quite difficult and long, and paying for automatic snow blowers is too expensive. But there is a way out. you can make your own device, which will help you get rid of a huge amount of snow on the territory. It is possible to install such equipment using improvised materials in just a few hours. In this article we will consider how to assemble a snowplow from a chainsaw and what tools are needed for that.

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How it works

The construction of the factory snowplow is quite simple. The main driving force is the motor, on the power of which will depend on the quality of snow removal, the range of ejection, etc.д.

In addition to the engine, the construction of the snow blower includes:

  • An enclosure made of metal or plastic, which protects the working nodes from the foreign environment.
  • The auger mechanism, which consists of a shaft and screw parts.
  • The outlet pipe, which throws the snow outside.
  • If the system is two-stage, then in addition to the auger, an impeller (rotor mechanism) is used to throw the snow into the outlet pipe.
  • Elementary control systems, handles, clutch, etc.д.
  • Depending on the configuration, there may be a wheel base, tracks or skis.

The principle of operation of a homemade snow thrower will not differ from the store version. In his kit will also include auger, which is directed by screws to the center of the shaft. It sends the snow cover to the blade, which transmits the mass to the output pipe.

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If the design includes a rotor, the incoming snow from the shovel hits it first. It performs additional processing of the snow mass, after which it is sent to the tube.

Then the snow is thrown outside at a certain distance (up to 12 meters).

Made a homemade snow blower from a chainsaw has its own advantages:

  • Making a snowplow with their own hands, you can significantly save money that you could spend on the purchase of a new snowplow. And even if you have to buy the chainsaw itself (see Druzhba or other models), it will have a similar performance to its bargain-built counterparts. You’ll still be on the plus side.
  • A snowplow made by your own hands from a Druzhba or other models of chain saw will have a similar performance as their purchased counterparts.
  • The other parts of the body, the auger mechanism and other structural components are made from readily available means, such as metal pipes, sheets of iron, etc.д. Speaking of saving money.

You will find more information on the following

The only disadvantage will be the fact that on a homemade snowthrower from a chainsaw you will not be able to install the mechanism responsible for self-propelled design. But if you provide some kind of skids or skis on the bottom of the machine, it will not be such a difficult task.

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Peculiarities of modification and preparation of materials

Almost any modern snowplow has a fairly simple design. In fact, to collect such a unit with their own hands can anyone. All that is required is the availability of the necessary materials.

The only problem that lovers of self-made cars may encounter is the lack of a motor. True, the dilemma is easily solved if you make a snowplow from a Ural chainsaw. In addition to a serviceable motor, you will also need to prepare other necessary materials:

After preparing everything you need for work, you can begin assembling. In practice, making a snowplow with their own hands will take no more than 5-6 hours.

Structure and general principle of operation

The design of a self-propelled snow thrower includes the following components.

  • Auger. Snowplow module placed in the cavity of the bucket. Responsible for the intake, shredding and promotion of snow masses on the outlet chute. Powered by a motor.
  • Outdoor chute. Made of the same materials as the snow bucket. Directs the snow flow to the snow thrower (to the outlet).
  • Running gear. A means of moving the machine. Wheels, skids or tracks. the choice depends on the operating conditions, available resources and technical capabilities of the manufacturer.
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Snowplow from a chainsaw with their own hands

In winter time the theme of the snowplow becomes very actual, as the snow keeps falling and falling, and we with you need to get up and go forward to work, to the economy, to the stores. Progress does not stand still, and modern craftsmen have reacted creatively to create with their own hands snowmobilers, capable of clearing snowy notes, clearing passages. What did not invent these units: from power tillers, from chain saws.

This article will try to clarify for you the process of creating a small maneuverable snow thrower from an ordinary chainsaw. Such a snowplow is easy, it’s easy to manage and not very difficult to do, and for you to see and imagine everything, we offer you drawings of snowplows.

Gasoline saw with power from 5 hp.с. and above is ideal for this snow blower. Consider the process of making a snow blower based on the “Ural 2T” chain saw. Inertial clutch which is available at the motor of the given chainsaw plays an important role of a safety lock and at hit of a foreign object in a rotor it reacts at once, switching off the transmission, thereby saving a unit from very undesirable breakages. Also the motor “Ural 2T” is equipped with a reduction gear 1:2.

For ease of manufacture we will not use a large number of sharpened parts and expensive materials, our task is to facilitate the assembly of the design for the cottage. The good thing about this snowblower is that all parts and materials are readily available and can be fabricated.

Useful tips and warnings

Due to the fact that the homemade snow thrower, made with their own hands from a chain saw does not have self-propelled, it is better to provide a kind of skids for better movement of the unit on the snow cover. You can use wooden planks of appropriate length for the frame.

Skids for moving in the snow

A plastic base can be screwed onto them, which improves the snowblower’s ride characteristics.

There are a few tips to help you use your machine:

  • To prevent foreign objects from getting into the running engine, you can install special safety bolts, eliminating this threat.
  • After starting the machine for the first time, it is necessary to make a check of all connections of the snow blower. If necessary, tighten all nuts as far as they will go.
  • Use closed bearings, so the snowdrift can’t get into the frame.
  • Don’t try to remove compacted snow. Make a preliminary preparation of the pavement with hand tools.

Compliance with certain tips will help you significantly extend the operational life of the device, without loss of performance.

If you want to buy a snow blower, then how to choose the right model, read here.