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Fourth generation of Metabo PowerMaxx screwdrivers

over, traditions have been established in early January for its customers and fans of the Metabo brand make the first annual presentation of new models, which increases shocking its forces in protecting and expanding its positions on the world market of professional power tools. Among the first half, the innovations were announced in the first half, the PowerMaxx BS and PowerMax BS screwdrivers, the SSW 18 LTX 400 BL battery with a maximum torque of 400 Nm, a new fast charger for METABO with output voltages, is 14 to 4 to 4 to 4 to 4 to 4 to 36 V, a new series of water pumps and hydraulic systems for water supply to the house and irrigation of the garden,

In this issue of the magazine, we prefer the new PowerMax Bs Drill Drill drill. The reasons for this choice are several. This type of power drill with a capacity of 10.8 B is already included, which, combined with its small size and weight, makes them the most preferable and are most often used for a wide variety of areas. In addition, the new model is the next Metabo power tool, headed by the world leader. in this case the most compact battery of this type and supply voltage 10.8 V.

Metabo has successfully developed the Miniotvertkite group since 2001, when two models are simultaneously on the market-PowerGrip and PowerMaxx, working with nickel-cadmium batteries with 4.8 in output voltage. The first model was designed primarily as an electric screwdriver, and the expanded functions of the second also make a good exercise.

The next step is to create a PowerMaxx model in 2005, when a drill receives an expanded lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 7.5 V. In 2010, Metabo produces 12 powermaxx models with a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 10.8 V.

The fourth generation is now entering the market: PowerMaxx BS and PowerMaxx BS Quick. They combine optimal compact dimensions and low weight with high power and durability. quality that both machines make both cars especially suitable for a wide range of professional applications. PowerMaxx BS. the most compact (with the least length) rechargeable electric screwdriver in the world, which operates at 10.8 V. That a person needs more to do his work for years comfortably and efficiently light and successful loaf in a wide range of actions requiring drilling holes and lathes? Metabo also has a ready.made answer to this rhetorical question. PowerMaxx BS Quick, in which there is only a fast and simple jaw replacement system, for example, with a rotary spike at a right angle. Outwardly, these two models differ only in red on the back end of the PowerMaxx BS Quick cartridge. In addition to the compact Soplu for operation at right angles to the spindle axis, the Quick system also includes a special adapter that additionally facilitates the work with hexagonal tail bits and bats.

PowerMaxx BS length along with the jaw is only 162 mm. the best achievement at the moment. PowerMaxx BS Quick is a little longer. 175 mm, thanks to the Quick system and a more complex cartridge design. Without a cartridge, the length of both tools is reduced to 122 mm, which allows you to work in narrow and other places with extremely limited access. it is not available for more models. This size currently has no analogues to other manufacturers.

When the cartridge is removed, the bats and hexagonal bits are placed directly in the 1/4 inch hexagonal pipe located at the end of the machine spindle. This has a powerful magnet, which reliably holds the stripes in the hole and does not allow them to fall out. In addition to their compact sizes, two new models per 100 g are easier than their predecessor. Without a cartridge, they weighs 800 g. Lower weight is also an important factor, especially when working longer.

electric, screwdriver, metabo, powermax, basic

With a maximum torque of 17/34 nm (wood / metal) and maximum rotation speed 1400 minutes.1 New PowerMaxx BS is even more powerful and productive than its predecessor PowerMaxx 12. The maximum torque can be set 20 degrees in the range of 0.5-5.0 nm. Both models have a two.stage mechanical gearbox. Accordingly, the speed of rotation is smoothly adjustable within 0-360 minutes.1 and 0-1400 min.one.

A more realistic picture of the capabilities of PowerMax Bs gives the size of the maximum diameter of the holes that can drill a drill. 10 mm in steel and 22 mm in wood. Both models have a quick clamping cartridge with the ability to capture a drill with a tail diameter of 1-10 mm.

Unlike the previous model operating from the battery of 1.5 Ah, the new PowerMax BS has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2 AA. The standard PowerMax Bs Quick is supplied with the same battery. However, the version of Powermax BS Quick Pro is available, which is also complete with two batteries, one of which has a capacity of 2 Ah and the other with 4 Ah. Metabo batteries with a voltage of 4.0 Ah and 5.2 Ah have a three.year guarantee, as well as the power tools themselves. Batteries with a lower output voltage are sold with a two.year guarantee.

The drills have an LED indicator showing the battery charge level, as well as a powerful LED indicator that brightly illuminates the work. In continuous operation mode, PowerMaxx BS can rotate the screws up to 6 × 120 mm in soft wood, with the maximum ability to screw the screws of 6 × 200 mm screws, which should not be overflowed for a long time. The most accurate idea of ​​the possibilities of wireless screwdrivers gives you the number of screws of a certain size that can be screwed with one battery charge. PowerMaxx BS and PowerMax BS Quick capabilities are listed in the table. If these values ​​are not enough, select PowerMaxx BS Quick Pro and work with a 4 Ach battery.

Both models are available in different configurations, providing users with more opportunities:

Metabo Powermax Bs Basic

The only drawback in my opinion. This is a backlight, so that it shines on the screw’s head, you need to insert a long bit into the extension cord.

Before that, there was a Hitachi with a lantern, Akk died., The price of new ones is like new Shurik. Generally good Shurik, if you take. Take in configuration with bits, drill. Cool suitcase. Somehow I will get a lantern on the Internet, I think it will also get into a suitcase and I will be happy happy))) I put four points for the described flaw

The best brand for semi.professional use, I trust the quality of Metabo, conveniently, reliably, confident

assembly. it is not known where it is not known who is collected incomprehensible that

After the acquisition, he worked very well in a calm Tepma for 30 minutes.When tightening the tudy bolt, the motor began to spark, smoke and jammed.A minute later, when clicking on the button, he staged a piece of the brush in the face, chopped and continued to work.This is not the first time modern dozing and assembly scores China / Brazil demonstrate unsuitable electrical brushes that are scattered into the tillering for 15 minutes of operation.Glory to the great labor Chinese people, but the fake and violations of technology does not give the best brands of honor.

It makes no sense to describe the characteristics of the machine. She is worth it.

Not very pretty and even a strange huge case inside almost empty. The jigsaw has 70 models several times better.

Since spring, I selected a steeple for home use and stopped on 3 models (whoever is looking for the Tot knows).metabo, Bosch, Makita. Still, metabab was more pleasant in the hand, but.This is already for the official representative of the company in, without exception, your dealers (and there were a lot of them) did everything possible that I would buy Bosch-10.8LI-s with what and congratulations to you.

I bought an electric screwdriver, made a guarantee for 3 years, after 14 months of work without special loads (installation of drywall, plastic)-the gear was broken, the service is used to repair, the meaning of the guarantee, take a professional electric screwdriver for one year of work. Too cool! I do not recommend anyone. for myself I decided to better take the cheap, it is not a pity to throw it out!

The number of revolutions, light, powerful, only if necessary is a cartridge, fast charging, lithium battery.

without warning, the battery is sharply discharged, there is no charge indicator. All this does not particularly annoy

I am engaged in the installation of blinds and so on, etc., for my work we simply will not replace. very satisfied. I recommend.

Corner adapter, removable cartridge and equipment but not its quality!

Often blocking the start buttons, the battery contacts depart, the gearbox hangs and ultimately it falls forward! After a couple of months, the cartridge begins to click in the frequent place of squeezing the equipment and has a larger backlash on the axis. The battery hangs in the handle of an electric screwdriver. The equipment is slightly better than Chinese for hiring, the bats break with a bang. Drill 6mm laminated wood-brown plate 25 percood shurik turns off from overload.

The screwdrivers were used to assemble furniture, the maximum euro.flower 70mm in the prepared holes and nuts M6 in children’s chairs for kindergarten. His German version with Chinese is the earth and the sky! Even the battery failed and were replaced under the guarantee. I do not recommend the quality of cheap electric screwdriver for 4 thousand! There are the best analogues for the same price.

The quality of the assembly, the battery life, the battery charge, corner nozzle, balancing in the hand, actively similar to German assembly

Power (although, of course, I find fault for 12 V), at first a thick pen, but this is partly a payment for balancing. If someone needs to carry with you. There is no case.In my opinion, a weak rattle, t. e. I really use only from 4 and above. Why do I need the provisions weaker than I understand. where (and what) can be screwed with such an effort?

Just a very high.quality electric screwdriver. I bought a complete with a gaykwernet about what I never regretted. Basically, I use it, with a screw only if you need to accurately or slowly screw/unscrew or if you squeeze something “unstable”. Drill, for example.Generally. Great high.quality light fragmentation of small power.

Very upset by the fact that, almost immediately the button stopped working. And it works then it does not work.(((this is very infuriated, especially when you do something difficult. The main thing is to me in the store seller. The consultant warned about this “We are supposed to change the third on the window,” but I did not pay attention to it, it turned out in vain.-(

PS Getting under warranty to the METABO Center service was not possible, because they simply did not pick up the phone there. All successful purchases.

Efficiently made, capacious batteries (I have 2A), perfectly balanced, no beats. There is a backlight, a battery discharge indicator. Good, roomy case.

A small minus that the cartridge shades the backlight and a slightly tight button.

Powerful and convenient screwdriver. The pen may seem too thick for someone, but for my claw. Most. I took the rally with 45 rampages in a suitcase, in the form of bit and a no worse quality. Type of “young fighter” set. I went to take Bosch GSR 10.8-2-Li, but this one somehow liked it, although more expensive by 35%.

Powerful, perfectly balanced, easily crawl into hard.to.reach places (short)

I bought it a year ago to replace Makita, from which the batteries began to die (she correctly served me 7 years in non-stop without a single breakdown). I needed a universal, relatively light and reliable electric screwdriver. I got used to the balance and weight very quickly, I used mainly on the partitions of the GCL, it is very convenient with the holster. I practically did not use a change of head, but in general it is very convenient. The suitcase is huge! A different little things like roulette, corner, scissors, bit, etc. got into it. p t. e. what had to be worn separately. In general, it would be the perfect electric screwdriver if after three months of use from the vent. holes on the sides would not fly out pieces of impeller (plastic thing that cools the motor). It seemed to be not interfering with work, but recently at the responsible object the engine stupidly died, a little rise. There were no loads! I understand that the wreckage of plastic from the impeller beat the motor and it burned down. The case is initially unarantal, since mechanical damage. Ordered a new motor (1200 rupees). A month of downtime. T. e. The impeller was with a defect from the plant and my case is not the first. I have a trowel and a Metabo peorator, while everything works fine, but with an electric screwdriver sadness. It is a pity that the manufacturer does not follow the quality of such important components, and Chinese quality may be good. The tool is not cheap and the next time I will think very well when buying a Metabo tool. I will not recommend it either, t. to. There is a high risk to stay in the middle of an object without a tool.

for Metabo Powermax Bs Basic


Type of tool

Type of cartridge

Number of speed speeds


The diameter of the cartridge

Max. idle speed

Maximum torque

Max. Diameter of drilling (wood)

Max. Diameter of drilling (metal)

Functions and opportunitiesWorking modes

Engine brake


BatteryType of battery

Battery capacity

Battery voltage

Removable battery

Additional battery

Additional InformationDevices

Case included

The weight

Drill-electrical screwdriver
Quickly joke
From the battery
one. 10 mm
1300 rpm
28 N m
22 mm
10 mm
there is
reverse, spindle fixation, electronic adjustment of rotation frequency
one.5 ah
ten.8th century
there is
there is
Using bit without a cartridge, point lighting lamp, button on the power button
there is
0.9 kg

Review of the Metabo PowerMax Bs Basic 10.8V 2 0AH X2 electrical screwdriver

Metabo Powermax Bs Basic. Is the baby so good?

Electric screwdriver Metabo PowerMax Bs Basic. review.

Batabo PowerMax Bs Basic Electric Workpiece. Review after operation

Batabo-Electric screwdriver Metabo PowerMax Bs Basic. reviews

This drill-electrical screwdriver purchased a construction yard in the store in July 2020, when there was a need to speed up the bank of the bathhouse. Electric screwdriver packed in a box. The electrical screwdriver, 2A batteries, instructions and warranty coupon includes.

The baby who overshadowed his more eminent and older brothers in functionality, speed and quality. Drill-electrical screwdriver Metabo Powermax BSLC40. Our assistant in a private house.

Hi all. My family and I live in our private house, which, a priori, implies constant current repairs of straight hands, to maintain its functionality and a worthy living.

Hello! I want to share with you my impression on the battery electrical screwdriver from Dewalt.Electric screwdriver is quite compact, convenient, although you can’t call it easy.

The main convenience of any battery tools. The absence of a “tail” in the form of a network cord, which has to be dragged behind it, follow it (whether you have caught it, whether you can cut it off if it is stopped to work, if its length is enough, as it adapted in uncomfortable places) and immediately you can choose.

Stanley Fatmax FMC626C2S 07B91 in each family should be a man, and therefore a tool!) This screwdriver may be so deservedly!) I like that there are a lot of speeds, a flashlight for backlight, rubberized, which gives reliability.

My first battery electric screwdriver caliber 5182 did not live long. Although it may be 2 years for an electric screwdriver for 2000 not so little. This tool has both their advantages and their shortcomings. I’ll tell you about everything in order. First, what pleased me. This is the presence of a plastic case.

Dewalt DCD 791 1b090 acquired this screwdriver as an assistant in production more than a year ago. I searched for a long time, chose, in the end I stopped on this model.

Good day to all readers Irek! Today I want to show and talk about such an electric screwdriver as Felisatti Da-12ER. Despite the sort of Italian names of the brand, this brand does not apply to Italia. At first, Interskol became the Felisatti distributor, then it seems like I bought it.

Detailing of the Batabo-Electric screwdriver Metabo PowerMax Bs Quick Basic (00156000)

The above drawing shows a detail (explosion-scheme) of the battery-electrical displacement drill with Metabo (METABO) PowerMaxx BS Quick Basic (00156000). To view information about the spare part for Metabo PowerMax Bs Quick Basic (00156000), click on the desired number allocated by color.

Popular spare parts for the Batabo Powermax BS Quick Basic (00156000) battery

Indication level, LED for the battery-electrical screwdriver METABO POWERMAXX BS Quick Basic (00156000)

Indicator label for the battery drill-electrical screwdriver METABO POWERMAXX BS Quick Basic (001566000)

Plastic cap on a spindle for the battery drill-electrical screwdriver Metabo PowerMax Bs Quick Basic (00156000)

Drill-electrical screwdriver Metabo PowerMax Bs Basic X2 (600080500)

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This product is delivered by prepaid.

electric, screwdriver, metabo, powermax, basic

Metabo PowerMax BS X2 is a compact battery drill for drilling wood, metal, plastic and ceramics, as well as working with screws, self-tapping screws and other fasteners. Maximum torque. 34 nm. Works from lithium-ion battery 12 in.

  • Makes holes up to 10 mm in diameter in metal and up to 22 mm. In a tree.
  • Two batteries included. Do not have to interrupt work for recharging. just change the battery to a charged.
  • Warranty 36 months.

reasons to buy

  • No self.discharge during storage. The charged battery is ready to work even after a week of downtime.
  • There is no decrease in the container from the partial charge. Do not have to wait for complete charging if the screwdriver needs only a couple of minutes.
  • Ultra-M technology provides quick charging and increases the durability of the battery. 3 years of guarantees are given on the battery.
  • The base will inform the LED on the full charge of the battery. The moment of end of charging is easily tracked.
  • The screwdriver has two speeds. up to 360 rpm and up to 1400 rpm. The first speed is optimal for fasteners, the second. for drilling.
  • Twisting is tuned in a 20-speed regulator at the cartridge. The denser the material, the higher the torque.

Features of the brand Bosch

Another German concern. Does not need additional recommendations. Bosch screwdrivers in the market have always occupied a leading position. The company’s production sites are in 60 countries.

Reputation for Bosch is always in the first place, so the quality is controlled at all stages of production. The list of proposed power tools is designed for a wide range of consumers. For the manufacture of its screwdrivers, the brand uses high.quality and high.tech components

TOP of the best screwdrivers Metabo

Below is a rating of tools that will help to understand which models of the Metabo are the most popular.

Bathabo-electrical screwdriver Metabo BS 18 LTX Quick 2013 5.2ah X2 Case

Torque 120 nm, drilling a tree with a diameter of 65 mm, a powerful, durable tool. Easily holds high speeds, drills metal and concrete walls. Quick cartridge. High.quality balancing.

work in the rack of the drilling machine;

additional handle;



Bathabo-electrical screwdriver Metabo BS 18 Quick 10mm 2.0ah X2 Case Set2

High.quality assembly, a large set of nozzles. Compact, fast battery charging, fast.packed cartridge. Light, powerful. Suitable for home use.

LED lights;

2 speed modes;

Metabo 18 V battery system;

set of accessories;


Bathabo-electrical screwdriver Metabo BS 18 LT Bl Q 0 Metaloc, without a battery

High torque value, fast.cut cartridge. Light and convenient switching modes and speeds, a hook for mounting on a belt. Rubbed handle. Suitable for professional use.

Brighting engine;

additional nozzle for bit;

removable battery;

Case Metaloc.

electric, screwdriver, metabo, powermax, basic

Batabo PowerMax BS QUICK BASIC Li-Ion 2 A h 12 in X2 case of the Basmax BS

Powerful, conveniently lies in the hand, a fast.cut cartridge, a great option for furniture production. Quick cartridge. Practical and ergonomic instrument.

Using bit without a cartridge;

Loading button lock;




Bathad-Electric screwdriver Metabo PowerMax Bs 12 V, 2.0 A h x2, bag (600079550)

Optimal dimensions and weight, the possibility of quick replacement of bit when working without a cartridge. Compact, powerful for its category, rubberized handle. Convenient to work, simple design.

2 speed modes;


METABO 12 V battery system;

a hook for wearing a belt;


At first sight

It makes no sense to re-describe the design and design of an electric screwdriver: the twin models differ in minor subtleties: a little size and weight (indicated in the table), a slightly different configuration of ventilation holes and inscriptions on the case. The color scheme remained the same. bright orange inserts will help to find a tool among a pile of construction supplies.

There was also a hook in its place, which is needed in order to hang an electric screwdriver on the belt. And the cartridge here is used exactly the same as in the BASIC model, 10 mm fast-packed with locking.

The built.in flashlight highlights the working area with moderate brightness. It is a pity that the flashlight turns off right there, it is worth releasing the main lever. It would be better if he glowed for a while. 5-10 seconds, as realized in the screwdrivers of some other brands. By the way, about the location of this LED. Of course, the lower location is much more effectively illuminated by the contact zone of the drill or bits with the material or the fastener. However, in such a pistol form factor, the lower LED is unlikely to fit: the stream of light will overlap the fingers of the hand.


Multi.language instruction briefly describes the governing bodies, but the main thing in it is perhaps. this is information about the method of installation/dismantling of the clamping cartridge. The rest of the instructions, as usual, is universal and designed for different models of Metabo screwdrivers. Including a tool with a function of impact.

A tight coupling with divisions regulates the torque, each division gives a clear sharp click. The extreme division translates the tool into a drilling mode, the gearbox is not involved, and the “ratchet” is disconnected. But the built.in protection is always ready: if the effort exceeds the critical value, the engine will turn off.

A weak press on the launch lever includes the backlight and the indicator of the remaining charge, while the engine begins rotation on the 3rd millimeter of the lever stroke. Thus, to adjust the speed of rotation from 0 to 1500 rpm, 5 mm of the lever move remains.

In the first speed range, the spindle gives 500 revolutions per minute at idle, and switching to the 2nd range increases the rotation speed to 1,500 rpm.

The direction of rotation of the spindle is selected by the usual switch, the average position of which blocks the start lever. By the way, it is in the middle position of the lever that it is recommended to store the tool.

The fast.packed cartridge of an electric screwdriver is equipped with a locking mechanism: one hand is enough to fix the equipment. The process of dismantling the cartridge is quite a cunning: first it is required to unscrew the inner stop screw (attention, left thread!), then with light tapping with a rubber hammer you need to weaken the cartridge and only now it can be unscrewed.


Thin multi.language book contains three pages in Russian. As it has become fashionable today, there is no useful information in the text. The instruction is absolutely universal. It will be suitable for any power tool, from a vacuum cleaner and a milling cutter to a mixer and a gubosakata machine. Warnings, safety, warranty, disposal. And what is convenient! Once in a newspaper printed. and a shabash!


The torque is adjusted, as in most screwdrivers, with the help of a rotary coupling with the divisions. The coupling is turning rather tight with distinct clicks on each division. The latest division with the icon of the drill translates the tool into a drill mode. In this mode, the electric screwdriver does not use the gearbox, the “ratchet” is disconnected. However, the built.in effort sensor will not allow the screwdriver to turn out the master’s hand.

The speed ranges are switched by a standard sliding slider, the maximum rotation speed of the spindle is 1,400 revolutions per minute.

The direction of rotation of the spindle is also selected by the usual switching switch, the average position of which blocks the start lever.

The starting lever that supplies power to the backlight and the engine, as well as the spindle rotation speed, has a stroke of 9 mm and is pressed with an average effort. The LED and the indication of the remaining battery charge is turned on at 2 millimeters, and the engine begins rotation on the 3rd millimeter of the lever stroke. Thus, 5 mm remains to adjust the speed of rotation from 0 to 1400 rpm.

The fast.packed cartridge of an electric screwdriver is equipped with a locking mechanism: one hand is enough to fix the equipment. In the photo you can see that from the inside the cartridge is attached to the spindle. But not attached in any way!

He easily leads from the spindle if you continue the rotation of the clamping coupling counterclockwise, because the blocking mechanism works. And that, you know, something reminded. Oh yes! Score and drill such a tool is a pleasure. But to unscrew. There are suspicions that after several clutches of the clutt of self.tapping screws will fly away from a piece of wood. However, the experiments showed: nothing like that! Apparently, and there is a lock work. You can lead a coupling from a spindle only by rotating the clutch itself with your hand.

The medium brightness LED, located under the cartridge, highlights the lower part of the working area, that is, shines parallel to the drill or bit. The bulb does not blind, but gives a blurry cone. When releasing the main button, the LED instantly turns off. Forced to note this as a drawback. Well, what should I give the LED to work an idle second for 10-20, so that you can consider what you have hammered there or a stroke?

The battery is installed inside the handle of an electric screwdriver, like a store in a pistol handle. There is no pushing spring in the handle, just two contacts.

From the next photo you can understand why, with such a form factor of an electric screwdriver, you cannot make a lower backlight. A large hand will block the light from the flashlight if the LED will beat from below.

TOP-5 Professional Bathabo Battery Battery

A review of the TOP-5 professional screwdrivers of METABO at 18 volts according to the reviews and estimates of customers.

Metabo BS 18 L Bl 2.0Ach x2 case

Ergonomic and budget model to help the master.

Copes with problems without complaints. Brighting engine increases the service life of the device, promotes high performance.

There is a spindle lock and button for turning on the device, a dot lighting lamp is installed (thanks to it it will be much more convenient for you to work in the dark).

The speed of rotation can be adjusted independently. Weighs a little more than a kilogram, so there are no problems with transportation of problems.


Metabo BS 18 L 2.0Ach x2 case

A reliable, powerful and practically “unknown” device that certainly does not interfere in the house.

The battery charge indicator will tell you: when will it be time to pull it out and set it up.

The power of an electric screwdriver is enough for everything you need: even 120 screws twist without problems.

For drilling \ twisting there is a separate switch. The backlight is located successfully.

A cartridge under a 13 mm drill, fast.packed. The device can be hidden in a convenient case made of strong plastic.

The palm lies comfortably, the handle does not allow the fingers to slip.


Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I LIHD 3.5 A h 18 in x1 box

Small drill that will provide you with maximum power and quality in the most difficult working conditions.

The pulse regime allows you to spill on smooth surfaces and twist even tightly and firmly screwed screws.

The steering control regulator is processed accurate and neat, there is a hexagon on the spindle: insert a nozzle-bit and act without a drilling cartridge.

Built.in LED backlight will help to illuminate the workspace. The gearbox body is durable, made of high.quality materials: aluminum, casting under pressure.

The hook makes it possible to wear a drill on a belt. On the battery block, the manufacturer set 3 years of warranty.


PowerMaxx SB 12 Metabo. Demo

  • Sound pressure level: 78 dB;
  • idle indicator: 0. 500 /0. 1850 / min;
  • Weight: 2.1 kg;
  • Battery voltage: 18 V;
  • battery capacity: 2 x 4 ah.
  • Metabox for transportation and storage;
  • Ultra-M technology;
  • sparing charging;
  • container indicator;
  • Great build quality.

Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I 5.2ah X2 Case

Drill with fast.and.packed cartridge for effective and high.quality work.

The engine is brilliant, the cartridge is convenient (the diameter of the clamp is small).

Impulse regime is provided: it allows you to quickly flash on a flat surface and unscrew the tighter fasteners.

Food comes from the battery. The manufacturer is China. The warranty is 1 year, but usually serves at least 2-3 years.

The kit has a couple of batteries, charging, case and a special hook (it makes it possible to wear a drill on a special belt). Weighs a little less than 2 kilograms.


  • Magic diameter: 1.5. 13 mm;
  • Max. The number of revolutions of idle: 1600 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 60 N m;
  • Battery: Li-Ion with a capacity of 4 A h;
  • Battery voltage: 18 in.
  • established protection against overloads;
  • reverse;
  • Nest in the Bit case;
  • blocking button lock;
  • spindle fixation;
  • Rotation frequency adjustment.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 4.0ah X2 Case

Product from the world known to the world Metabo brand.

A huge “plus” of this unstressed model is the ability to work autonomously using batteries.

2 speeds are supported, suitable for different tasks, whether it is drilling, installation or dismantling.

The drilling zone is highlighted automatically. The warranty is given for 1 year, if desired, you can extend it up to 24 months. The engine is brush.

The case provides a nest for attaching bit. The maximum diameter of the screws is 10 mm. There is a case in the kit.


  • battery charge indicator;
  • high quality assembly and materials;
  • pair of batteries;
  • a convenient hook allows you to wear a drill on a belt;
  • 24 steps of torque for configuration;
  • fast.packed cartridge in the system.

Metabo SE 4000, 600 W

Best assistant in construction work: network electric screwdriver from a trusted German manufacturer.

Stands out with a light and compact design, which allows you to keep the device with one hand.

He copes with both gypsum fiber and drywall slabs perfectly.

The cam clutch is low, the depth limiter is adjusted as convenient.

The emphasis of the depth is removed (for visual control). There is a function of blocking the power button.

The model weighs a little more than a kilogram. Food is made from the network.

Metabo PowerMaxx Li Pro cordless screwdriver.


  • Maximum turns: 4400 rpm;
  • Network cable length: 5.5 m.;
  • Maximum torque: 9 N m;
  • Power consumption: 600 watts.;
  • Width: 261 mm.;
  • Height: 164 mm.;
  • Length: 62 mm.

Metabo Dwse 6.3, 550 watts

Ideal electric screwdriver for entering self-extinguishing screws: roofing-wall Metabo Dwse 6.3 620001000.

The case is made of aluminum casting under pressure. The handle is comfortable: your hand will not slip, even sweating.

The depth of wrapping and speed can be adjusted for yourself.

A reliable Metabo Marathon engine is installed, the native cable is soft and very long.

Coal brushes are turned off automatically, so the engine collector is not damaged. The cam clutch is practically no noise.

It is allowed to use bit without a cartridge. The manufacturer’s warranty is given for a period of 1 year to 3 years. The homeland of the brand is Germany.


  • Weight: 2.67 kg;
  • Length: 355 mm.;
  • Width: 85 mm.;
  • Height: 275 mm.;
  • The size of the clamping equipment: 6.35 mm.;
  • Power: 550 W.
  • long service life;
  • There is a reverse;
  • Variospeed electronics;
  • quick.sounding coupling;
  • Convenient adjustment adjustment.