Starter Recoil When Starting A Chainsaw

Chainsaw model MS 280. The oil stopped flowing to the chain (I managed to use up only 2 tanks of gasoline), got to the oil pump and drive. I see that the ribs on the drive are erased, the pump itself disassembled. I did not see any obvious anomalies. I intuitively understand that you only need to change the pump drive, but there are doubts about the pump, can it somehow be checked outside the saw?

Replace the drive and flush the system with gasoline. I think that backlash appeared, the sprockets of the sprocket come out of the drive a bit. You can check the pump. Using the worm, you need to determine the direction of rotation of the pump plunger and twist it by the pinion with your finger. You need to make several full revolutions (say, 10) and the plunger should never meet resistance. This pump is adjustable, so you need to twist the plunger several times. In maximum, medium and minimum feed position. Nowhere should there be the slightest resistance to rotation. I mean short-term resistance.

Weak oil supply on the Stihl 362 saw, what should I do?

Does 2/3 of the oil tank go to the fuel tank? If so, try changing the oil. Possibly liquid and flies off the chain strongly. If not, check if the regulator is really open to maximum. If this is done, then. Pump replacement. The plunger may be worn. (It can also be replaced, but it does not always help.

I have a little problem with the Stihl MS 280 chainsaw. I can’t adjust the carburetor on the saw. When I start a saw, I keep it at idle, and when I give gas, it starts to sneeze and stall, because of this sneezing a little air filter is torn, and now I still need to buy an air filter. I think it could be a knockout of the ignition, or something else. Help if anyone knows.

Clean carburetor, check gaskets for leaks. Ignition is unlikely to work at idle. Clearly lack of fuel. Can sneeze due to soot on the piston or on the candle. Not good, it can catch fire, I advise you to remove the cylinder and check the piston for cracks or a piece broken.

Tell the marking of the tire and chain for longitudinal sawing on the model MS 362. What are needed?

Tire (45cm). 30030006317. Chain 63PMX 66 links 3/8. 39990000066; Prof. Flail 3/8 wheel” 7 stars 11256402004.

Tell me, can I use the standard Stihl 440 tire for longitudinal sawing with timmerjig?

You can, however, have more cuts and load on the saw. We recommend that you purchase a PMX tire and a chain in which the cutting tooth is sharpened at 10 degrees.

Why does the flywheel key break on the Stihl MS 362 chainsaw?

Not a proper installation. The nut is tightened or vice versa.

After refueling, the Stihl 440 saw does not start until you flip it and blow it. Detected from the side of the muffler badass. Can I change the piston under warranty?

Not. Scuffing occurred due to overheating or an unsuitable fuel mixture that was not properly prepared.

What is the maximum tire length that can be installed on the MS 290 saw? Not enough standard length 40 cm.

Recommended tire length 40 cm.

On a warm engine of a Stihl 270 chainsaw, when you press the gas, the speed drops sharply. What is the reason?

Faulty ignition module.

There is a MS181 / C chainsaw. Recently, I began to notice that small pools of oil began to leak under it (from a few drops to 2-3 ml). Is this probably abnormal? What can be done here without going to the workshop?

Have you cleaned the saw for a long time? I suggest contamination with sawdust and the accumulation of oil in them. I recommend to clean. And sharpen the chain.

Tell me how to repair a chainsaw 440th model. In general, I cut openings of windows, but the saw somehow reluctantly enters the beam and somehow cuts slowly. It is lubricated normally, directly drops of sawdust with oil. What can be wrong? Do you need a new chain?

Starter Recoil When Starting A Chainsaw

Most likely. Blunt chain or after sharpening, the height difference between the cutting teeth and the depth gauges has decreased. Also pay attention to the condition of the tire. If it already has large burrs, then even with a new sharp chain, the saw will enter the wood with great difficulty.

I have a MS 271C chainsaw, which ignition coil will fit a number or analogue?

1141 400 1307. Ignition module MS 271 / C. There are no analogues.

The oil pump blows bubbles instead of oil. What could be?

Somewhere air enters, i.E. Problem in the oil system.

What is the difference between guide rails 3003 000 6811 and 3003 008 5011?

The difference in the width of the groove.

The Stihl 362 chainsaw, when operating at rpm without load, the saw chain rotates and even with a minimum load, the engine rises and feels the load, what could be the reason the clutch could be out of order

Problems with the carburetor. Perhaps the settings are down.

What are some indications that it’s time to change the air filter? What will happen if you do not change on time?

At visual inspection or at loss of power.

Stihl MS-440 chainsaw (without decompressor). There was a very strong recoil starter. I changed the ignition coil, it did not help.

It is possible that the gap between the ignition module and the flywheel was not set correctly (not exactly).

Tell me, please, what is the difference between the MS-181 saw and the MS-181-C? On the manufacturer’s website there is only a model MS181C-BE.

Ms-181C-BE C. Comfort includes: B. Quick chain tensioner, E. Ergostart starter.

What is the internal diameter of a Stihl 3/8 grinding wheel” R? What is the ideal angle for sharpening the chain in winter and summer?

Inside diameter is 12 mm. For transverse sawing, an ideal sharpening angle of 30 degrees, regardless of the time of year.

Do I need to run new Stihl MS 440 chainsaws?

Please tell me, after stopping from the operation of the protective screen, the chain does not spin on the instrument. Starts up, you add gas, rpm increases, and the chain does not spin. Tell me, please, what could be? Maybe the safety device of the protective shield is broken?

Try to disconnect by pulling the protection to the handle.

After sharpening, the chain goes to the left during operation. What is the reason?

The chain is unevenly sharpened, the grinding angle may not be sustained, or this is a defect in the saw bar.

Is the 4-mix engine still 2 or 4 stroke? Are there any advantages of 2-mix over 4-mix?

2-mix. The engine is 2-stroke, with a purge (clean air), it is more environmentally friendly than the usual 2-stroke, it has less fuel consumption, it is less noisy. 4-mix. The engine makes the 4th cycle, i.E. Even less blowing losses, even more environmentally friendly than 2-mix, more economical, less noisy.

I have a Stihl MC 270 chainsaw. When the throttle opens abruptly, it’s like “failure”. At high speeds it works perfectly. Tell me how to fix this. There is no way to contact a service center. There is experience in repairing and tuning carburetors on Chinese chainsaws.

The fault is most likely related to the carburetor! Try screw adjustment “L” and screw “H”, in turn, turn counterclockwise to the stop of the restriction cap, if there are no restriction caps on the screws, then adjustment can only be done at the service center. Suppose you have screw caps and the adjustment did not help, then the reasons may be a worn membrane, sticking “needles”, I will not describe the repair accompanying these malfunctions here, and in this case, you still have to contact the service center.

In Europe, a 0.5 mm thick gasket is placed under the cylinder, in Russia. 1 mm. This allows you to slightly adapt the engine to low-quality fuel. Ours, referring to. So it wasn’t worth it, perhaps. But if it starts and works so far. Then everything is in order. You can try to look into the outlet window, but, most likely, little will be clear. Over, there was an excess of oil in the mixture.

I read somewhere about the lubrication of the bearing in the tire of a Stihl 362 chainsaw. But on my canvas there is no hole for lubrication, that is, should I not bother about this?

There is no such a hole on calm tires, the bearing on the tire is lubricated with oil, which lubricates the chain, this is certainly a plus, but there is one thing, but do not saw the tip of the tire at high speeds, burn the bearing, this is a minus.

On the Stihl MC 170, I don’t really like the filter, what if I cut a sponge into the hole?

Why, don’t worry, nothing will happen to your saw, clean it on time and that’s all, well, very dirty, you can wash it with soap, just rinse well.

Tell me about the oil consumption for the chain and gasoline. Should be even? My average tank of oil is spent for two tanks of gasoline. This is normal?

This is normal, I have barely enough oil in Oleo-Mac’s tank for a gas tank.

The leading star on the Stihl 291 chainsaw was worn out; a new star was bought with a 3/8 increment, not in 325 steps, to replace it. Should the tire be replaced in this case when changing the pitch? I suppose that the step was indicated on the bus, but it is erased.

The tire needs to be replaced too. What chains do you plan to use on the saw? An asterisk doesn’t care what the thickness of the chain link will be, and the bus must be selected according to the thickness. Also, the tire must be selected taking into account the size of the landing site.

A couple of clarifying questions about “ordinary” chains. 1. What is the difference between RMC, RSC in terms of: recoil force, amount of chain lubricant used per unit time (if there is a difference), cut cleanliness (edges), cut speed, which chain needs to make the most sharpenings per unit of material passed (one of the same quality), the effect on each of these chains when accidentally touching the ground. 2. Similarly, the difference between RSC and RSC3 is of interest.

1. Rsc chain (straight tooth). “aggressive” sawing, recoil force greater than RMC, edge cleanliness worse than RMC, no statistics on the amount of lubricant used, experience: RSC chain faster “dulls”than RMC; the effect of accidental touching the earth: such statistics also do not exist, because the touch may be different and the soil may be different, if all the comparisons are of interest to you in specific quantities, contact the representative, maybe tests with different chains were carried out on a specific saw, for each b / p test should be done separately. 2. Rsc3 chain (with chisel teeth) with low recoil and low vibration. Maintenance is similar to RSC. Additionally, there is an elongated leading link and a tuberous lead link in front of each cutting tooth. The tuberous leading link introduces the cutting tooth into the wood more gently and smoothly. Due to this, the saw chain has a particularly low recoil.

How to adjust the oil supply to the chain in a Stihl MS 270 chainsaw?

On this model, an unregulated oil pump, 10 ms3 (oil) for 1 min at a speed of 10000 ppm, the faster, the greater the oil consumption.

I have a 16 bus with a pitch of 0.325. If I set it to 18 in 3/8 increments, will I need to change the driven sprocket?

When changing the pitch of the tire chain and chain, the drive sprocket must be changed.

The Stihl MS 390 chainsaw stopped working, smoke is coming from the decompression valve and the smudges are decent. Should I take it for warranty repairs?

After starting the saw, the decompression valve must close the cylinder. The first thing that can be assumed. This is a replacement for the decompression valve, and maybe just cleaning it will help. The reasons can be more serious, it will only show the diagnosis.