Steering for a power tiller with his own hands

Adapter for power tiller with your own hands, dimensions and drawings

Almost all owners of homestead plots need specialized equipment to carry out their work. The land must be constantly maintained: loosening, ploughing, dibbling the beds. If you do it all by hand, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. Not everyone can handle it, especially the elderly. That is why power tillers were created, with the help of which it is quite easy to work the ground. But there is one nuance. the adapter, which is a special attachment equipment and helps to cultivate the land. Such equipment would be very expensive, so many people make an adapter to a power tiller with their own hands.

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In fact, the adapter looks like a cart, which greatly increases the functionality of your power tiller and makes it easier to use.

The design of the adapter consists of these parts:

  • Sturdy frame, to which all structural elements are attached;
  • Footrest, near which the brake pedal is located;
  • Manual brake lever, which, when lowered, finally locks the wheels;
  • Wheelbase of two wheels with a medium size;
  • Seats with lifting lever.

The hitch, which allows you to attach the adapter to the power tiller, is located at the front or rear of the device. The standard type is a single design, which includes two main elements. The first is the linkage, the second is the regulator.

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Separate adapters with a universal double hitch that allows you to additionally attach various awnings.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the positives:

  • if the hitch is movable, the stability will be worse (the design may tip over);
  • sedentary work leads to typical operator ailments;
  • If you need to unhook the single axle tractor and the adapter, this process will not be quick.

Adapter to the Neva power tiller