Stihl 180 Chainsaw Candle Clearance

So, if the chainsaw does not start:

1. Check if there is fuel in the tank. Maybe it’s not there or it’s not of high quality (bad gasoline, not that oil, forgot to dilute).

2. Turn the “jammers” switch to the “Start” position.

3. Check if the candle is “filled” (chainsaw does not start). Unscrew the spark plug, if it is wet, turn the tool over and turning the starter, blow out the cylinder from excess fuel.

Stihl 180 Chainsaw Candle Clearance

4. Then check if there is a spark. Put a cap with a high-voltage wire on the twisted out candle, put it on the cylinder, pull the starter and see if there is a frequent and high-quality (blue) spark. If there is no spark, or it is weak, or appears occasionally. Change the spark plug. Then put the candle in place and start the chainsaw.

5. When the chainsaw doesn’t start “Wash” the foam element of the air filter (with soap in warm, clean water, then squeeze and dry).

6. Replace fuel filter in the tank of the chainsaw (or just remove the fuel filter for a while if there is no sediment in the tank).

7. Check fuel hoses for tightness (whether there are cracks and whether they are tightly fitted on the fittings to prevent air leakage in the fuel line).

8. If the chainsaw does not start check engine mountings (especially. The density of the carburetor to the cylinder to prevent air leakage after the carburetor).

9. Perhaps the cause is a clogged carburetor. Remove the carburetor from the engine (in a dust-free room), disassemble, wash, blow, clean the filter mesh, assemble and adjust the carburetor according to the “Operation Manual” of your chainsaw.

Chainsaw Spark Plug Replacement

The spark plug in the engine of the chainsaw or trimmer is replaced ONLY ON THE COLD ENGINE (be sure to allow the engine to cool):- first remove the high voltage wire;- then remove dust and dirt around the old candle (with compressed air, rags or a brush);- unscrew the old spark plug using the “candle key”- in the new spark plug, set the gap specified in the User Guide for your chainsaw using the dipstick;- when installing a new spark plug, it is possible to apply a little anti-seize lubricant, so that when the next spark plug is replaced, this spark plug is easily twisted out of the chainsaw engine;- when replacing the spark plug chainsaw or trimmer, be careful so that debris, tool or parts do not get into the cylinder;- Install a new candle in the cylinder (do not overtighten);- an old candle. Either immediately discard, or clean, set the gap, rinse, blow and hide in stock.

Planned spark plug replacement chainsaws are listed in the manual for your tool. But with intensive operation of the chainsaw, it is better to change the spark plug in the spring at the beginning of the season (rather than wait until the engine is “overloaded” in the midst of work).

The condition of the spark plug depends how easy it is to start the engine of your chainsaw or trimmer, the stability of its operation at different speeds, throttle response and engine power, maximum speed and fuel consumption.

Candle electrodes formed due to improper carburetor adjustment if there is a lot of oil in gasoline or when the air filter is dirty (replacing the spark plug is not necessary). With the right choice of candles and a working engine, the color of the insulator is light brown.

Combined chainsaw key for replacing the spark plug Chainsaw spark plug The probe for checking the gap between the electrodes of the chainsaw spark plug