Stihl 180 Chainsaw Chain Does Not Spin

Chainsaw Stihl MS 180. A tool worthy of attention The device of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw: technical specifications, malfunctions and repairs, do-it-yourself carburetor adjustment and much more on our website!

Gasoline does not come in. An independent solution to the problem

The reason for this lies in a malfunctioning carburetor. To repair the unit, it will need to be dismantled. However, before disassembling the carburetor on the Stihl 180 chainsaw, do not forget to disconnect the throttle rod and ignition wire from it. Further actions are as follows:

  1. The carburetor device is attached to the saw structure with 4 screws. Unscrew them and remove the assembly from the chainsaw. Make sure to wear gloves before removing the carburetor to avoid getting your hands dirty with oil;
  2. Before you clean the carburetor, you will need to apply a household degreaser to its walls. Wait 5 minutes and start wiping the sides of the knot;
  1. Remove the starter cover and remove the 4 screws;
  2. Examine the parts responsible for spark formation. If they are clean, make sure the clearance between the magnets and the flywheel is correct. A gap of 0.4 mm will be considered optimal.

In order not to resort to regular carburetor repair, try to use high-quality fuel and oil from trusted manufacturers.

Features of the operation of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw

This model of the chainsaw, as well as its modification. The Stihl MS 180 C BE chainsaws, is not difficult to use. Below we will study the basic rules of operation that will protect the main parts and mechanisms of the chainsaw from premature wear.

Chainsaw Stihl MS 180. A tool worthy of attention

Stihl 180 chainsaw chain does not spin

Of course, each of us strives to purchase a high-quality chainsaw, which would be distinguished by reliability, high working life, economy and good technical characteristics. All these criteria are fully met by the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw. We will talk about its advantages, common breakdowns and self-repair in more detail.

Saw won’t start: reasons and solutions

  • Speaking of the saw 180, it must be said that this tool has many advantages. At the same time, this unit is not without its drawbacks. Attention will be paid to them.
  • It is a common situation that many owners find themselves in when the Stihl chainsaw does not start and floods a candle. This is usually attributed to the formation of a leak in the oil used to lubricate the chain. The same happens for the reason that over time, the area where the hose of the oil pump and the oil tank is joined loses its former tightness.
  • In principle, this problem is solvable, however, in order to do everything correctly, you need to take into account the design of the chainsaw in question. By itself, this process provides for certain nuances, first of all, it is necessary to disassemble the unit, and without this it will be impossible to get to the required place.
  • For many owners of this saw, the question is, why does the Stihl 180 chainsaw not start? Experts give the following recommendation on this matter: the first thing to do for those who have encountered a similar problem is to open and then close the lid located on the gas tank. There is another solution. You need to remove the candle and let it dry. You can also create the effect of artificial ventilation for the combustion chamber. Most often, these recommendations are enough to bring the device back to working condition. However, this does not always help to restore the operation of the Stihl chainsaw.
  • If there is a spark, but attempts to start the chainsaw do not lead to anything, then in this case you need check petrol supply, air filter, and then make sure the spark plug is working. Such manipulations must be done for the reason that most often such malfunctions are caused by contamination of the breather. And if a plug forms in it, then, naturally, a vacuum environment will be created in the gas tank, because of which the fuel will not flow. A similar problem can be solved quite simply, for which it is enough to remove the dirt using a needle.
  • Some owners face this problem when the saw itself starts, but immediately starts to stall. Look for the cause of the saw not starting in the carburetor. Most likely, he managed to clog up and therefore does not allow the tool to work correctly.
  • To make sure that the breather is not the cause of the malfunction, and it is in working order, you must first disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor, and then find out if there is a fuel leak.
  • Keep in mind that it is natural for a properly functioning chainsaw to have dense and stable stream of gasoline. In addition, it is often possible to observe a situation when the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start hot and immediately stalls at the same moment or after a while. Usually a similar malfunction is associated with a muffler. Most likely, it has accumulated a lot of deposits associated with long-term use of the tool, which is usually accompanied by the formation of exhaust.
  • At the same time, the saw may stop starting if the tool chain is poorly lubricated. This can be facilitated by channels with a plug, or the reason should be sought in an oil pipe that has a leak.
  • A serious problem can be leaks in the connecting pipes or at the installation site of the oil pump fittings.
  • There are cases when the Stihl 180 chainsaw begins to stall due to a failed cylinder. To make sure whether this is really so, it is enough to conduct an inspection. If, as a result of the examination, you find irregularities and chips, then this is a clear sign of breakage.

Defective spark plug: troubleshooting methods

  • Sometimes during the check it is possible to find out that the problem lies in a faulty spark plug. In this case it is removed, then allowed to dry. Some owners may try to ignite it, but this should not be done, because otherwise this element will be damaged and after that it will only be necessary to throw it out. During troubleshooting, you will have to remove excess fuel by draining it through a special hole.
  • You also need to keep in mind that the drying time should be at least half an hour. After completing a similar operation, you can return it to its place, and then test it in action.
  • In some cases, the candle may fail due to develop your resource. Usually, when this is confirmed, the only option is to find a replacement for it. In this case, it does not hurt to have a spare candle, or even better, when you have a whole set of such elements at hand. In this case, you can always put a new plug instead of the existing one and make sure if the broken plug is the cause of the breakdown.
  • At the same time, the inability to start the chainsaw can be caused by poor contact, provided by the high voltage wire and the end of the candle. The problem with starting the chainsaw may be due to the failure of the ignition unit. In such situations, the only solution to the problem is to replace the faulty unit, since it is not repairable.

Main characteristics

The saw in question can be considered a compact option, because its weight is only 3.9 kg. At the same time, it has a large oil and fuel tank. The device helps to perform its working functions by a two-stroke engine, the power of which is sufficient for solving simple tasks. In addition to this, during operation, this instrument does not generate strong noise, the level of which does not exceed 98 dB. For ease of understanding, it suffices to say that human speech creates noise at the level of 76 dB.

  • The Stihl 180 chainsaw has a power of 2.6 watts. In principle, this is sufficient, bearing in mind that we are talking about a tool for household use.
  • The capacity of the oil tank is 0.145 l, the fuel tank is 0.25 l.
  • The tire is designed to measure 350 mm with a pitch of 0.325 inches.

3/8 ″ P Picco Micro 3 (PM3) 1.3mm

This model belongs to the comfort class, and is intended for professional use on lightweight and compact chainsaws. The chain is characterized by high performance, comparable to standard performance, while at the same time reduced kickback, which is achieved due to the low profile. There are several design options:

  1. 3/8 ″ P Picco Micro 3 (PM3), 1.3mm, 50 Links;
  2. 3/8 ″ P Picco Micro 3 (PM3), 1.3mm (51);
  3. 3/8 ″ P Picco Micro 3 (PM3) 1.3mm (55);
  4. 3/8 ″ P Picco Micro 3 (PM3) 1.3mm (56).

Stihl chains overview: marking, purpose

All Stihl chains are marked so that they can be identified and identified for which chainsaw models and types of work they are intended.

The name of the chain model must indicate its length (number of links), pitch and width. The type is also indicated. Type is an internal brand name, thanks to which the company’s specialists can determine the type and shape of the cutting tooth, the dimensions of the link and connecting elements. The designation can be complete, or it can be abbreviated in capital letters, for example, a Picco Micro 3 chain, abbreviated as PM3.

An ordinary user, in principle, does not need such information, since in order to choose the right headset, it is enough to know the characteristics of the chainsaw, the planned volume and types of work.

For the convenience of choosing, the Stihl website has an electronic consultant who automatically generates a list of chains suitable for a specific model of chainsaw.

The service is convenient and straightforward, but it has one big drawback, you can select chains only for Stihl chainsaws. If you have another chainsaw, you will have to search by characteristics and name, which is not very convenient, since the list of models is quite large.

Reasons for the rupture of the saw headset

Sometimes, while using a chainsaw, the headset may break. This phenomenon is not common, but it happens from time to time. There may be several reasons, the first and the most common is severe wear. In the process of work, the edges rub against the tire, as a result, the metal is gradually erased and the chain, not withstanding the load, breaks.

The second reason is the untimely replacement of the drive sprocket and the guide bar or their replacement separately. According to the recommendations given by the manufacturers, the saw headset, the bar and the drive sprocket should be changed as a set. This will prevent wear, stretching and tearing due to increased stress.

Third, this is a marriage when sharpening with a special sharpening machine. The disc of the machine rotates at high speeds and if the depth of the groove is set incorrectly or, for some reason, the working stroke of the machine increases, then a fraction of a second is enough to cut the edges of the connecting link. If, after sharpening, you do not control its quality and the presence of cut links, then during operation under load, the cut link may break.

The fourth and last one is the defect in the rivets. A common cause for chain breaks is improper connection or reuse of connecting links. If your cutting attachment is torn, information on how to connect the chain will be very useful.