Stihl 180 Fuel Consumption Per Hour

Stihl 180 Fuel Consumption Per Hour

In a private house, it’s quite difficult to do without a chainsaw. It helps to prepare in sufficient quantities of solid fuel for the heating season, and also allows you to care for the garden, timely pruning of trees. Model saw Stihl MS 361 possesses all the necessary functionality for this. Therefore, it will be an excellent assistant to the owner of the house.

Stihl 361 chainsaw device

The work of the chainsaw is based on the use of a gasoline engine running on a mixture of gasoline and 2-stroke oil. A saw chain with a guide bar is used as the working body of the saw.

The design of the saw is manual. There are 2 handles for holding the saw. For the front handle provides shield protection, acting as a chain brake. The Stihl 361 model is perfect for use in winter, because the handle has built-in heating.

The design also provides a gear stop, which does not allow the device to jam in a tree in a state of stress.In addition, the design has a host of other important modules, in particular:

  • Carburetor locking device;
  • Carburetor setting screws;
  • Gate of a choice of an operating mode;
  • Decompression valve;
  • Plug for spark plugs;
  • Chain tensioner;
  • High-speed chain tensioner;
  • Muffler;
  • Locks for oil and fuel tanks;
  • Fuel and starting levers;
  • Lever lock.

Specifications of Stihl MS 361

The engine cylinder capacity of the Stihl 361 chainsaw is 59 cm3. Over, the inner diameter is limited to 47 mm. The engine piston stroke is 34 mm, and the device power is 4.6 hp, which is 3.4 kW in terms of recalculation.

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The fuel system is equipped with a 0.685 liter gas tank, and the chain lubrication system has an oil tank with a volume of 0.325 liters.

The total weight of the structure depends on the design. In the basic configuration, it is 5.6 kg. The model with the additional marking C weighs 100 grams more, the model with integrated handle heating weighs all 5.8 kg.

The Stihl MS 361 saw is compatible with various sizes of saw tires, including 37 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm.

Appearance of the Stihl MS 361 saw

Stihl 180 Fuel Consumption Per Hour

Fuel consumption of the Stihl 361 chainsaw

The fuel consumption for a Stihl 361 chainsaw depends on the intensity of use of the device. Under normal conditions, a full tank of fuel is enough to work for 20-30 minutes. It should be borne in mind that when using the handle heating in the winter, the consumption increases slightly.

The fuel mixture is prepared at the rate of 1 part oil and 50 parts gasoline using branded oils manufactured by Stihl. When using oils from other oil manufacturers, twice as much is required, i.E. 1 part of oil will need 25 parts of gasoline.

Saw Stihl MS 361 at work

Stihl 361 chainsaw reviews

EgorI have had this model since 2002. How many forests fell with her. I can’t count it. My native tire still works. Last 2015 I replaced the carburetor. I didn’t even clean it with ultrasound. In the same year, the rubber power hose burst from old age to the carburetor, through the clamps and iron pipes, I put inside what was at hand from auto parts. I do not remember the pushing stars anymore how many I changed. But 3-4 years go if she constantly works, very high-quality consumables. The saw is very pleased. Everything works without loss of power. At one time, she did two or three timber trucks a day for her. Awesome machine.Very reliable. Like all Styles, it keeps idling over the years. The air filter is very well made.AndrewFor a lumberjack, this is a legendary tool, a kind of how you yourself know that for many armies of the world. A good ratio of power and mass, lightness and ease of maintenance, strong, reliable.In my 12 years of forestry, a couple of dozen 361 Calm passed through my hands. All worked with dignity. In addition to minor repairs and replacement of consumables, I do not remember the problems. And I have something to compare. The saw is more reliable than the 440, 461 and many Husvarns. However, I still bought a saw bought in 2006 in my working condition. On it in 2010 I changed the needle in the carburetor (stupid wear), she sawed off at least 300 cubic meters of firewood with 25-30 cm blocks of wood. At one time, this saw helped me repay loans in construction.I didn’t find the flaws, because I compared the saws of 2005 and 2015 and was stunned. The model has not changed at all over 10 years of production. For 10 years. It turns out there is nothing to improve.At the moment I have 7 Stihl 361 MS saws purchased in the month of October last year. They work every day, each one has a one-year warranty. One saw was given to the Stihl Center, a carburetor was produced, but everything was fixed, there were no problems with the rest.TimurThe saw is just super. The main advantage is its high power, it allows you to cut wood with the thickness of the entire tire. It’s fast and clean. The main thing is to maintain the sharpness of the chain and the cleanliness of the oil path. It is very convenient to clean the air filter. To unscrew a candle too quickly and conveniently. Also convenient plugs of the gas tank and oil tank. There were no problems with the saw factory. In the summer, I don’t even close the throttle completely on a cold saw. Just turn on the ignition and pull the starter several times.The disadvantages could include a lot of weight, but for its power the weight is normal and the saw is perfectly balanced.Great power, ease of use, reliability, low vibration. Low fuel consumption