Stihl 180 Fuel Hose Replacement

Despite the many varieties of modern building materials, wood remains the most sought after. In this regard, chainsaws are in great demand among forest fellers, owners of their own houses and summer residents.

Among the huge variability of the model range, the most popular among both amateurs and experienced foresters, Stihl 180 chainsaw has remained for many years, which is distinguished by simple maintenance, repair and maintenance. Stihl was founded more than 9 centuries ago and began the production of gasoline chain saws back in 1926. Thanks to many innovations, unpretentiousness and durability, the tools of this manufacturer are in demand on the world market of woodworking equipment.

The main types of breakdowns and methods for their elimination

Before starting work on the diagnosis of faults and their elimination, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools.

Stihl 180 Fuel Hose Replacement

General view of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw with the main components

Due to the fact that the chainsaw is a relatively simple unit, the list of accessories includes the following items:

  • A set of flat and Phillips screwdrivers;
  • Open-end wrenches;
  • Candle key;
  • Socket set with knob
  • The multi-tool Stihl.

Multi Tool Stihl

In order to qualitatively eliminate the occurring breakdowns and restore operational indicators, it is necessary to establish as accurately as possible the failure preceding the failure of the unit. Based on the fact that the chainsaw is equipped with an internal combustion engine (ICE), the main causes of breakdowns should first of all be sought in the power unit.

Before starting work, it is necessary to turn off the engine, allow it to cool and exclude the possible start of the chainsaw. To protect the fingers, it is recommended to wear cotton gloves.

The most common malfunctions when repairing a Stihl 180 chainsaw include:

  1. The engine does not start;
  2. Intermittent operation of the motor, during short-term operation of the chainsaw spontaneously stalls;
  3. Oil leaks near the chain lubrication mechanism;
  4. The engine does not develop full power.

Frequent breakdowns of the transmission part of the saw include breaking chain links. You can independently restore its integrity by riveting links or replacing it with a new one.

Despite the relative simplicity of the design and the absence of complex mechanisms, experts recommend performing a troubleshooting in a certain order. First of all, the presence of the mixture in the fuel tank is checked, and if everything is in order with the liquid level, it is necessary to proceed to the inspection of the chainsaw launch unit. If this mechanism is also in a normal state, it is necessary to check the operability of the spark plug.

After the manipulations to diagnose the candle (determining the presence or absence of soot, the correct gap between the electrodes, the condition of the o-ring), we turn our attention to the carburetor. Due to fine sawdust, dust and soil particles, the fuel system is often clogged.

If the cleaning of the carburetor of the stihl 180 chainsaw did not help to restore the previous working capacity of the unit, the cause probably lies in the cylinder-piston group (CPG). The power unit refers to the most complex mechanism of the tool, the diagnosis of which requires almost complete disassembly.

Fuel system problems

The first step in diagnosing a fuel supply system is to check the level of the fuel mixture in the tank.

The main components of the fuel system of a chainsaw 180 Stihl

Even if the owner is confident in the presence of gasoline, this eliminates the vacuum created by clogging the bypass valve. It is designed to optimize the pressure in the tank at a fuel consumption. For the convenience of cleaning the breather, chainsaws use a regular medium-sized sewing needle.

When inspecting the fuel system, you should pay attention to the integrity of the nozzles, the tightness of which may be compromised by mechanical damage or prolonged operation of the unit. Sometimes the cause of leakage of the mixture and, as a consequence, the engine is not working correctly, results in wear of the rubber gaskets and primer (suction button). In this case, to repair a Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands, you need to purchase a repair kit of gaskets and replace them.

Malfunctions of the trigger and ignition mechanism

The cause of the malfunction of the chainsaw of this model may be the inoperability of the ignition system and the engine start unit.

General view of the ignition of a chainsaw 180

If there are no deviations when measuring the clearance between the flywheel and the module, pay attention to the spark plug.

Stihl 180 chainsaw starter assy

Having dismantled the candle from the shaft, we measure the gap of the chainsaw candle between the central and side electrode. If it is excessive (more than 0.7-1.5 mm), a spark can occur periodically, and if it is minimal (less than 0.7 mm), it may be insufficient for optimal ignition of the fuel mixture.

If gas enters the combustion chamber, and a mismatch in the ignition system has not been identified, the carburetor could be a likely cause of failure. This unit is designed to mix fuel with air and feed them into the cylinder. After dismantling the carburetor, we clean its channels and jets using universal means.

It must be remembered that the carburetor consists of many small parts, and therefore its dismantling, disassembly and cleaning require special care.

After diagnosing the ignition system of the Stihl 180 chainsaw and restoring it, we proceed to the search for problems in the power unit, namely in the cylinder-piston group of the saw.

Chainsaw engine breakdown

During operation, the details of the cylinder-piston group of the saw fail due to friction, high temperatures and loads. If at startup the tool does not develop full power and stalls idling, a possible malfunction may be a breakdown of engine parts. To disassemble the power unit, it is necessary to unscrew 4 bolts and remove the cylinder. The owner needs to carefully inspect his inner work surface for chips, nicks and cracks.

Even the slightest damage to the “mirror” of the cylinder can adversely affect the compression of the chainsaw engine and its performance.

Cylinder-piston group Stihl MS180 chainsaw

When diagnosing ICE, we also make a visual inspection of the piston and compression rings. Made of duralumin alloy and cast iron, respectively, they are more exposed to abrasive stresses, unlike a steel cylinder. In case of breakage and excessive wear of the piston rings, they must be replaced.

If a visual inspection shows ovality of the working surface of the cylinder, it will be necessary to bore it. To do this, measure its diameter to a larger size, select a piston and perform subsequent machining.

Failures in the chainsaw lubrication system 180: causes and repair

In the process of sawing wood, the cutting part of the tool is subjected to high loads. In order to reduce friction and subsequent wear on the chain, the Stihl is equipped with a lubrication system that gradually supplies oil to the tire. The rapid loss of cutting properties by the teeth and the absence of traces of lubricating fluid may indicate leakage or clogging of the nozzles.

Stihl 180 chain lubrication principle

First of all, when diagnosing the chain lubrication system for the ms 180 chainsaw, we pay attention to the oil supply hoses and their fixation points. Damaged nozzles cannot be repaired, and therefore should be replaced. Oil channels can be cleaned with compressed air. For these purposes, we use a compressor or a conventional automobile hand pump.

Due to its simplicity of operation and repair, the chainsaw of this model has received wide recognition among professionals and amateurs in the field of woodworking.