Stihl 180 Ignition Gap

Candle manufacturers: a review of the best

In addition, well-known manufacturers of chainsaws produce candles themselves.

Quality spark plugs are produced by the following manufacturers:

  • Husqvarna;
  • Champion;
  • Stihl;
  • Patriot.

Stihl 180 Ignition Gap

These are the most famous brands, but the list is incomplete, many chainsaw manufacturers produce spark plugs themselves.

Therefore, when the question arises what to choose: a cheap option or an expensive one, for example, Husqvarna or Champion (they are about the same for the price), it is better to opt for quality.

What is the resource of candles

Spark plugs are consumables, that is, they obviously have a shorter service life than a chainsaw. Technologically, the service life of a spark plug for chainsaws is considered to be 100 hours. After this period, it is recommended to change it. In practice, this period can be significantly higher or lower. Above under the following conditions:

  • When working, high-quality gasoline and oil are used;
  • There was no critical overheating of the engine and overheating of the spark plug;
  • The gap is correctly set, normal electric arc (spark);
  • Preventive measures were taken: “zero” cleaned the contact between the central and side electrodes, removed contamination inside the candle.

On the contrary, low-quality fuel, overheating, pollution reduce the life of the plug. Incorrect gap causes an arc that is too long or too short to burn out the electrodes faster (electric welding effect).

All you need to know about chainsaw candles

Chainsaws use electric spark plugs for two-stroke engines. Similar or completely similar candles work on lawn mowers, gas generators, small motor pumps and other devices with a small two-stroke internal combustion engine.

How to assess the condition of a candle visually

The first sign of a candle failure can be detected immediately, without even unscrewing it from the cylinder. A dark band on a white insulator just above the turnkey iron hexagon. This means that the spark plug has lost its tightness, and the combustion products break through to the surface. Such a candle must be replaced immediately and without options.

Break of the central electrode

Among normal candles, such a defect is extremely rare, that is, almost never. It means that the candle just fell apart, and it was made unknown where and how.

The center electrode is a solid copper rod embedded in an insulator ceramic. During the operation of the chainsaw, there are no loads and forces that can somehow stretch or press on this rod. That is why it is necessary to try hard to make the spark plug so that its central electrode breaks off.

We recommend reading an interesting article on what to do when pouring a candle on a chainsaw and what to do.

Depressurization of a candle

In addition to igniting the fuel, the spark plug performs another passive function. It ensures the tightness of the combustion chamber, without which working compression is impossible and, in general, normal engine operation. Depressurization is indicated by the appearance of a dark band on the insulator, as mentioned above.

Depressurization occurs exclusively with mechanical failure. That is, the plug insulator could crack or even fall apart. A prerequisite for this can be both manufacturing defects and extreme operation with severe overheating and sudden cooling. For example, when working in severe frost, the candle first gets hot. The engine is turned off, the spark plug cools down sharply. If the cycle repeats, the insulator may not withstand.

The same can happen if water gets in or on impact.

High voltage wire

Next, check the spark plug wires. They can often run in such a way that many bends are observed. In those places, the wire can be damaged, while it looks perfect. Next, inspect the spark plug cap of the ignition wire. There should be no brown coating on it. If there is one, it means that the spark is not firing in the right place, but in all parts around the ceramic insulator. The cap can also be damaged. Cracks, chips. The check must be carried out carefully, because due to the damaged insulating layer, you can get an electric shock.

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Chainsaw ignition. Device, circuits, malfunctions.

The chainsaw ignition system is a whole complex of elements with the help of which a spark appears when the engine is started. It is needed in order to ignite the fuel and bring the engine into a state of full-fledged long-term operation. The main element of the ignition system is the spark plug, which must be ignited whenever the engine is in the desired cycle. And although the system is reliable and well thought out, sometimes it needs to be repaired, so the user needs to know how his chainsaw works, and what he can do to repair its ignition system.

Chainsaw ignition module (coil) problems

Husqvarna chainsaw ignition coil

The switch and the ignition module that regulates its operation can often fail. The coil may also be faulty. If all elements of the ignition system are in good order, but there is no spark, suspect the module and the coil. And the problem of a malfunction of these elements is that it is impossible to repair the module or fix part of the coil. They need to be replaced. Of course, if possible, it is better to put the module from some old saw and see if this is the case. After all, you can elementarily make a mistake at some stage and suspect what actually works.

You should not trust all kinds of testers. They often show false information about the health of the ignition system. Only diagnostics with another module or coil will be valid.

If the electronic module is bad, there is such a symptom: as soon as the chainsaw heats up, a very weak spark is emitted. Also, after refueling, the unit may not start. This is due to the fact that the coil or module gets very hot, their resistance increases, so the spark weakens.

If there are breakdowns in the ignition system, and there is no experience in repairing them, you should not try to repair everything yourself. Elementary things, such as checking the integrity of a candle or wires, can be carried out at home, but more complex diagnostics, and even more so, the replacement of units should be carried out by professionals. And then you can be sure of the quality of the work performed.

Ignition device for chainsaws “Ural-Electron 2 T” and “Druzhba”

The engines of the Ural-Electron 2 T or Druzhba chainsaws, as well as the Taiga-214-Electron, have a slightly different ignition system. So, there are used

Electronic magneto of contactless type. That is, they do not have a mechanical contact breaker.

What does it mean? The induced current is generated by a high voltage transformer. over, its primary winding is connected in series with the thyristor through the charging winding, capacitor diode, and also the control winding. Due to such a complex system, current passes through the thyristor only when a certain electric potential comes to it.

As soon as the thyristor is open, the capacitor is discharged to ground. While a large pulse current flows through the primary winding, the secondary creates a large inductive voltage, which causes a spark on the spark plug. That is, due to the thyristor and the control winding, the operation of the contactless breaker takes place, which has high reliability, since it has no wearing parts.

How the ignition of a chainsaw works. Spark plug

Most often, breakdown occurs due to the spark plug. It is worth checking if the insulator is damaged and the electrode is not worn out. They check the entire candle for integrity and the absence of defects. This is the integrity of the wires from the coil, and the presence of insulating material, etc.

If such actions were unsuccessful, pay attention to the fuel supply air filter and the functioning of the spark plug. If, in your opinion, the problem was caused by a malfunction of the carburetor, then the chainsaw purchased with a guarantee is best returned to service immediately. This is due to the fact that it is quite difficult to disassemble it yourself.

Modern systems

Modern systems are equipped with chips that handle all of the above problems. A method for self-tuning the ignition timing, depending on the engine speed and the power transmitted to the cutting element. At the same time, fuel is not significantly saved due to electricity. In addition, it is much easier to start the saw, regardless of weather conditions.

The chainsaw itself has become simpler and more efficient and does not require expensive repairs. Ignition coils made with modern technology and new materials are literally timeless.

In addition to everything that is read here, it is provided for complete acquaintance with the material.

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I bought a Stihl chainsaw, it almost didn’t work. Just me renovation. Does not work.

Overview of fault detection with multimeter

How to replace the starter cord

Quite often, the starter cord needs to be replaced due to a break. Let’s see how it can be replaced without contacting a service center.

It is quite simple to remove the starter from the Stihl 180 chainsaw, without even removing the handle block, for this you need to unscrew the fastening screws and remove the oil and fuel tank caps. After that, slightly lifting and expanding the starter, remove it from the seat.

The starter cord is wound on a special drum that is installed in the body of the part. To replace the cord, there is no need to remove the drum, just remove the torn cord and wind a new one.

After the cord is wound on the drum, it is necessary to pass it through the starter housing and, having installed the handle, fix it with several knots made one after another. Next, the working stroke of the starter is checked, and if everything is in order, the part is installed in place.

, which shows how to replace the starter cord yourself can be seen below. The wizard comments in detail on all stages of replacement, starting with removing the starter and ending with installation.

How to Adjust the Ignition of a Stihl 180 Chainsaw

How to install the ignition on a chainsaw

In this review presented to your attention, we will try to solve a problem that many owners of a chainsaw have. In the process of using such a tool, the user may encounter a situation in which it is necessary to correct the ignition timing. Over time, the breaker can fail, the coil also does not last forever, although it serves a lot more and it is rather difficult to disconnect it. So let’s figure out how to put the ignition on a chainsaw.

The control key of the Stihl 180 chainsaw has broken. How to fix

Frequent breakdown of the Stihl chainsaw, which happens through the fault of the operator, is a malfunction in the engine control mechanism. precisely, when the seat for the control lever breaks off due to its design features, to solve this problem, it will be necessary to replace the saw body, which is quite difficult to do on your own. Consider the do-it-yourself repair algorithm, according to which the chainsaw body is replaced:

  • The body is released from the handle block;
  • The starter is removed, for this, the covers are removed from the fuel and oil tanks and the starter mounting screws are unscrewed;
  • Further, through the spark plug hole, a piston stopper is installed in the cylinder, the flywheel is unwound and removed from the engine shaft;
  • The drive sprocket is removed and the clutch is unwound;
  • Two nuts are unscrewed by 8 mm, holding the air filter housing and the carburetor, the modules are removed from the seats;
  • In the next step, 4 screws are unscrewed that hold the motor on the body. Special bushings are mounted in the body of the Stihl 180 chainsaw at the place where the engine mounting screws are installed, which can independently fall out and get lost.
  • The last moment is the removal of the oil pump, rubber elbow of the carburetor and the fuel and oil tanks.

Install parts in a new housing in the reverse order. In parallel with the elimination of the main malfunction, you can check the rubber elbow of the carburetor, a part that has exhausted its resource and has lost its elasticity must be replaced.

How to adjust spark plug gap?

Ideally, this is done using a template that you can choose from:

  • Purchase;
  • Make it yourself using dense plastic.

Ideally, the gap between the electrodes should be about 0.5 mm. Try to fix the fasteners tightly before removing the template, but do not overdo it so as not to inadvertently break the fragile parts located with this assembly.

Varieties of candles

There is no such thing as universal candles. They differ among themselves in a number of parameters:

  • Body geometry;
  • Thread diameter;
  • Thread length (length of the shirt, as the craftsmen call it).

There are also concepts such as “warm” and “cold” candle. A high glow number indicates that the plug is cold (it does not absorb the heat from the combustion chamber as efficiently), a low glow number indicates that the plug is hot.

When replacing a candle, purchasing a new spare part, the easiest way is to look for one that corresponds to the parameters declared by the manufacturer (these parameters are indicated in the instructions that accompany the tool). If for some reason you do not have access to the data, conduct a visual inspection of the candle, remove the parameters, including the number (glow) indicated on it.

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At the moment on the modern market you can find candles produced under the brand name Champion, Stihl, Brisk, Bosch, Oregon, NGK, there are also certain options that are suitable for models released by Partner, Husqvarna, Stig, AL-KO, Oleo-mac , Wolf Garten, Mc Culloch, etc. In doing so, do not forget that you need to know the gap on the chainsaw plug.

To remove the required parameters, you need to dismantle this element. It is easy to unscrew it using a spark plug wrench, which is standard part of the power unit configuration.

Candle inspection, problem identification

Before installing a new plug, make sure that the problem with the appliance is related to this particular part. First, take a look at the thermal insulation cone and electrodes. Their appearance will tell you a lot about the operation of the engine and the quality indicator of the fuel mixture.

If you changed the spark plug recently, inspect the above units for serviceability, check if the spark plug gap on the chainsaw is set correctly. A careful examination of the main components of the unit will allow you to extend the operating life of the tool and give you the opportunity to save personal funds.

You may have chosen the wrong plug for your saw when you last replaced it. If the body of this part is covered with a dark oily layer, this indicates that the plug is too cold for your tool (not suitable for the engine).

Dark carbon, but dry, may indicate a cold plug that is not suitable for your saw’s engine. The same “symptom” appears during intensive use of the device at idle speed or at low speed in the operating mode.

And how to understand that the selected spark plug for the chainsaw engine is too hot? The cone of the part will be dry, almost white, without a hint of traces of oil (only sometimes traces of melting can be noticeable). This may also indicate that the candle was installed incorrectly.

If the candle is selected correctly (and installed also correctly), there will be no traces of melting or carbon deposits on its cone. Plaque brown or gray (light shades) can be considered the norm, which indicates that this node functions without problems.

What is a spark plug and why change it?

The part itself is responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture. It is necessary to change the plug when there are problems with the motor (it works, but is unstable), this procedure is necessary even when the tool just stops starting.

It is also recommended that you replace the plugs for Husqvarna chainsaws and other brands of powertrains every 100 hours of operation. This is a consumable spare part that wears out due to:

  • The use of low quality oil (electrons, lateral and central, will be covered with black carbon);
  • A poorly tuned carburetor or a broken starting system (because of this, fill the candle with a fuel mixture);
  • The carburetor is out of order (fuel will not flow to the spark plug, fuel will not be ignited, which causes a problematic engine start of the tool).

Chainsaw spark plug: what gap and how to choose?

A chainsaw consists of many components that are important for the functioning, including a spark plug. This small part needs to be replaced periodically. You can replace it yourself. Usually, for this it is enough to use the universal instructions that are suitable for all models of the power unit. But before looking for instructions, you will have to purchase a new spare part. Not sure which chainsaw plug to choose? This and other information is available in this article.

How to clean candles?

Pay attention to cleaning the spark plug (an important step in tool maintenance, as well as the gap correction). With intensive use of the unit, this procedure is carried out weekly. Otherwise, it is enough twice a year (before the start of winter operation and summer season).

Partner chainsaw plugs, like Champion plugs, parts of other models and brands of tools, are ideally cleaned chemically. They are degreased with a solvent or acetone, and then dried (in the summer in the sun, and alternatively on a stove burner). Then the candle is treated with a 20% solution of ammonium acetate (hot liquid). If necessary, clean the candle using a nylon or metal brush. Finally, the part is washed and dried.