Stihl 230 How To Distinguish A Fake

A wide range of Stihl chainsaws has been replenished with another brand. Stihl МС 362. The model that has quickly gained popularity has become popular in all areas of activity, both among forestry specialists and in individual use. High traction forces successfully combined in one mechanism along with the same high efficiency have amazed even professionals.

Scope of application

The STIHL MS 362 chainsaw meets all the requirements for professional medium power tools. Created specifically to carry out various work in the forestry, it successfully copes with the AL-KOY forest, pruning, knots. In all areas where wood sawing is required, Stihl 362 is successfully used in individual farming.

Stihl 230 How To Distinguish A Fake

To cut firewood for the winter, to dump interfering or old trees in the garden or in the country, to cut branches in the formation of the crown of the tree. Everything is subject to this saw. You can use it in construction. Trimming of protruding wooden elements is instantaneous. True, a reservation must be made here. It is not rational to use this saw in construction for trimming trifles. For these purposes there are lower chainsaws. But if it is not possible to purchase a second saw specifically for the construction site, then the Stihl 362 will successfully cope with all such problems.

Saw among workers of housing and communal services enjoys success, especially when refining parks and squares. In other repair works, she also finds worthy application.

Thanks to its positive qualities, the Stihl 362 chainsaw is widely used in all areas of the national economy, including individual ones.

Distinctive features

The STIHL 362 chainsaw has a 2-MIX engine. This gave considerable advantages in comparison with old modifications:

  • Improving fuel economy;
  • Reduction of harmful gas emissions;
  • Reduction of oil consumption for chain lubrication;
  • Convenience in handling the saw.

These and other positive aspects made it possible to make the chainsaw the most demanded in comparison with others.

Profitability. Saw STIHL MS 362 in operation consumes 20% less fuel in comparison with its counterparts on which a traditional series engine is installed. This is already a tangible saving of your budget.

Conservation of ecology. Due to the reduced fuel consumption, the emission of harmful exhaust into the atmosphere is significantly reduced. In digital terms, it reaches 50%.

Chain oil consumption can also be reduced to 50%. This is achieved by the fact that the supply system to the oil circuit doses its amount depending on the type of wood. Saving chain lubrication also has a positive effect on the budget.

Convenience in the use of a saw. There are several of them. This enlarged filling opening of the fuel tank, the possibility of opening it without the use of a special tool, and other innovations in the design make the saw easier to handle.


Improved specifications attract attention when choosing a saw.

Engine capacity 2-MIX 59 cm³. Its distinctive feature is the possibility of more economical fuel consumption. This is achieved by changing the process of purging the combustion chamber. The combustion of the fuel mixture due to its turbulence occurs completely.

Stihl 230 How To Distinguish A Fake

With a fuel tank volume of 0.6 liters, the capacity of the oil tank for chain lubrication is reduced to 0.325 liters. The reduction in size allowed to increase the strength of the mechanisms of the entire engine as a whole, which positively affected the durability of the saw.

Significant changes have been made to the anti-vibration system. The installation of metal springs and rubber dampers significantly reduced the vibration of the engine and working handles.

To extend engine life, the design of the air filter has been improved. Air enters the filter through a pre-treatment system where all large particles (dust, sawdust) are deposited. By the way, thanks to this, the service life of the filter itself also increases.

The carburetor of the engine is equipped with a special compensator, thanks to which all engine operating parameters are maintained at the same level, regardless of the contamination of the air filter.

The chain brake operates in both manual and automatic mode. This creates additional comfort for the worker and at the same time increases his safety.

The starter is equipped with a damper, which smoothes out the resulting shock at the start of the engine, making the start itself smooth and soft.

The weight of the Stihl MS 362 chainsaw along with refueling fluids is 5.9 kg.

Chinese fake

It is often quite difficult for a simple buyer to distinguish a fake from the original. Nevertheless, there are still distinctive features. It’s just that not everyone knows about them. The main ones will be primarily the serial number of the product.

One sign of a fake is a hole in the saw bar. It is located in the leading sprocket area. On the original it is missing.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the spark plug. If it is the same as in the photo, before you again is a fake. Stihl does not release candles.

DIY chainsaw repair

Despite the fact that the characteristics of the chainsaw deserve all praise, sometimes there is a need for its repair. Such a situation arises from improper operation of the unit, violation of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Stihl 362 chainsaw is part of the line of professional tools. This suggests that it is a high-quality mechanism designed for severe operating conditions. The estimated life of the unit reaches 2000 hours, which allows it to be used up to 10 hours a day. It is easy to imagine that a mechanism with such operational parameters is characterized by precise assembly and adjustment.

It becomes clear that there is no point in repairing the chainsaw yourself, especially if the warranty has not expired. In most cases, after a do-it-yourself repair, owners have to turn to specialized services. It’s good if they manage to restore working capacity there, but there are times when specialists shrug.

At the same time, minor repairs, or rather replacement of “consumables”, can be done independently.

For the apparent simplicity of the repair, sometimes there are minor nuances, without knowing about which it is impossible to restore the operability of the mechanism. Therefore, any repair is recommended to be done in specialized workshops.

Provided that you have the skills to perform locksmith work. For example, you can replace the broken starter spring yourself. Installing a spring is a fairly simple operation. How this is done. You can find out by watching the



Chainsaw Stihl 362 won widespread appreciation from workers in various fields of activity. Powerful and at the same time economical engine made this tool easy to use, and the designers took care of the convenience of handling it. The instructions for use of the saw describe in detail the methods for extending the durability of the product and its safe use.