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Diagnostics of the STIHL MS180 chainsaw chain lubrication (software)

Spare parts STIHL 180 Do-it-yourself repair of the STIHL ms 180 chainsaw. The chain is not lubricated.

You can remove problems without the help of others, as it is also called, under the guidance of professionals.

Principle of operation

The main unit of the system is the pump. The principle of its operation is as follows. With an increase in engine speed, a gear mounted on the main shaft drives the pump shaft through a worm gear. In turn, the rotation of the shaft creates a certain pressure in the oil line, which forces the oil to move along it towards the tire.

The end of the oil channel is located at the point of contact of the tire with the tool housing, where there is a longitudinal groove, on which, when the tire is installed, its oil channel falls.

The groove is necessary to ensure the supply of oil to the tire, regardless of the degree of chain tension of the chainsaw. Simply put, no matter what position the tire is in at the time of operation, oil will get onto it through the groove.

Further, a chain is included in the lubrication process, on the links of which, depending on the model of the chain, there is either a groove or a hole through which the oil is accelerated throughout the tire. With an increase in engine speed, the oil flow rate also increases.

Some models of chainsaws are equipped with pumps that additionally have a flow rate adjustment, and if necessary, the amount of oil supplied by the lubrication system can be increased or decreased.

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This function is quite convenient, as it allows you to save money and not waste extra oil.

Individual malfunction of the lubrication system STIHL MS 180

In view of the fact that the STIHL MS 180 is one of the most common models of chainsaws, I would like to dwell on one inherent only malfunction and describe a way to eliminate it without replacing parts.

Quite often, on the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw, there is a depressurization of the oil line in the place where the oil line from the tank is installed in the saw body. The malfunction can be determined by the characteristic grease leaks on the bottom of the tool.

To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to remove the chainsaw handle, remove the hose from the bore, clean and degrease. After all these manipulations, apply sealant to the seat of the hose and install it in the body of the chainsaw.

For more information on troubleshooting and full diagnostics of the lubrication system of the STIHL chainsaw, you can find out by watching the video, which shows step by step the process of disassembling and repairing the lubrication system.


After it has been determined that oil is not being supplied, further diagnostics is possible only if the oil system is completely removed. Of course, changing the filter helps in some situations, but this is very rare.

Access to the oil pump of some saw models is possible only after complete disassembly, therefore, without the skills to repair gasoline-powered tools, it is better to entrust the repair to professionals.

Features of the accounting lubrication system and the choice of oil

Fuel tanks are matched exactly to the volume. With the highest output, it is allowed to choose components with a small amount of oil.

Probable prerequisites for the lack of fuel

Oil may not flow to the chain only if there are 2 breakdowns. These include:

  • air leaks;
  • breakdown of the oil pump drive.

The main reason for the breakdown is air leaks. This can happen due to the depressurization of the oil hose during the operation of the chainsaw. Under such circumstances, the hose must be removed from the hole. This must be done in the area where it is connected to the crankcase. Then the hose sits on the sealant and is set to its normal position. If this did not help, most likely, elasticity was lost. For the upcoming operation of the chainsaw, it is purposeful to change the hose.

The second reason is a breakdown of the oil pump drive. In the common people, this part is called a worm. When the drive fails, the oil will stop flowing to the chain. The oil pump drive is a round plastic ring with grooves inside. The constant introduction of the chainsaw leads to wear of the internal parts, and as a result, the iron hook inside the drive is chipped. After this breakdown, oil stops flowing to the chain.

Repair of the oil supply of the STIHL 180 chainsaw

Every year, technology becomes more sophisticated, which greatly simplifies the work of modern workers. New and improved models are constantly appearing on the market. Why is he pouring a candle in a chainsaw. For the last disassembly of the STIHL 180 chainsaw. But at least any tool requires appropriate care. The STIHL 180 chainsaw is no exception. In this article, we will talk about how to properly repair this tool.

Self-help troubleshooting feature

A full-fledged independent repair of chainsaw chain lubrication, under all equal conditions, requires knowledge of the interaction of all elements of the system, the availability of tools and locksmith skills.

Stihl Chainsaw Chain Oiler Not Working? Check This First To Fix Oiling Problems!. Video

Restoring the operating parameters of many chainsaws involves the partial or complete dismantling of the accessory equipment. To carry out complex repairs, it is better to use the capabilities and technical potential of service workshops.

Parts with stripped threads and damaged spline joints, as well as non-separable structures that complete the lubrication system of popular STIHL 180 chainsaws and other models of the same type must be replaced.

If, when the tank is filled, oil does not enter the headset structure, the reason should be sought in the pump itself. Dismantling and disassembling the mechanism will help identify faulty parts and eliminate the malfunction by replacing them.

Checking the system for oil output and performance

Contamination of the oil filter manifests itself as a significant decrease in pump performance. It is not difficult to check this parameter. To do this, hold the headset of the saw operating at working speed over a clean sheet of paper.

By the density and size of the oil strip, one can confidently judge the state of the system and the complexity of the upcoming repair.

There is no definite answer to the question why the repaired lubrication system works, but oil does not go to the chain in the right amount. The reason for the failure may be mistakes made during assembly, failure of standard adjustments, discrepancy between the density and viscosity of the selected composition to the declared characteristics.

Oil starvation of the headset is possible when installed on a household saw with an unregulated pump of a longer productive tire, which is equipped with professional-grade chainsaw equipment.

STIHL 180 oil supply repair

STIHL 180 repairs to the oil supply should be carried out when you see that your chain is dry. Look closely at the oil passages and clean them thoroughly. Channel clogging occurs quite often.

The gears of the pump drive of budget chainsaws are mostly polymer. Proprietary variable capacity models, advanced in terms of technical equipment, are equipped with drive mechanisms made of non-ferrous metals. The cost of such systems is compensated by an economical, up to 50% consumption of working fluid.

Signs of a malfunctioning lubrication system

The correct choice of consumable lubricant and flawless operation of the system contribute to full lubrication, effective cooling of the saw equipment and full depletion of its resource.

There are several external signs that the chain on the chainsaw is not lubricated. First of all, these are:

  • constant oil level in the tank;
  • increased engine load;
  • accelerated wear of the cutting edges of the saw links;
  • characteristic smell of overheated wood.

In the simplest version, the cause of oil starvation can be the clogging of oil channels with sawdust. This drawback is typical for budget headsets that do not have convenient access to problem areas.

Repair of the STIHL 180 chainsaw

In order to carry out the repair correctly, you need to deal with the internal mechanism. This rule applies to any instrument. Let’s take a look at the more popular challenges that can arise when working with a chainsaw.

1.Owners are often faced with oil leakage, which is usually used to lubricate the chain. It is necessary to remove the flywheel of the STIHL 180 chainsaw carburetor from the chainsaw. This may be due to poor tightness at the connection points of the hose from the oil tank and the pump.

To remove this problem, the tool should be completely disassembled. Then you need to check the connections and, if necessary, change the hose to a high-quality analog.

If you cannot get a new hose, you should remove the old one and degrease the landing site and the hose itself. Then you need to install self-tightening clamps, which firmly ensure the tightness of the connections. This approach will solve this problem.

In addition, it is recommended to check and clean the oil filter.

Which chain fits STIHL MC250?

The saw can be fitted with chains for crosscut (“regular”, low profile, victorious or carbide, reinforced) or rip sawing.

What is the pitch of the chain? These saws fit 3/8 ” chains.

For example, on a 14 “tire, you can put an Oregon:

  • 91P050E (91P050ER) Xtraguard (household / low profile / break-in chain);
  • 91VXL050E (91VXL050ER) Low Profile (household / professional / hardened tooth);
  • M91VXL050CR Multi-tool for abrasive media (sprayed / hardened tooth / reinforced).
  • 91P055E (91P055ER) Xtraguard (household / low profile / roll-in);
  • 91VXL055E (91VXL055ER) Low Profile (household / professional / hardened tooth);
  • M91VXL055CR Multi-tool for abrasive media (sprayed / hardened tooth / reinforced).

You can also purchase a chain in the bay. This is Oregon number 91P100R (low profile / household / break-in); 91VXL100R (professional / household / hardened tooth).

For sharpening chainsaws, the Oregon 558488 kit is suitable.

for chains for MC 250 start at 550 rubles and depend on the type of chain, its length and other technical characteristics.

Which tire fits STIHL?

On the STIHL MC 250, tires from 12 to 18 inches or from 30 to 45 centimeters with a groove width of 1.3 mm are installed, it should also be noted that the groove width is directly proportional to the kerf width and depends on the size of the teeth.

The saw will fit 12-18 “(30-45 cm) narrow shank Oregon tires: 140SDEA074 14” Double Guard SDE; 140SXEA074 14 “Pro-Am SXE; 160SDEA074 16 “Double Guard SDE; 160SXEA074 16” Pro-Am SXE.

These are analogues of the STIHL brand tires, which are definitely not inferior to the original. It is worth trying both to decide which is best for you and your use case.

Oregon combo sets are also available: 543482 (tire 140SDEA074 2 chains 91P050E), 543484 (bus 160SDEA074 2 chains 91P055E).

Which sprocket fits on the STIHL MS 250 chainsaw?

Oregon sprockets are suitable for this saw: Consumer Spur 3/8 (91) ref 100962X; Powermate 3 / 8-7T art 523046X.

Which oil is suitable for STIHL MC 250?

For STIHL MC 250, semi-synthetic oil for 2-stroke engines of chainsaws and lawn mowers Oregon 60425R (90720S) is suitable. Oregon 60145R (90844S) oil is suitable for chain lubrication.

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