Stihl 361 Carburetor Adjustment

Advantages and disadvantages

The creators of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw position it as a universal professional-level tool designed for effective use in forestry technologies and the construction of wooden structures of any complexity.

The advantages of this model are successfully combined:

  • Rich experience in operating the previous branded assortment;
  • Affordable price level for a wide range of potential buyers;
  • High performance;
  • Power and torque reserve of the power unit.

Confirmation of these properties is the high level of consumer confidence in Stihl chainsaw products and the consistently high demand for the entire list of proposals.

Over the entire period of operation, no significant flaws in the saw design have been identified.

Despite the professional status, the cost of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw is very reasonable. You can buy a tool that is unique in performance and operational reliability in the central regions for an average of 37 thousand rubles.


Stihl saw model MS 361 is equipped with a compact and economical carburetor engine with a working volume of 59 cm3 and an output of 4.6 hp.

The power unit is equipped with modern air purification and vibration protection systems, as well as an effective exhaust silencer of 115 dB. Saw autonomy is increased by increasing the volume of the fuel tank to 0.69 l.

ModelStihl MS 361
Manufacturing (assembly)Germany
The birthplace of the brandGermany
Engine volume, cm359
Power, h.P. (kw)4.6 (3.38)
engine’s type2-stroke, gasoline
Chain pitch, inches3/8
Chain thickness, mm1.6
Fuel tank volume, l0.69
Oil tank volume, l0.33
Tire length, cm (inches)45 (18)
Number of links66
Warranty, years1
Weight, kg5.6
Instructions Download

Chainsaw Stihl MS 361. The reliable assistant of an experienced craftsman

The professional chainsaw tool of the Stihl brand, known for the reference quality of its products, does not need special advertising. The popular Stihl MS 361 chainsaw demonstrates high performance, efficiency and reliability in difficult and extreme operating conditions.

Based on the popular MS 360 model, the universal tool is designed for large-scale logging and sawing operations, longitudinal and transverse cutting of construction timber, creation of wooden elements of landscape design.

Photo: Stihl MS 361 chainsaw

Benefits of modernization

Professional saw Stihl MC 361 successfully combines in its design a classic layout with the introduction of the most modern technical solutions.

  • Along with the standard operating properties for its class, the advantages of an economical power unit with vortex formation of a fuel mixture are used.
  • The design of the spring vibration damper has been improved, which significantly reduces the level of low- and high-frequency vibrations of the tool in different operating modes. This model is equipped with an adjustable oil supply to lubricate the cutting chain.
  • The saw is equipped with the Ematic system and the QuickStop emergency brake, which stops the movement of the chain in a split second in the event of an emergency.

The advantages of this model are optimized operation of the engine with a 4-channel cylinder, the presence of an accelerating primer pump in the fuel system, an electronic ignition system controlled by a built-in microprocessor.

High standard of operational reliability

The improved saw model MC 361 is distinguished by a more perfect and ergonomic design, stability of idle speed and operating modes, quick set of maximum speed, economical consumption of gasoline-oil combustible mixture.

With qualified service, the number of failures and malfunctions of this model for the amount of work performed is minimal. The situation when the engine does not start is most often a consequence of poor care, savings on fuel quality, or gross mistakes made during operation.

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Working device

This assembly includes a 45 cm long quick release guide bar made of wear resistant low friction metal. The longitudinal one and a half millimeter groove serves for laying and holding the cutting chain in idle and working modes. Chain wear in 3/8 ” increments is compensated by adjusting the tensioner.

To prevent overheating and accelerated wear, the chain and bar are lubricated with oil, which is supplied in a metered volume from a built-in reservoir with a volume of 0.325 l.

Chainsaw “Stihl” 361. Specifications and features of use

Chainsaws “Stihl” 361 are distinguished by their reliability and durability of operation, they are considered the quietest among other models of chainsaws. In addition, Stihl brand saws are the most purchased in the world. The Stihl 361 chain saw is easily transformed into other Stihl brand tools using functional attachments, for example, an angle grinder, ice ax, sander, boat motor, plane, ice ax, etc.

Attention, fake!

There is also sad news: every technique that is in demand with the consumer, after a certain time, becomes overgrown with falsification. Fakes come to us from China and, although they bear the brand’s logos, they do not at all correspond to the declared (expected) quality. Fortunately, knowledgeable people have even learned to visually recognize the substitution.

They are ready to share this information on the Internet, but we will describe these signs in the article.

Let’s start with the case:

  • Casting is rough, porous, low-quality;
  • Body color is dull;
  • The air filter screw is located on the top of the chainsaw. Instead of the intended end position for the original product;
  • The shape of the caps of the fuel and oil tanks is also different: for the original saw, the caps are made for a screwdriver included in the kit, for a fake they are simple, slightly convex;
  • Serial numbers are completely missing;
  • The chain brake is attached on one side, when the original “Stihl” MC 361 chainsaw has a two-way fastening.
  • A fake chainsaw has a simplified carburetor without a built-in compensator:
  • Non-original spark plugs are used without corresponding Stihl brand logos.

And the last check is the price. How much can a Stihl MC 361 chainsaw cost? It is important to remember that the Stihl brand is an expensive brand, which means that the original Stihl MS 361 chainsaw cannot be cheap! In the domestic market, the price can vary from 36 to 46 thousand rubles.

The history of the company, the difference between the original and the fake

The German company Stihl was founded by Andreas Stihl in 1921 in Germany. The first chainsaw of this company was released in 1929. The unit weighed about 48 kg and was operated by two operators. Stihl engineers continued development aimed at improving this unit. Over the long period of its existence, the first model of the chainsaw has greatly changed and decreased in weight, and also received many useful additions:

  • The chainsaw chain was equipped with special cutting and scraper teeth;
  • The system of automatic supply of lubricant to the chain was put into operation;
  • Received a centrifugal clutch;
  • Installed the first membrane-type carburetor;
  • The gasoline-powered tool received special sprung mountings for the handles that protect the operator from vibration during operation;
  • Stihl chainsaw was equipped with additional protection, which served as a chain brake.
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Description and characteristics of the chainsaw “Stihl” МС 361

Chainsaw Stihl MS 361 is a professional tool used in gardening for caring for fruit trees, no less in demand in landscape design, used for fuel preparation, with functional attachments in construction and the national economy, can also be used for felling. The standard chainsaw weighs 5.6 kg. Shtilevsky carburetor two-stroke engine with a declared power of 4.6 liters. From. Starting is done with a manual starter. Integrated decompressor for an easier start.
Contactless ignition.

The diaphragm carburetor is equipped with a compensator that optimizes engine speed and ensures more complete combustion of fuel, and therefore cleaner exhaust. The engine speed control in the carburetor is factory-set, but the idle speed can be adjusted independently. For work in the cold season, heating of the carburetor and handles is provided. The muffler is equipped with a spark arrester. The carburetor is equipped with an accelerating fuel pump.

Side placement of the tensioning mechanism, the bar is attached to the chainsaw with 4 bolts, the chain tensioning mechanism is simplified and accelerated. Access to the asterisk is limited. The supply of oil to the chain is carried out pointwise in automatic mode. The Stihl MS 361 chainsaw can be fitted with tires ranging from 37 to 50 cm. Chain pitch ⅜ inch. To counteract jamming of the cutting unit in the wood, side stops are provided.

A special shock absorber system protects the vehicle owner from excessive vibration. In order to increase the safety of work, the manufacturer provides an inertial brake and a chain catcher (in case of an open circuit). There is a shaft bar.

There are several modifications of the Stihl 361 chainsaw:

  • Basic model MS 361;
  • Improved modification with heated handles MS C 361, its weight increased to 5.8 kg.

Chainsaw “Stihl” 361 specifications

Correct adjustment of the carburetor of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw

Stihl chainsaw carburetors have their own history. In 1958, Stihl developed the world’s first Flieger diaphragm carburetor, with which the chainsaw can operate in any position, even upside down. Over time, only such carburetors began to be used on all chainsaws in the world.

Standard adjustment

The manufacturer of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw in the Operation Manual (page 37) recommends the following carburetor adjustment algorithm:

  • Turn the high speed adjusting bolt H clockwise until it stops, but no more than 3/4 of a turn.
  • Turn the idle speed adjusting bolt L clockwise until it stops. Then unscrew counterclockwise 1/4 turn.
  • Start the engine and warm up for 7-10 minutes.
  • The idle speed is then corrected by adjusting the stop screw LA with the engine running. It is screwed in clockwise, increasing idle speed, until the chain begins to move. Then the screw LA is unscrewed back 1/2 turn.
  • If, when adjusting with the LA screw, it is not possible to correctly adjust the idle speed (the engine stalls or the chain turns), they are corrected with the screw L. It is unscrewed by 1/4 turn. Then continue the adjustment with screw LA, unscrewing it counterclockwise until the chain stops. Then in the same direction for about 1/2 turn. But so that the engine does not stall at idle.

In addition to the manufacturer’s recommendations, there are practical points for adjusting the carburetor.

Stihl MC 361 chainsaw carburetor adjusting screws

How much is the carburetor for the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw

Today there are at least four types of carburetors for the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw on sale.

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They cost from 1600 to 6400 rubles. On foreign sites. About 41.

What carburetor is installed on the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw

The Stihl MS 361 chainsaw has a modern C3R. S 236 diaphragm carburetor with a built-in fuel pump. Manufacturer. Stihl company. When assembling its chainsaws, Stihl does not use parts from other manufacturers, for example, Walbro, as many other brands do. The Stihl MS 361 carburetor is well thought out structurally, economical, ensures stable engine operation at any speed.

Step-by-step adjustment algorithm

Make sure the air filter is clean before adjusting. If it is clogged, there may not be enough air for complete combustion of the fuel mixture. Therefore, the engine does not work correctly. Perhaps adjustment is not required, but the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

They remove the filter and try how the engine works without it. If ok, the problem is in the filter.

The presence of carbon deposits in the spark arrestor grille and muffler is also checked. If the exhaust gas outlet is difficult, the engine also does not work correctly and the problem is not in the carburetor setting.

Device and principle of operation

The Stihl MS 361 chainsaw carburetor consists of 42 parts, including gaskets and mounting screws. Main nodes:

  • Housing with air and fuel supply channels, storage chamber;
  • Diffuser;
  • Jets;
  • Air and throttle valves;
  • Membrane;
  • Manual fuel priming pump (primer).

Fuel from the gas tank enters the carburetor, is sprayed there, mixed with air, the resulting fuel-air mixture is fed into the combustion chamber. A mixture with an increased m of gasoline is called a rich mixture. If there is more air and less air, the mixture becomes leaner. The mixture composition is adjusted with the adjusting screws. The carburetor is considered a complex device, because it ensures the operation of the internal combustion engine in three different modes. Cold start, idle and at maximum speed.

After starting in the combustion chamber during operation of the internal combustion engine, a vacuum is formed into which the fuel-air mixture is automatically sucked.

At idle, the throttle valve is closed, the flow of the mixture is limited.

When the throttle handle is pressed, the throttle valve opens slightly, the mixture supply and the engine speed increase.

Accumulating tank out of habit is sometimes called “float chamber”, although there is no float in membrane carburetors.

In the full throttle position, the throttle and choke valves are fully open. Gasoline intake in this mode is controlled only by a calibrated hole in the high speed jet. The adjusting screw H during adjustment can reduce or increase the flow of gasoline through this hole. Screws L and LA adjust idle and low speed.

Appearance of the carburetor of the Stihl MC 361 chainsaw

Stihl 361 Carburetor Adjustment