Stihl Chainsaw How Much To Pour Oil Into Gasoline

Proportions of oil and gasoline for chainsaws

How much oil to add to gasoline for a chainsaw is indicated, first of all, in the instruction manual for the tool. If you have forgotten what the proportion of oil and gasoline should be, you can always open the instructions and update your knowledge. If the instructions are lost, then this material will help you. For starters, it is worth noting that there are several options for mixing oil materials with fuel. Choosing any one, it is worth noting that the main criterion for each is the correctness of measuring the components. Only the exact observance of the proportion of oil and gasoline will allow achieving the fuel mixture of the required technical qualities.

Stihl Chainsaw How Much To Pour Oil Into Gasoline

One of the most common proportions is 1:50. This means that 1 liter of gasoline must be diluted with 20 ml of oil. Such a recipe for preparing a mixture is relevant for tools whose power exceeds 1.5 kW. This option is one of the most popular, so if you have forgotten the exact proportions for your instrument, then you can always focus on the first option.

The second option provides for a ratio of 1:25. Mixing 1 liter of gasoline with 10 ml of oil is recommended by Chinese manufacturers for their tools. For tools whose power does not exceed 1.5 kW, it is recommended to pour oil in the amount of 25 ml per 1 liter of gasoline. Each manufacturer’s chainsaws have their own restrictions, and recommendations for preparing a fuel mixture, which are recommended to be followed. The above are two main options that are universal.

It is important to know! An excessive amount of the oil mixture in the fuel is also negative, since this will lead to a reduction in the engine resource due to increased shock loads on the cylinder and piston, and will also entail the formation of carbon deposits.

Not everyone knows what kind of gasoline to pour into the chainsaw. This is also indicated in the technical documentation for the chainsaw. In modern saw models, it is recommended to pour fuel of a grade not lower than AI-90, that is, AI-92 or AI-95. And it doesn’t matter who the tool manufacturer is, China or Europe. Professionals recommend using AI-92 gasoline, since 95th in most cases is produced from 92 by adding additives. If you know for sure that this is really pure 95, then it is better to use it.

Many craftsmen continue to pour gasoline of grades lower than AI-90 into modern models of chainsaws, as it was allowed to do this for outdated models of tools: “Friendship”, “Taiga” and others. This is not recommended.!

What oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain depends directly on the model of the tool. Stihl branded saws and the like produce special lubricants that are intended only for use in such tools. Recommended oils can also be found in the technical documentation. When choosing a lubricant, it is necessary to pay attention that it is necessarily intended for two-stroke engines. Oils for mixing with gasoline and for lubricating chains differ in composition, quality and purpose. You cannot mix them, as this will accelerate the failure of the instrument. Recommended oil brands for two-stroke engines:

Step by step instructions for refueling

If you want to refuel your chainsaw, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

Why add oil

At the heart of any chainsaw is a two-stroke internal combustion engine. This is one of the simplest mechanisms, consisting of one cylinder and does not have a separate lubrication system. The technology is such that the lubricant must enter the cylinder along with the fuel mixture, settle there, and lubricate the cylinder walls, piston rings, etc. The simplicity of the design of the tool has many advantages, among which the main one is the ability to carry out repair work on the engine and component parts independently.

Diluting gasoline that is poured into the chainsaw is required in order to extend the life of the tool. It is imperative to dilute fuel with chainsaw oil, and if, for some reason, you forgot to do this, then the operation of the tool is absolutely contraindicated.

It is important to know! Chainsaws do not have a special oil tank, which would be used to lubricate the rubbing engine parts, as on cars. This is due to the simplest design of a two-stroke motor. The present tank for oil in chainsaws is designed to lubricate the chain and bar during the operation of the tool.

Saw refueling algorithm

The gasoline / oil mixture is best prepared in a 2.5 liter plastic bottle if you have to refuel the tool frequently. If you need to prepare fuel for just a few fillings, then it is better to use a smaller container. It is definitely recommended to acquire measuring containers, this will allow you to maintain the exact proportions of both liquids. Most oil manufacturers offer such measuring devices.

Initially, fuel is poured into the container, and then oil is added. It is imperative to take into account that there must be enough space in the container to thoroughly mix the fuel mixture.

It is important to know! It is categorically contraindicated to prepare the fuel mixture directly in the tool’s gas tank.

After preparation, it is recommended to store this mixture for no more than 2 weeks. It is recommended to shake the mixture thoroughly with each refueling. If you are not sure that all fuel will be used up, then it is better not to cook it in large quantities.

Gasoline and oil for chainsaws. which is better

Often beginners ask, which one is better to take gasoline for their instrument? In order not to make a mistake in choosing, it is recommended that you read the instructions for the tool. In the instructions, each manufacturer indicates the corresponding brand of fuel. If the manufacturer indicates that the octane number should not be lower than 95, then it is not recommended to pour 92 gasoline.

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Motor oils for two-stroke engines are produced by the following manufacturers:

Usually, the ratio is indicated on the lubricant bottle, so it will be difficult even for beginners to get confused with the preparation of the fuel mixture. Do not under any pretext use working off even as a chain lubricant. This will lead to the fact that soon it will be necessary to repair the tool.

What will happen if you pour working off into a chainsaw

If you do not want your chainsaw to fail at the wrong time, use only high-quality fuels and lubricants. It is forbidden to mix working off with gasoline. The reasons for this are the following factors:

  • Other viscosity of the material, therefore, mining is not able to provide effective lubrication of rubbing parts and mechanisms
  • The mining contains small particles of metal and shavings, which, getting into the tank, will cause clogging of the fuel filter and channel. If the grease enters the cylinder along with small particles, they will leave their mark in the form of accelerated wear of the piston rings.
  • Emitting a lot of black smoke, indicating oil burning

It is impossible to pour surrogate materials not only into the gasoline tank, but also into the chain lubrication tank. What happens if you use the working out in the chain lubrication tank can be seen on.

Using the instructions, you can independently prepare the correct fuel mixture on which the chainsaw will work. If the fuel mixture is diluted incorrectly, not only will the tool life be reduced, but also its performance will decrease.

Chainsaw oil to gasoline proportion. The proportion of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw: how to dilute

All modern chainsaws are equipped with a two-stroke engine. Its long and trouble-free operation directly depends on whether the proportion of oil and gasoline is correct for the chainsaw. The variety of brands of tools and the features of each of them are the reason that this procedure is not easy for most novice users of chainsaws.

Choice of oil for chain lubrication

In addition to the motor, for which all the proportions of oil and gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw have already been found out, there is another important part, consisting of many moving links. the chain. For its lubrication, not motor oil, but chain oil is used. It has completely different properties and is cheaper.

For a new tool, only oils from the manufacturer are used, which are recommended in the instructions. Otherwise, if the saw breaks down, it will be removed from warranty service due to non-compliance with the operating conditions. It should be noted that the oils from the manufacturer are of really high quality. After the end of the warranty period, you can use any engine oil, changing it twice a year.

Chainsaw Stihl 180 oil supply repair

The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is an indispensable tool for logging and other wood construction work. It is one of the most acclaimed gardening devices that comes with multifunctional features.

The tool weighs about 4 kg. The power reaches 1.5 kW and the busbar length is 35 cm.

Note that from a semi-professional device for this model of the saw got electronic ignition and a fairly fast chain tension. In addition, the STIHL MS 180 saw has 2 tanks for gasoline and an oil mixture.

Reduced vibration is one of the main features.

This result is achieved thanks to 4 shock absorbers. It’s no secret that high depreciation has a detrimental effect on human health and in Europe they have been fighting it for a long time.

It should be noted that it is not advisable to disassemble this saw on your own without special instructions, in this case it is better to entrust the device to the masters.

Oil supply repair. What to fill with oil for chainsaw Stihl 180 (stihl 180)

  • Spend some money on original oil Stihl HP 2-stroke oil costs a little more, but cleaning is even more expensive.
  • High-quality fuel can also be poured into Mobile 1, and a three-phase one is suitable for lubrication, in no case fill in the workings.
  • From inexpensive options, mineral oil 15-40, in winter 10-30. You can M8, for example, or M10.

Remember personal safety when working with a chainsaw.

Remember that the quality of the oil being poured affects the operation of the chainsaw. Poor quality oil can cause inefficient tool performance and adversely affect tool parts.

To ensure that the STIHL MS 180 oil pump delivers oil without difficulty, periodically check and clean the pump. So the oil supply process will be normal.

Carburetor STIHL MS-180

The STIHL MS-180 carburetor is equipped with one idle adjustment screw. Full load jet is not adjustable, i.e. it cannot be changed.

You need to know the basic rules for adjusting the idle speed:

1) check the air filter, if necessary, change it;

2) check the spark arresting grille, if necessary, change or clean it. Then you can turn on the engine and then warm it up.

STIHL MS 180 oil supply repair

The owners of this model of the tool should be prepared for the fact that they may face such an unpleasant moment as a leak of oil for lubricating the chain. Oil can leak out while working with the tool and even when just lying down without action.

What is the reason for this phenomenon? The fact is that oil leaks due to leakage in the area where the hose from the oil tank and pump is connected.

In order to solve the STIHL MS 180 oil supply problem, it is advisable to disassemble the device.

Solution to the problem:

  • Check the hose, if it is damaged, then replace it with another one. Or try to degrease the hose and rinse, and put on a sealant, everything should work.
  • Check the filter oil for breakage, clean it (if you filled in the waste)
  • There may also be a clogged zapune, this creates a vacuum in the fuel tank and affects the fuel supply. The problem may be in the adjustment of the carburetor and the channels, or the air filter, may be clogged, you need to thoroughly clean the filter and carburetor channels.

In general, the main problem is due to poor oil.

It is not recommended to pour oil into a chainsaw that is not intended!

Carburetor repair STIHL MS 180

Repairing a STIHL MS 180 carburetor is a difficult process. Note that during repair, the risk of abrupt changes in the cylinder-piston group is practically absent.

If the chainsaw does not start, then follow these steps:

1) open and close the gas tank cap;

2) it is advisable to remove the candle and then drain;

3) ventilate the combustion chamber.

If after this there were no positive results, then it is better to check the condition of the air filter, the process of supplying gasoline and the functioning of the plug.

This problem is associated with the valve (blind man), which is clogged, and as a result, a vacuum is formed. To eliminate this inconvenience, you need to clean the valve (blind man) with a needle.

Check the filter systematically, if the muffler is clogged, the device will not be able to deliver the power that is built into it.

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If the chainsaw was purchased with a guarantee (as a rule, there is no other option), immediately hand it over to the service.

Thus, the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is very convenient to use, has good ergonomics and a number of significant advantages.

How the saw works?

In order to properly understand why gasoline for a chainsaw is diluted with oil, you need to understand the device itself.

First, the chainsaw is powered by a two-stroke engine. That is, in fact, the device is extremely simple in nature. an internal combustion engine and gasoline. However, as a tool, the chainsaw is truly irreplaceable. Besides the engine, the saw consists of an ignition system, a fuel system, a clutch, a carburetor, an air filtration system, a starter motor, a chain, a tire, a chain brake, a tensioner and a chain lubrication system.

So, we figured out the device and the need to lubricate the parts of the chainsaw, now you can move on to the specifics. For the most effective lubrication, the correct fluid must be used. We will help you make your choice.

How to dilute gasoline with oil in a chainsaw

A chainsaw is a simple tool used by ordinary people, and horror villains and girls in musics. However, as soon as you face the professional use of this tool in business, the myths in your head are dispelled instantly. One of the nuances of its use is refueling with gasoline. Even in gasoline for Soviet motorcycles, they diluted with oil, in the same way for saws. If you are interested in why and how much to pour oil into gasoline for a chainsaw, then you can find the answers in this article.

How to choose your chainsaw oil?

In order to answer this question, you need to decide on the type of your device. For chainsaws that are used in the garden and construction industry, diluting gasoline with oil is an indispensable procedure that increases the efficiency and life of the device.

So, what factors should be guided when choosing?

The season in which the saw is used is also important when choosing oil for your chainsaw. For example, when operating in subzero temperatures, even the highest quality oil may be ineffective due to crystallization. Therefore, the instrument must initially be adapted for use in such weather conditions. For example, it will not be superfluous to be able to warm up the carburetor during operation. If the saw is also stored in an unheated room, then it must be warmed up before use.

Many are faced with a dilemma: which oil is better to use. mineral or synthetic? The synthetic version, as in the case of cars, is more expensive, but does not create carbon deposits inside the device.

The amount of oil in gasoline for a chainsaw

After the oil is purchased, it remains to decide the last question: how much oil and in what proportion should it be added to gasoline?

Let’s first look at the brand of gasoline that is most commonly used. This is unleaded gasoline AI-95 or AI-92. The specific proportion is most often indicated by the manufacturer of the chainsaw. The most popular proportion is 1 to 50. This ratio is considered optimal for saws with power from 1.5 kW. But besides this, there are proportions of 1:25 and 1:40 for Chinese chainsaws and for Panther, respectively.

Do not forget about safety precautions when preparing and filling the mixture. it is extremely flammable. Therefore, it is very unwise to prepare the mixture in advance. It is better to send all the hot cooked to the tank immediately. Remains of the mixture in the tank after work should not be stored for more than a few days. Drain them, and use up the remaining gasoline at idle speed.

We also recommend using a special container for diluting gasoline, preferably a canister with two necks for oil and gasoline. Plastic bottles are okay in principle, but they have a risk of static electricity, which can explode. Also, plastic bottles can sag in your hands and accidentally spill the mixture on your hands or saw.

Do not allow water or small particles to enter the mixture. Therefore, thoroughly rinse and dry the canister before mixing. Calibration of your container will also be a mandatory procedure. To keep the ratio of 1 to 50 ideally, make a mark corresponding to the volume 51. Respect the proportions. To add small amounts of oil, use a syringe without a needle. Store the syringe out of dust.

You can find special canisters and dispensers from leading brands that make the preparation of the mixture and its storage as safe as possible.

In conclusion, I would like to say that respect for work and work tools is the key to a successful craft. That is why the correct preparation and use of a mixture of gasoline and oil for chainsaws can be considered an indispensable procedure for a responsible employee.

What are the benefits of the tool? Firstly, long-term work with the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. Secondly, the stability and serviceability of the work. The latter should be of particular interest to the owners, because with the failure of the tool, time and unnecessary funds are lost.

What should be the mixture of gasoline and oil? To prepare it, you will need a container, unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92 and a lubricating fluid. In most cases, plain engine or gear oil will work, but the saw will be most effective when using the original oil. Dilute the mixture, and in a special washed canister, avoid the ingress of water and dry particles. Thanks to these rules, the chainsaw will serve you for many years.

Shelf life of the finished fuel mixture

Motorists know that it is not worth storing gasoline for a long time, and the finished fuel mixture deteriorates even faster. Mix the required proportions of oil and gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw before starting work. Manufacturers allow storage of finished fuel up to one month, and experts recommend reducing this period to 10 days. Immediately after mixing, the solution begins to lose its original properties and over time it becomes not at all of the same quality as it was prepared. Learn to prepare enough saw fuel to be consumed in one go. It comes with experience. The mixture should be stored in a gasoline-resistant, opaque, tightly closed container. For this, any canisters made of plastic metal for combustible materials are suitable. And also use a container of oil or glass containers made of dark glass.

Chainsaw “Stihl”: which gasoline oil to use?

A number of manufacturers producing equipment also develop their own consumables that are adapted to the operation of a particular engine. So the Stihl company produces oil exclusively for its equipment. It is supplied with special additives that can compensate for the quality of the fuel, improving lubrication and cleaning of the fuel mixture. It should be noted that Husqvarna HP oil is universal and can be used for all chainsaws. It can be used at a temperature not lower than 10 degrees.

And also for two-stroke engines products of the following brands are used: Sadko, Kraissmann, Oleo-mac Prosint. If you use a Stihl chainsaw, how much oil per liter of gasoline should you fill? The ratio will be 25 ml of additive per liter of fuel. It must be remembered that there are oils for chains and motors. They are intended for different purposes and are not interchangeable. The use of chain oil for the preparation of a fuel and lubricant mixture leads to tool breakage.

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Which brand to use motor oil?

For each model, the manufacturer advises a list of materials to be used. It is better for the user to adhere to these recommendations, because the warranty does not cover tool breakage due to inappropriate fuel and lubricant. In this case, the owner pays for the repair of the chainsaw himself, which can be up to 80% of its cost. When you can’t follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, try to follow these rules:

  • Use oil only for 2-stroke engines.
  • Do not use after expiration date.
  • Do not add used oil with a large amount of impurity to gasoline, since the mechanisms of the tool may be damaged.
  • Chain lubricant cannot be used for fuel mixture.
  • It is preferable to use synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, which are more expensive than mineral oils, but do not form harmful deposits.

What happens if you do not take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations?

In case of violation of the rules for the preparation of fuel and lubricant mixtures and non-observance of the proportions when adding oil to gasoline at a chainsaw “Stihl 180″; the following problems arise:

  • With an increase in friction, the wear of the working surfaces of parts will increase.
  • Insufficient lubricant will cause bearings to fail.
  • The full functioning of mechanical assemblies is disrupted due to premature wear of parts, their service life is significantly reduced.
  • When using low-grade gasoline and oils, the performance of the unit decreases with the subsequent breakdown of important components and parts.

The fuel is prepared before refueling the saw, avoiding excessive contact with oxygen. After finishing work, the remaining mixture must be drained.

How much oil to pour into a Stihl chainsaw

Any gasoline equipment will work properly only if the operating rules are taken into account and the fuel mixture is properly prepared. This feature also applies to chainsaws. How much oil per liter of fuel to use for refueling and how to properly prepare fuel, we will analyze in more detail.

The ratio of gasoline and oil for refueling a chainsaw

After choosing gasoline and oil for a chainsaw, you need to decide on their proportions that are required for breeding. The first mixture should have a grade not lower than AI92, AI95 is the best option. Let’s take a closer look at what the proportions of the oil product and fuel for a chainsaw should be. As a rule, vehicle owners use 20-50 ml of oil component per 1 liter of fuel.

The ratio of gasoline and oil for refueling a chainsaw

If the question is how much oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw with a low power, for example, 1.5 kW, then 25 ml per 1 liter of fuel is required. The high power saw mix is ​​prepared from 30-40 ml of oil product. For more information, see the instructions for use of the lubricant or not directly on the packaging.

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One of the important indicators of the durability of chainsaws and their high-quality operation is the correct observance of the ratios of the constituent liquids when preparing the fuel mixture. It is known that an insufficient amount of oil leads to excessive friction of parts and their rapid wear, and the excess leads to the appearance of carbon deposits and engine overheating. This article will discuss the proportions of oil and gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw. This is especially important for beginners who have just purchased a tool.

What kind of oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw?

For the manufacture of fuel consistency, a special oil for two-stroke engines is used. There are now a great number of them. But the manufacturers themselves, especially the harsh ones such as Stihl or Husqvarna, always write which oil to mix with gasoline for their chainsaws. They are produced under the same brand, therefore, for example, Stihl oil is suitable for Stihl saw, and Husqvarna is suitable for Husqvarna.

Representatives of the companies, with all this, claim that they do not know how the chainsaw will work with other oils, but they can definitely guarantee the proper operation of their own equipment when the fuel mixture for it is prepared on the basis of the product that they indicate in the annotations for operation. By the way, if a malfunction occurs in the piston group during the warranty period, you may be denied a free repair if it turns out that you added something other than what the manufacturer shows.

The masters from the services with whom I had to talk, praise all the same Stihl and Husqvarna oils.

Choice of oil for chain lubrication

In addition to the motor, for which all the proportions of oil and gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw have already been found out, there is another important part, consisting of many moving links. the chain. For its lubrication, not motor oil, but chain oil is used. It has completely different properties and is cheaper.

For a new tool, only oils from the manufacturer are used, which are recommended in the instructions. Otherwise, if the saw breaks down, it will be removed from warranty service due to non-compliance with the operating conditions. It should be noted that the oils from the manufacturer are of really high quality. After the end of the warranty period, you can use any engine oil, changing it twice a year.

How to choose the right mineral oil

Before diluting the gasoline with saw oil, the correct raw material must be selected. This will not only facilitate the process of its operation, but also increase the engine’s resource.

First of all, it should be noted that almost every model of gasoline saws is equipped with a carburetor 2-stroke engine. In their design, there are 2 separate tanks. for gasoline and oil. Domestic devices require the use of conventional oil mixtures, which are used for refueling motorcycles. At the same time, devices of a foreign brand require the use of exclusively branded oil for a chainsaw. If mixtures of a domestic manufacturer were used for this equipment, then its productivity will decrease and its operational life will decrease.

If we talk about what kind of gasoline to pour into the chainsaw, then it will be optimal to use fuel with an octane rating of A-95. As for the oil, it’s best to use a branded product.

Typically, technician users dilute chainsaw gasoline with a motor or transmission oil product. Each brand has individual characteristics that can be studied in the attached instructions. For example, the first option is used as fuel for Husqvarna instruments, and the Stihl saw is refueled only with the transmission.