Stihl Fs 55 Fuel Filter Replacement

Stihl Fs 55 Fuel Filter Replacement


A mower of 8 gas stations of 0.33 liters worked.In the service center, the case was not recognized as a guarantee, since there are badges on the piston. The carburetor has traces of corrosion and corroded gaskets due to the fact that it poured low-quality gasoline.Gasoline poured with “Gazprom Neft” which I drive.I am in shock. Thing for the second time use broke.

The lack of warranty.Weak design for a metal knife.Buyer fraud about a hard shaft.High vibration with both fishing line and with a metal and plastic knife.Inconvenient suspension system braids included.

Bought a couple of days ago. Over 8100. Options 55 (with a knife / fishing line). Put the knife down. I have on the site Ivanchai and what is stronger. He began to try on, and the only thing he noticed was that the length of the bar and the angle of inclination “cutting block” they allow you to work comfortably (when the scythe is balanced, the cutting block is parallel to the ground, the belt is over the shoulder, on the shoulder) with growth up to 170-172 cm. I’m almost 180, if I sit down a bit at all, it’s immediately better. He moved the handle, tipped it, lengthened the belt to the maximum, all one. I grew longer than required! But my mother (160 cm tall), as she saw the braid, took it from me and mowed it all day. I’m so tired of her, they say. Not where there! Plot 6 of 10 hectare mowed. 2.5 fueling the mixture.

Consider starting immediately, you just need the instructions (by the way, very well written) to calmly look at least.

In general, the emotions are positive, especially that I almost did not have to mow))) But I managed to make the foundation)))

Ps: after several seasons (now August 2017) I can only use once a week (there are a lot of herbs). Great model. I do not know if it is available for sale, but I definitely recommend it.

Until June 5, 2017, the rating was.

I arrived at the cottage, it’s time to mow, but there is one thing. Vibration. Dismantled the brushcutter completely with the barbell. The bolts were all outstretched. There is no sleeve on the clutch side in the rod or this sleeve has sunk deeply (it can also create vibration) I can’t say for sure. When I dismantled the brushcutter there was no flashlight at hand. Now the most interesting clutch, or rather the outer part, which has a longitudinal stroke along the shaft of about five millimeters, which is the cause of the vibration. The bolt should not be pressed in, but the gap should not be large. At first I thought that the bolt was loose, checked with a hexagon. It is tightened, we conclude the bolt is longer than necessary. Well, I’m a locksmith. I will do it. I will outline: the bolt is twisted with through the inner tetrahedron into which the drive cable is inserted, and the bolt is wider than the hole of the tetrahedron. A bolt is inserted, then a brass bushing, and then a snap ring. And in order to insert the bolt in short, remove the retaining ring, then pull out the sleeve, then pull out the bolt. But the snap ring is disposable, without holes for the ring puller, and I could not pick it up with a thin screwdriver or a thin knife. Since I don’t have such lock rings at home, and just do not have lock rings at home, I didn’t cut it. Gathered a brushcutter and went to mow on a vibrating brushcutter.

My mark: ? I do not recommend buying a Stihl FS 55 gas trimmer