Stihl Fse 81 Replacement Fishing Line

Stihl Fse 81 Replacement Fishing Line

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Electric trimmer FSE 81 AutoCut C6-2. It is a powerful tool with a soft anti-vibration handle, electronic speed control and motor overload protection. The unit is ideal for a homeowner with large lawn areas. The device is used for lawn care and mowing grass in small areas, mowing near curbs and clearing the area around trees, near paths and stairs. An electric motor with a power of 1000 W successfully replaces a gasoline engine and in general a well-balanced instrument is obtained. A flexible shaft is used as a drive for the mowing head. The loopback handle is adjustable in height, which provides comfort for the user. The unit is characterized by low noise and environmental friendliness.

Electric trimmer FSE 81 AutoCut C6-2 equipped with a support wheel that allows you to mow grass near trees, flower beds, borders. It prevents their damage, as the fishing line does not extend beyond the edges of the adjustable wheel. The tool is also equipped with an AutoCut C mowing head, which allows you to quickly replace the cutting line.

Features and Benefits of FSE 81:

  • Power
  • Soft anti-vibration handle
  • Electronic speed control
  • Motor overload protection
  • Flexible shaft
  • Height adjustable loop handle
  • Convenience and comfort
  • Low noise
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Autocut C mowing head
  • Support wheel


The circular handle of brush cutters and brush cutters is needed to work in tight spaces, for example, when mowing between bushes (see illustration).

For your safety, safety glasses are standard. They are well blown and have wide lateral protection (see illustration).

The soft handle absorbs part of the vibration and is extremely comfortable to grip.

This device for unloading the mains cable from tension does not allow the plug connector to accidentally disconnect when pulling the cable.

The support wheel protects the bark of trees and plants, as the cutting thread does not extend beyond the adjustable wheel.