STIHL grass trimmer stops when you step on the gas

Causes of power loss in the brushcutter. the lawnmower does not reach its full power

Grass trimmer, which has a gasoline drive. it is a useful thing for owners of household plots, lawns, and when the grass trimmer suddenly stalls, the work of clearing the territory from the grass stops. The device itself is a rather complex mechanism, so there are many different reasons for its failure. The most common malfunctions are listed in the operating instructions. Know the reasons why the grass trimmer stalls, you should know, in order to effectively perform the repair of the device yourself.

Malfunctions with the chain saw associated with the fact that this device does not start are classified in a certain way by service technicians. They distinguish malfunctions with the following parts of the machine:

  • engine, in which the piston and bearings can wear out or fail, the crankcase can crack;
  • fuel supply system, with possible filter clogging or carburetor problems;
  • Mechanical damage to leads, tubes, hoses;
  • Also can arise.

To correctly identify the node where the failure occurred, you need to pay attention to the circumstances under which the grass trimmer stalls.

When the throttle is depressed

If the lawnmower stops when you press the gas, the causes may be.

  • The most common variant is Misalignment of the carburetor, which occurs when there are significant loads on the actuator, after prolonged inactivity of the mechanism or when it is used in severe conditions.
  • Fuel valve plugging, which is eliminated by loosening it, as a result of which gasoline begins to flow normally through the system.
  • Loose and hanging cable in the carburetor. can also occur Stretching of the fuel hoseup to and including its rupture, caused by a significant load.
  • Breather plugging(of the check valve), that is why there is no fuel in the tank.

If the problem is related to the carburetor unit, you can recognize it by the appearance of vibration of the lawnmower

When the hose or cord breaks, these parts must be replaced.

The lawnmower stops when you press the gas

Lawn mower throttle key

As practice shows, in most cases the reason of engine stoppage is the carburetor adjustment, connected with long storage or operation of the tool in aggressive environment (temperature fluctuations, high humidity, dustiness), high loads or wear of separate parts. Among the characteristic signs of the need to adjust the carburetor can include increased vibration. If you have experience in repairing the fuel system of gasoline engines, you can fix the problem without much trouble, otherwise you can read the detailed instructions on tuning the carburetor.

Fuel cap hole (breather) of grass trimmer

The second possible reason for the grass trimmer to stop when you press the gas is a clogged hole in the fuel tank lid (breather). If fine particles of dust, grass and sand residue get into it, a vacuum is created in the gas tank, as a result of which the fuel stops flowing into the carburettor. You can clean the breather valve of the gasoline trimmer with an ordinary sewing needle and then blow it with compressed air. Specialists recommend cleaning the breather plug once every few mowing jobs. If it cannot be cleaned, the cover must be replaced.

Lawnmower fuel valve

With a similar problem, it is worth paying attention to the fuel valve, which, if clogged, ceases to pass the fuel mixture normally. The way to solve this problem is to loosen it with a suitable tool. Other problems with fuel mixture circulation may be caused by a clogged valve. For this purpose it is enough to blow it with a stream of compressed air.

Faults of grass trimmer

Lawn trimmer is a convenient and affordable replacement for a lawn mower. Its cutting part is made in the form of a fishing line, blades or a disk installed on a drum that is covered by a protective cover from above. The basis of the design is the boom, which is adjustable in height, on the end there is a convenient handle and a shoulder strap.

As any other technique, the grass trimmer can break down unplanned, and in order that the breakdown did not lead to the final failure of the tool, we suggest you familiarize yourself with this article. There are various reasons for the machine to break down. Breakdowns occur in new trimmers, as well as in those that have long been in use.

Failure of electric models

The reasons for the unexpected shutdown of the electric lawnmower are associated with a broken cord or a lack of current. In the first case it is recommended to check the cable for a breakage. To replace the power cord, you will need to unplug it from the outlet, open and remove the switch cover.

Before unscrewing the cable clamping strip? It is necessary to remember the scheme of its connection to the switch. To disconnect the cord, use a hexagon (diameter 1 mm). The clamp is released and the conductors are removed. To check the cable for breaks use a multimeter. If necessary, install a new power cord. The opposite sequence is followed.

In the second case it is advisable to connect another appliance to the mains. Electrical apparatus may not work if the fuse in the plug is damaged. To carry out repair work, you will need to disassemble the plug. A screwdriver and a tester are used for this.

Malfunctions of the motor occur when the lawnmower overheats:

In the first case it is advisable to wait a few minutes for the motor to cool down. In the second case, it will be necessary to remove the jammed object. Cooling system efficiency depends on the condition of the air filter.

Dirty device has poor air passage, which contributes to the shutdown of the machine. Specialists advise to clean and change the filter once in 3 months (in case of constant lawnmower operation).

If the electric motor breaks down, there is a corresponding smell and noise. In this case, the actuator will need to be replaced.

Engine vibration at idle, on a cold or warm engine: possible causes

Immediately note, there are many reasons for the appearance of ICE vibration, ranging from torn pads (supports) of the engine and ending with ignition skips and thrashing of the power unit. For a more accurate determination, you should first pay attention to one or the other symptoms.

The thing is that the vibration can be constant (regardless of the warm-up and loads on the unit), and appear in a certain mode of operation (idle or high revolutions, when cold or hot). Engine vibration may also occur when the engine is cold, but as it warms up, it completely disappears. Let’s look into it.

  • For example, if the engine has been recently disassembled for repair (perhaps a complete overhaul), then it is likely that the crankshaft was not properly balanced after reassembly. The result is a runout and increased vibration.
  • Also note that after the engine overhaul, imbalances and vibrations may be caused by the different weight of the parts of the cylinder-piston group. The greater the difference in weight, the greater the vibrations. For this reason, experienced craftsmen weigh the pistons, pins, etc. before assembly.д.
  • The reason for the vibrations is often that the engine has Trojit, which means that one or more cylinders fail or malfunction for some reason. As a rule, the elimination of the TNT cause automatically eliminates the vibrations of the power plant.
  • Do not forget that a timing belt or chain that is not aligned correctly may also cause vibration.The reason. the engine works unstable because of the wrong timing.
  • Many engines have special balancer shafts in their design, which are needed to “dampen” the vibrations. It is quite obvious that problems with these shafts will lead to increased engine vibration.

Engine mounts are one of the most frequent reasons of engine vibrations. In fact, they are a damper made of rubber on many cars to absorb vibrations. As is known, rubber dries and cracks with time, loses its properties as a result of technical liquids, etc.д. Most importantly, an engine with a damaged cushion cannot run smoothly.

  • If you’ve recently moved from one car to another, you should keep in mind that different engines may have different vibration loads. The number of cylinders, layout, and a number of other features affect vibration levels. In simple terms, a normal inline 6 cylinder engine can run with less vibration than a 4 cylinder and even more so a 3 cylinder engine. In this case, we are not talking about malfunctions, as for a particular engine, a certain level of vibration can be considered the norm.
  • Also add, to reduce vibrations, on the crankshaft of many engines is the so-called torsional vibration damper. If there are problems with the element, the engine will vibrate more.

As you can see, at the initial stage it is important to accurately determine the cause of increased vibration. or is it enough in most cases to replace the engine mount or to solve a problem with the engine that is causing the engine to skid. But it also happens that the power unit itself needs to be disassembled and repaired.

Repair of mechanical mowers is carried out if cutting elements get blunt or damaged. In this case, experts recommend dismantling the detachable blades themselves. To sharpen them an emery is used. If necessary, in battery models the battery is replaced.

Before repairing the lawnmower, the type of motor is determined:

Chainsaw cuts sideways

You may notice an uneven cut when sawing. Why the chain saw cuts crookedly? There are several causes:

  • Incorrect chain sharpening. Teeth are not properly angled or are sharpened on one side only. Correct sharpening is necessary.
  • Wrong type of chain. At very high RPMs there is even a 0.2-0.3 mm difference in pitch or kerf width is noticeable, that’s why the chainsaw cuts sideways. Proper chain must be installed.
  • Uneven wear on guide bar. Over time, the guide bar wears on one side and the chain then swings to the side. Turn the bar regularly so that wear is even on both sides. If wear is too severe, change guide bar.

Characteristics and possible causes. Solve the problem with your own hands

Chainsaws are fairly rugged and lightweight designs. If cared for correctly and handled according to the manufacturer’s advice, then they become unusable and various breakdowns are very rare and fairly quickly eliminated. If you are faced with this situation and want to repair your own tool yourself, without resorting to the help of experts, then delve into the information below.

In fact, it is impossible to unambiguously and precisely determine the cause of why the tool does not start

or stops when you press the throttle, because there are many different reasons for this. Alas it’s worth noting that the chainsaw is armed with a regular two-stroke engine, but for its effective performance are important conditions such as: lubrication, fuel, spark and air.

As follows, the manufacture of fuel-air consistency is engaged specifically carburetor, the filter produces purification of air from dust, the ignition unit and the spark plug makes the spark, the gasoline is grease.

That’s why to engage in search of the circumstances of this kind of failure should be in turn order, starting specifically from the easy and passing evenly to the complex. Here is a fundamental factor in the correct repair, because the person who, without thinking, begins to engage in disassembly of the carburetor, leads her to the risk of. Because this kind of assembly should be repaired or adjusted directly in special workshops

    It is important to remember that in order for the tool to work flawlessly it is necessary to pay attention to the fuel itself. Because if this kind of mixture will not be prepared correctly, then most chainsaws simply will not start. Consequently, not every owner will guess to look for the cause of the breakdown in the fuel. That is why to make your tool has always worked properly need to use only high quality gasoline.

At idle speed

At idle speeds, common causes of grass trimmer stoppage are as follows:

  • Reduced gearbox speeds when it heats up, which is a consequence of using an unsuitable fuel mixture;
  • clogged throttle valve;
  • Air in the system;
  • not enough fuel to run the lawnmower.

If the problem area is the carburetor, then the equipment will stop at both “cold” and “hot” start.

Immediately after starting

The machine may stall immediately after starting if the carburetor is misadjusted or has been improperly tuned. this causes irregular fuel supply

The result of this is that the unit begins to vibrate distinctly. To correct the problem, the carburetor is readjusted, acting according to the instructions for the mechanism.

Also, the engine stops when there is a clogged valve

, feeding fuel. In such cases, it is sufficient to simply clean it. If the lawnmower initially worked, but then immediately stopped, then perhaps the fuel to the carburetor unit comes with some difficulty. Loosening the valve to allow the mixture to circulate freely in the system helps to solve the problem.

Stalling can also be caused by air inlet

If there is mechanical damage to the hose carrying the fuel (holes, cracks). If this happens, you need to increase the engine speed to expel the air bubbles from the system more quickly.

Immediately after starting

The machine may stall immediately after starting if the carburetor is misaligned or has been improperly adjusted. this causes irregular fuel supply

The result is that the unit begins to vibrate distinctly. To correct the problem, the carburetor is readjusted, acting according to the instructions to the mechanism.

Also the engine stops when clogged valve

, fuel supply. In these cases it is sufficient to clean the carburettor. If the lawnmower starts and then stops immediately, the fuel may be getting to the carburettor unit with some difficulty. Loosening the valve can help solve the problem by allowing the mixture to circulate freely in the system.

The stall can also be caused by Air bleed

If there is mechanical damage to the hose (holes, cracks) that produces fuel intake. In this case, you need to add more speed to the drive to expel the air bubbles from the system faster.

At the opening of the choke

The machine may stall when the choke is opened and is operating normally at idle speed. This is due to air suction of the system caused by the presence of Cracks in the fuel hose

or problems with the oil seals. The carburetor metering system may also malfunction, with the lawnmower stopping after the choke is opened.

All the possible causes of a lawn mower stopping and how to fix them are contained in the following video

There are many reasons for a brushcutter stopping, but the most common malfunctions are related to its carburetor. They can occur in any number of cases. The most problematic variant. this is when a serious breakdown occurs, and you need to buy new parts or to change the lawnmower.

In order for the grass trimmer to work properly for a long time, you should strictly follow the requirements of the operating instructions. It is necessary to fuel the unit with a fuel mixture suitable for its composition, the device should work at a moderate load.

Why does the lawnmower shut down at idle speed

Why does the lawnmower cut out when you press the gas: Background and solutions. Lawn mower (grass trimmer) stalls:. at idle

Users often ask about stopping the grass mower “on hot”, that is, when the mechanism started, worked for a while, and then took. and stopped, stalled. The reasons for this situation are as follows:

  • Problems with the carburetor choke;
  • The petrol in the carburettor may even boil;
  • If the ignition is damaged, the weed trimmer becomes hot and shuts down.

In each situation, check the parts for durability, and if they have already worn out, order new ones from the specialists. One of the most popular situations is: Your lawnmower stops when idling. This occurs because:

  • the carburetor is out of tune or has not been adjusted correctly
  • the carburetor is dirty;
  • The air filter is heavily contaminated;
  • Use of unsuitable fuel can cause a reduction in gearbox RPM;
  • When idling, your grass trimmer may stall if the throttle is clogged;
  • there is air in the carburettor system;
  • the lawn mower doesn’t get enough gas to operate at full throttle and stops mowing.

We are sure that you have received the most useful information and found a way out of your individual situation by means of our technical advice. Any spare parts, like brushcutter starter, its components and accessories we have at the lowest cost in the country. Hurry up!

Why does not the grass trimmer gasoline start?? Causes and their elimination

Gasoline grass trimmer has recently acquired the status of one of the basic tools in the arsenal of countrymen. This is not surprising, because the motorized grass trimmer allows you to quickly bring the garden plot in order. However, sometimes it happens that the grass trimmer does not start on hot and even on cold.

Often, when you reduce the engine speed the brushcutter engine stops and when you restart does not maintain idle speed. The main causes of such a failure include pollution or razregulirovanie carburetor, as well as clogging the air filter.

Petrol grass trimmer at idle stalls

If the carburetor settings are not optimal, it is necessary to perform its cleaning and re-adjustment. You can clear a clogged grass trimmer air filter by placing it in a solution containing an ordinary household detergent for a few hours. If self-cleaning did not help to cope with the clogging, it is better to buy a new filter element in accordance with the instruction manual.

After the measures, the user for a long time will not face the situation when the grass trimmer glows at idle and functions only when the gas is supplied.

Grass trimmer, which has a gasoline drive. it is a useful thing for owners of homesteads, lawns, and when the grass trimmer suddenly stalls, the work of clearing the area of grass stops. The device itself is a fairly complex mechanism, so there are many different reasons for its failure.

At idle speed, common causes of grass trimmer stoppage are the following:

  • decrease in the gearbox RPM when it heats up, which is a consequence of using an unsuitable fuel mixture;
  • clogging of the throttle;
  • Air intrusion into the system;
  • not enough fuel to run the lawnmower.

If the problem area is the carburetor, then the technique will stop both “cold” and “hot” start.

Just after it starts

The unit may malfunction immediately after starting if the carburetor is offset or improperly set, resulting in an uneven fuel supply. The result is that the unit begins to vibrate clearly. To fix the problem, the carburetor is reconfigured according to the instructions for the mechanism.

In addition, the engine stops when the fuel valve is clogged. In such cases it is enough to clean it. If the lawnmower first worked and then immediately died out, the fuel may be having difficulty getting into the carburetor unit. The solution to the problem is to loosen the valve, which allows free circulation of the mixture in the system.

Stoppage may also be caused by the air pump if there is mechanical damage to the hose (holes, cracks) forming fuel. In this case, you need to add turns to the drive to quickly expel air bubbles from the system.

When to call for service

If the machine is under warranty, at the first sign of malfunction you can safely take it to a specialized repair shop. Repairs will be done free of charge, regardless of the nature of the damage, if it was not the owner’s fault. If the damage to the engine, the person ignorant in the technique, it is better to contact a specialist at once. In any case, the degree of seriousness of problems with the machine is determined by the user himself.

To summarize. Both gasoline and electric grass trimmers are designed for many years of reliable operation. Most of the problems described above occur because the owner does not pay enough attention to his helper. With strict adherence to requirements from the manufacturer and regular maintenance, the hand mower will work rhythmically and without interruption.

Why does the STIHL electric grasshopper not run at full throttle?

When using an electric grass trimmer, you can also have problems with the revolutions. the causes here are totally different from those for fuel cells.

You can fix it yourself

trimmer elektrichesky for grass does not develop the required power, because:

  • The voltage in the network is below the required minimum for the device more than 10%;
  • There is a failure in the soft start (if there is such a system);
  • there is a malfunction in the brush assembly;
  • the motor winding has been burned out;
  • rotating parts sometimes get jammed.

To adjust the voltage, you should first check its power. If it is not up to standard, increase it with a stabilizer.

Only have the softstarter repaired by a service center.

If the brushes are worn out, they simply need to be replaced. When installing a new one, it is a good idea to clean all the surfaces they come into contact with.

To adjust the voltage, you should first check the power.

If the motor windings are burning up, the electric motor has to be changed.

Clogging of rotation parts can occur for various reasons. To eliminate them, the entire actuator assembly must be reexamined.

The latter problem can also occur with another machine from this company. STIHL pruning shears, and sharpening the disc on the shears will be the solution.

Immediately after starting

The machine may stall immediately after starting if the carburetor is displaced or not properly adjusted. That causes an uneven fuel supply. The resulting device clearly vibrates. To correct defects, the carburetor is readjusted, following the annotation to the mechanism.

In addition, the engine stops when the fuel valve is clogged. In such cases, it is quite easy to clean it. If the hedge trimmer starts working at first, but then stalls right away, the fuel may be having some difficulty getting into the carburetor assembly. Solving the problem helps to loosen the valve, which ensures free circulation of the consistency in the system.

Stopping can also be caused by air leaks in the presence of mechanical damage to the hose (holes, cracks) that receives the fuel. In this case, increase the drive speed to remove the air bubbles from the system faster.

Where to look for the cause or where to start looking

All chainsaws have the same design and operate on the same principle. With the device of a chainsaw you can read this material. It does not matter what brand the tool is. STIHL, Husqvarna, ECHO, Champion, Partner, Sturm and others. Trouble, which appears in the form when the chainsaw stops when you press the gas, can occur the same way as in the expensive and high-quality tools, as well as in low-budget Chinese devices. If there is a problem, you need to solve it.

A chainsaw is a system of mechanisms made up of parts. Any part in the mechanism can fail, leading to partial or complete failure of the tool. If the tool’s engine starts, it does not mean that the chainsaw is in good working order. If the engine stops working when you rev up, there is a reason. When this malfunction occurs, you should initially pay attention to a number of the following mechanisms of the tool:

  • Gas tank. make sure fuel is available. If fuel is available in sufficient quantities, you should also check that the fuel filter is working properly, that the supply hose is connected to the carburetor, and that the breather valve is working

These are the main parts and mechanisms that should be checked first if a malfunction occurs when the chainsaw stalls when the gas pedal is depressed. There are other reasons why a chainsaw engine stalls when the throttle trigger is pulled. What else can contribute to the occurrence of this malfunction, as well as the peculiarities of troubleshooting, we will find out further.