STIHL ms 362 how to tell a fake

How to distinguish a genuine STIHL chainsaw from a fake?

The STIHL chain saw has been trusted by countless numbers of men for over thirty years. The invariable quality and excellent workmanship. all this holds from the first batches of chainsaws and to this day. Even the design of the device manufacturers have not changed. The only downside to a STIHL chainsaw is the large number of imitations, which are made by hand somewhere in basements or on primitive machines. The quality of such products is inferior to original samples, but it is possible to work with them, in principle.

But this is not the case. some sellers are trying to sell a fake under the guise of the original. The price and quality difference is huge.

If previously a fake chainsaw had a primitive appearance, not even remotely similar to the original, now the copies are as close to the original devices as possible.

For this article, I compared an original and a fake STIHL MS 170/180 chain saw. To be sure you are buying an original chainsaw, look for the following details of the device.

Genuine STIHL chainsaw (right) and a fake

Identifying fakes by serial number

Begin the inspection of the product should study the type and location of the serial number. On the original chainsaw, it will be marked as follows:

  • As stamped on the chainsaw body near the muffler.
  • On the sticker located on the body under the muffler.
  • On the sticker on the chainsaw packing box.

The serial number must be identical in these three places and the numerals identifying the country of manufacture must correspond to the product documentation provided by the seller.

An original STIHL chainsaw is identified by a number with the following digit in the first position:

  • 1 for Germany;
  • 2 for the U.S;
  • 3. for Brazil;
  • 4. for Austria;
  • 5. for USA and UK;
  • 8, 9. for China.

Numbers 6 and 7 are reserved, and 9 indicates third-party manufacturers.

Make sure that there is an “X” on the last position of the serial number, signifying that the product has been checked for proper functioning before being shipped to the warehouse.

How to tell the difference between a Chinese STIHL chainsaw and an original STIHL ” STIHL official dealer

How to tell the difference between a Chinese STIHL chainsaw and a genuine STIHL saw

“Cheap fish. bad fish” or “the miser pays twice”

With these words known to all people I will begin an article devoted to counterfeit and quality Chinese chainsaws (china chainsaw) which are dangerous to health and life. Chainsaws and electric saws are special tools, it requires increased safety, reliability of cutting equipment (sprockets, bars, saw chain), the system of manual brake of saw chain. On Chinese saws and fakes you can forget about safety, there is no safety. Counterfeit products have been around for a long time, there is even a term Chinese STIHL, the Chinese Huzzard, most fakes are made under the STIHL brand, it is the most popular brand in the world, valued for its quality and safety.

In the photo is another batch of crude imitations of different brands, on top they put a cover of different colors and stick a sticker (Stilh, Sthil, Minsk. Zubr, Goodluck, Foresta, and many others)

The main criterion to distinguish a fake from the original is buying from an official store. Not every enterprising person can become a STIHL dealer, the company has many requirements from the candidate, and the temptation to sell Stihl is great, so there are plenty of scammers who do not bother to sell junk to people who think they will buy “cheaper. Original STIHL with an official warranty is not sold at standard online stores (outlet, OLH, Allo, Kombi, and others), also not sold at major chain hypermarkets (Epicenter, Leroy Merlin, New line for trimmer, etc.), and not in chain stores (Bison, Goodluck, etc.).д).

A lot of disappointed people that I see every other day coming to repair Chinese chain saws in our service center STIHL ends dialogue almost at the doorstep of the service, I do not hide the fact that I had experience with such disabilities repair engineers, as they say “Know your enemy in face” you need to be in the subject and know what you are dealing with personal experience, these were isolated cases, mostly “went to meet” my friends and older people who essentially cheated unhelpful sellers.

How to tell the difference between a Chinese STIHL chainsaw and the original STIHL. The Internet is flooded with offers, for example: Chinese chain saw STIHL || Chinese STIHL ms 180, 280, 440, 660 || For sale chain saw STIHL Poland || chain saw Polish cheap || chain saw shtil cheap to buy || chain saw shtil olh || saw shtil cheap || Chinese STIHL, chain saw STIHL China

All of these ads should alert you to the fact that they are fakes. Sell plagiarism for 1500-3000 USD. First of all they save on quality and your safety. The current price of the original STIHL you can see on the website.

The scale of copies and Chinese low-quality equipment is astounding, in my career as a STIHL salesman I have heard many times from visitors that the Chinese saw works fine, you just need to keep an eye on the technical condition. I will not argue, everyone praises his “swamp” but we are talking about a tool of increased risk to life and health, so risk everything who bought, or thinking of buying a similar “roulette.

Next, the photo of Chinese batches of “inexpensive chainsaws” ready to meet the “satisfied” customers who change their minds, they made their choice. Hope your choice will be different!

All know where this container sails, yes, that’s right in the city of Odessa. Odessa. Then the party gets “dealers” and pawnbrokers such as these people peddling in the streets, I’m sure that every one of you heard about it, every third is likely to have seen gypsies selling “Stihl” for 1500 USD.

Next is an excellent photo to test the quality and performance of the “Chinese.

Now compare how STIHL quality tools are tested

How to protect yourself from counterfeiting and distinguish the Chinese counterfeit from the original STIHL? The easiest thing to do when you buy in an official store, our contacts in. Kiev, delivery in Ukraine for free.

STIHL 362 chainsaw: features, repair, fake, reviews

STIHL adds another brand to our extensive line of STIHL chain saws. the STIHL MC 362. Quickly gaining popularity, this model is popular with forestry professionals and private gardeners alike. The high tractive forces combined with high efficiency also impress professional users.

Range of applications

The STIHL MS 362 chain saw satisfies all requirements for professional medium-duty chainsaws. Designed specifically for a variety of tasks in the forestry sector, this saw successfully handles felling, delimbing, and pruning. In all applications where wood is cut, the STIHL 362 is a real success in the DIY industry.

Whether it’s cutting firewood for the winter, tackling obstructions or old trees in the garden or in the countryside, delimbing for crown formation. this clearing saw has it all. It can also be used in the construction industry. Trimming protruding wooden elements is carried out instantly. Although, here we must make a reservation. it is not rational to use this saw in the construction industry for cutting small items. A lower class of chainsaw is better suited to these requirements. But if you can’t afford a second saw especially for construction sites, the STIHL 362 is more than capable of solving this kind of problem.

Workers in the housing and utilities sector especially in parks and parks and gardens. In other repair and restoration work, it is also well suited for.

Thanks to its positive qualities, the STIHL 362 chain saw is widely used in all sectors of the economy, including domestic and commercial applications.

Distinctive features

STIHL 362 chain saw is equipped with a 2-MIX engine. This gave considerable advantages in comparison with the old modifications:

  • Better fuel economy;
  • Reduced emission of harmful gases;
  • Reducing oil consumption for chain lubrication;
  • ease of handling the saw.

These and other positive aspects have made the chainsaw the most popular chainsaw in comparison with others.

Cost-effectiveness. The STIHL MS 362 uses up to 20 percent less fuel than comparable products that use a conventional engine. That is a considerable saving in your budget.

Environmentally friendly. Thanks to the lower fuel consumption, the emission of harmful exhaust gases is considerably reduced. Numerically, it is up to 50%.

The oil consumption for chain lubrication can also be reduced by up to 50 percent. This is because the chain oil feed system doses the amount of oil to the chain according to the type of wood. Saving on chain lubrication is also good for the budget.

Easy handling of the saw. There are several of them. This enlarged fuel tank inlet, the ability to open it without a special tool and other innovations in design, make the saw much more convenient to handle.

Technical Specifications

Improved technical features attract attention when choosing a saw.

Engine displacement 2-MIX 59 cm³. Its distinctive feature is a more economical fuel consumption. This is achieved by modifications in the combustion chamber flushing process. Combustion of the fuel mixture is achieved in its entirety by turbulence.

With a fuel tank capacity of 0.6 liters, the capacity of the oil tank for chain lubrication is reduced to 0.325 liters. Reduced dimensions increased the strength of the mechanisms of the entire motor, which had a positive impact on the durability of the saw.

Significant changes made to the anti-vibration system. Installation of metal springs and rubber dampers has noticeably reduced engine and hand-arm vibrations.

Improved air filter design for longer engine life. The air enters the filter through the pre-filter system, where all large particles (dust, sawdust) are precipitated. By the way, this also increases the service life of the filter itself.

The engine carburetor is equipped with a special compensator, through which all the operating parameters of the engine are maintained at the same level, regardless of dirtiness of the air filter.

Automatic and manual chain brake. This creates additional comfort for the working man and simultaneously increases his safety.

The starter is equipped with a damper that smoothes up the kickback jolts that occur when starting the engine, making the start smooth and soft.

The STIHL chain saw MS 362 weighs 5.9 kg incl. fuel additives.

Chinese knockoffs

The current market is saturated with counterfeit products of almost every kind. Especially a lot of such “brands” is supplied by China. STIHL chain saws have not been ignored as a sought-after product.

The counterfeit can be difficult for ordinary consumers to differentiate from the genuine product. Nevertheless, there are still distinguishing signs. Not everyone knows about them. The main ones are primarily the serial number of the product.

On originals it is stamped on the body near the muffler and in other places depending on the brand. A sticker with the number and country of manufacture is affixed under the muffler. In addition, there is always a sticker with the same number on the packing box. If at least one of them does not match, you are a fake.

Field of application

The STIHL line includes chain saws designed for simple to more demanding woodwork. Tasks that are solved with power tools:

  • Trimming limbs of trees, bushes.
  • Thinning small brush.
  • Making firewood.
  • Construction and installation work.
  • Sawing ice and removing bark, using additional attachments.

Vast range of applications results in high customer demand.

Technical Data

The most popular model is the STIHL ms 180 with technical specifications:

  • Power. 1,5 kW.
  • Torque at 5500 rpm. 1.5.
  • Weight. 3.9 kg.
  • Maximum speed. 9 thousand rpm.
  • Idle speed. 2,8 thousand rpm.

Available with 35 cm (50 links) and 40 cm (55 links) bars.

The STIHL MS 180 C-BE is equipped with the ErgoStart quick start system and quick chain tensioning facility.


Manufacturer STIHL
Model MS 660
Brand Country Germany
Country of manufacture Germany
Saw class Professional
Power, l.с. /kW 7,1/5,22
Engine capacity, cc.see. 91,6
Saw headset
Tire length, cm/inch 50/20
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,6
Number of links, pcs 72
General features
Fuel tank capacity, l 0,83
Oil tank capacity, l 0,36
Warranty, months 12
Weight, kg 7,3
Price, Check out the price

The professional STIHL MS 660 is well equipped for tough day-to-day work in the forest industry. The saw is fitted with:

STIHL has other professional-grade chainsaws, such as: MS 270, MS 360, MS 661, MS 880.


If you need a chainsaw, which will not be often used in the work and is not purchased for industrial scale, a copied chain saw STIHL MS-660 is quite suitable. The Chinese copy is inferior to the original in quality, but is quite capable of handling domestic wood. The tool is not sorry to exploit the wear and tear, to saw problematic places and so on, you can use different types of gasoline as fuel, and after a machine breakdown it can be thrown into the closet without pity and buy a similar cheaper model.

The frustrating thing about this situation is that a copy of the STIHL MS-660 is often claimed to be an overpriced original. The saw in question is very copy-friendly because of its characteristic color scheme and credibility with users.

Quality of a STIHL chain saw made in China: does it differ from the German one?

When you’re talking about the reputation of a company whose products are used practically all over the world, it’s hard to believe that management would decide to deliberately compromise quality performance. It was only 7-10 years ago that the words “Made in China” would make you put the saw back on the shelf. And it was the right decision, because at that time any quality was out of the question.

STIHL saws in China are built in the same quality as German products. This was due to strict adherence to production technology and meticulous output control.

The crankcase of Chinese chainsaws, like the German ones, bears a small “TR” stamp or the letters “QC” indicating a factory test run or quality control.

Technical Data

Improved technical values make this saw an attractive choice.

Engine displacement 2-MIX 59 cm³. Its distinctive feature is a more economical fuel consumption. Changes in the combustion chamber purging process. Combustion is complete with swirling fuel mixture.

MIX-2 engine

With fuel tank capacity of 0.6 l, oil tank capacity for chain lubrication has been reduced to 0.325 l. A reduction in dimensions has increased the strength of the mechanisms of the engine as a whole, which has had a positive effect on the durability of the saw.

Substantial changes have been made to the anti-vibration system. Installation of metal springs and rubber dampers noticeably reduced engine and handle vibration.

Improved air filter design for longer engine life. The air passes through the pre-filter where it is precipitated by all large particles (dust, sawdust). And that in turn extends the filter’s service life.

The carburetor is fitted with a special compensator which keeps all engine parameters constant regardless of how dirty the air filter gets.

Manual and automatic chain brake. That is very convenient for the user and increases safety at the same time.

The starter features a damper which absorbs the kickback jolts when starting the engine and ensures soft, smooth cranking.

The STIHL MS 362 chain saw weighs 5.9 kg incl. fuel additives.

STIHL 362 exterior

Technical features

Improved technical features attract attention when choosing a saw.

Engine displacement 2-MIX 59 cm³. Its special feature is more economical fuel consumption. This is achieved by changing the way the combustion chamber is purged. Combustion of the fuel mixture is carried out completely thanks to its swirling action.

MIX-2 engine

With a fuel tank capacity of 0.6 liter, the oil tank capacity for chain lubrication has been reduced to 0.325 liter. Downsizing has improved durability of the engine as a whole, resulting in a longer life of the saw.

The anti-vibration system has undergone significant changes. Installation of metal springs and rubber dampers has noticeably reduced engine and hand crank vibration.

Improved air filter design for longer engine life. Air enters filter through pre-separation system where all coarse particles (dust, filings) are precipitated. This also has the added benefit of extending the filter’s service life.

Engine carburetor is equipped with a special compensator, which maintains all engine operating parameters at the same level, regardless of how dirty the air filter is.

Chain brake works in manual and automatic mode. That creates more convenience for the operator and increases safety at the same time.

Starter is equipped with a damper that smoothes kickback jolts when starting the engine, giving a smoother, gentler start.

The STIHL MS 362 chain saw weighs 5.9 kg incl. fuel.

STIHL 362 exterior

Additional equipment

The good thing about chainsaws is that they come with many useful options in the basic version. But the extras will not be superfluous. The fastest application is the quick tensioning of the chain with a very simple system. The operator has to loosen the sprocket cover and tension it with the thumbwheel. There is also an easy tensioning at the side of the chain. The operation is also carried out through the sprocket cover. These systems are useful because the STIHL chain saw MS 180 can be adjusted quickly and easily, but not by the owner’s hands, but by a handy mechanism. Another addition is provided to increase the comfort during operation of the model. The reason is that starting up a two-stroke engine in these machines is often accompanied by jolting forces that put strain on the joints and muscles. To minimize the undesirable effect, STIHL designers included the ElastoStart. The principle of its work is the damping function, that is, the starting element in the handle absorbs all the jolts, suppressing unnecessary energy.

The modern market is filled with various fakes of almost any product. Especially many of these “brands” come from China. STIHL chain saws are not overlooked as a sought-after product.

The difference between a real and a fake is often quite hard for the average DIY enthusiast. That said, there are still some distinctive signs. Not everybody knows about them. The main ones are, first of all, the product serial number.

The original model has this stamped on the housing in the muffler area and in other places depending on the brand. There is a sticker under the muffler with the number and country of manufacture. In addition, the packaging box necessarily has a sticker with the same number. If at least one of them does not match. you have a fake.

One of the signs of a fake is a hole on the saw bar. It is located near the drive sprocket. It is not on the original.

The hole in the fake tire

When buying, you need to pay attention to the spark plug. If it is the same as in the photo, you are again a fake. STIHL does not produce plugs.

Counterfeit spark plugs

What kind of product gives out Chinese consumer goods can be seen in the video, which tells what happens to the saw, bought bypassing the official dealer.

Chainsaw repair with your own hands

Although the chainsaw’s performance is commendable, sometimes it needs to be repaired. This situation is caused by improper use of the machine and not following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The STIHL 362 chain saw is one of our professional product lines. This indicates that it is a high-quality mechanism, designed for heavy-duty operation. The estimated service life of the machine reaches 2000 motor-hours, which allows using it up to 10 hours a day. It’s not hard to imagine that a machine of this performance can be assembled and adjusted with extreme precision.

It becomes clear that there is no sense in independently repairing a chainsaw, especially if the warranty has not expired. In most cases, after repairing with their own hands, owners have to turn to specialized services. It is good, if it is possible to restore operability, but there are cases when specialists throw up their hands.

At the same time, minor repairs, or rather the replacement of “consumables” can be done independently.

Subject to possessing the skills to perform locksmith work. You can, for example, replace a broken starter spring yourself. Installing the spring is pretty straightforward. Watch this video to find out how to do it


One of the main telltale signs that the STIHL MS 170/180 chain saw is a counterfeit chainsaw is now equipped with a fuel measure container. Original chainsaws are very seldom fitted with this accessory.

A fake STIHL chainsaw comes with a similar capacity

Furthermore, chainsaws are also packed in boxes:

Tire case

The original has “STIHL” written on it;

The original (top) and the fake tire cover

“STIHL” can be read on the links of the original chain, no words on the fake chain;

The cutting chain boxes look the same

Genuine cutting chain links always bear the STIHL logo on them

Chainsaw guide bar

Original chainsaws most often come in a cardboard case. The fakes are in a cellophane bag. They are also slightly different in color. The main difference between the tires. no additional oil window for the idler sprocket on the original tire.

The original bar (on top) was missing an additional window

Also, the Chinese bars are often 40-45 cm long, while the original STIHL MS 170/180 chain saw is equipped with 30-35 cm long bars.

Reviews and Prices

Alexey: “I ran across a cheap Chinese STIHL 660 chainsaw by accident and was greedy to buy it. But it did not work long. it broke after a few days. Not more than 5 liters of gasoline. I was told at the service that it was a fake, there were no spare parts for it, and the original German ones did not fit.

Vladimir Borisovich: “I stumbled on a copy of a STIHL chainsaw made in China by accident at the market. The price was so low that the seller did not even hide its Chinese origin. I bought it for my country house: it is not much to do, but I don’t want to cut with my hands. Over the summer I sawed down a few trees and sawn them for firewood, sawed off a few planks and tree branches that were in the way.

Partner 350 chain saw: clear advantages

Using STIHL chain saws

An experienced chain saw and a beginning user can be comfortable using a STIHL chain saw in no time at all. this convenient and reliable piece of equipment will be up to the task.

After you have familiarized yourself with your STIHL chain saw, you can now proceed with a test run. Always keep the guide bar in its original location and the cutting chain tightened and taut without any sagging or excessive resistance to rotation. Always fill the fuel tank with straight-chain oil and add a premixed fuel mix of 1:50 to the STIHL chain saw. STIHL 2-cycle carburetor oil and gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90.

Reviews and Prices

I bought a STIHL chainsaw MS 362 to work on my summer cottage, I decided to build a wooden outbuilding on the house. I think it’s a great tool, it does a great job of cutting planks, timber, wooden workpieces. I can work for a long time with this tool, it does not overheat, does not vibrate, does not make noise. Satisfied with the tool.

Our family does a lot of logging. STIHL chain saws are used for this model, they are manufactured with high quality materials and are reliable in use. I bought this model because it allows me to do a lot of woodworking. The devices work properly, they have not let me down yet.

I use a STIHL chainsaw in my cabin. I built a storage room with this tool to store tools and other household necessities. The saw has a high power, no vibration and shock during the work. The body is durable, the chain is strong, the tool quickly picks up speed when turned on. Haven’t had the saw repaired yet, and it’s been running for 2 years.


STIHL 362-ms series chainsaw. a STIHL innovation. This chainsaw belongs to the new generation of chainsaws with optimally selected set of technical characteristics. The main advantage of a chainsaw, in addition to high power, is easy maintenance. all key components of the saw are freely accessible for cleaning or adjustment (air filters, chain).

Given the power of a chainsaw, its main area of use and purpose is to work on private and communal forest plantations, logging on a professional scale, and other. Power of STIHL 362-ms chain saw is 3500 W, engine capacity is 59 cc.see. Recalls that the original STIHL 362-ms is seldom in need of repair or repairs, which is why it is so popular with professionals.