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Stihl 180 How to distinguish a fake

Stihl ms660 chainsaw

Stihl chainsaws are very convenient for fake. they have a characteristic color scheme. Stihl chainsaws are very beneficial for fake. they are expensive and have authority among consumers. Motopila.RU represents you a fake that firmly took the place on the market. a fake chain of Stihl MS660.

In this case, a standard scheme worked: take the chainsaw 5200 chainsaw and stick a suitable label on it.

Fake STIHL MS660 chainsaw has been noticed: Spring 2010, depending on the credibility of the story and arrogance of the seller

The real stihl ms660 chainsaw is heavy in every sense saw. Weight more than 7 kilograms. Power of more than 7 horsepower. Can be used in sawmills, which implies continuous work for a long time. For February 2011, this saw costs about 35 thousand retail.

The fake has the same dimensions, weighs the same, but the estimated power is half as much and about heavy long.term work can not even be remembered.

STIHL official representative office made pictures on which you can compare the appearance of a fake and original.

As you can see, the traditional “5200” model and self.adhesive pieces of paper were used as a basis.

But the illustrations that the editors of Motopila.Ru collected from ads.

Standard label. the first line can be any, and it is it that determines the “model” and the price of the chainsaw.

We can say that we have a very high.quality fake. the attached instruction is designed in the style of the Stihl traditional for chainsaw. Most likely this is a printout of this instruction for the Stihl chainsaw, and it does not fit for falsification.

It is very unreasonable to attach real instructions for a fake chainsaw, because the saw in the picture does not look like the one that is soldered.

This kit is less high.quality, but more honest. a fake Stihl instruction is attached to the fake chainsaw of STIHL. It even depicts the same saw that the buyer receives.

For greater persuasiveness, a piece of paper is attached to the called “commodity check” from which it follows that the cost of 35 thousand was purchased in a store for 19 thousand 500.

If you think that this seller honestly bought a saw in the store and is sincerely mistaken in its origin, then this is in vain.

Here is exactly the same instruction, but without an attached “commodity check”.

“Check” closed the inscription “made in really you think that a person selling a chainsaw on which is written“ Made in Germany ”and the attaching instructions for it with the inscription“ Made in does not know what exactly he sells?

These ingenuous stories act very well on those who want to get a “real stihl” real chainsaw on a freebie.

But let’s be honest, sellers of this garbage, unlike their buyers, are not always “stupid assholes thinking only about benefit”.

Original stihl chainsaws produced in China

Initially, the chainsaws of this brand were produced only at factories in Germany. But modern realities are such that almost all world companies partially or completely began to produce their products in China for economic reasons. In order to reduce costs in 2012, part of the production of STIHL was transferred to the Chinese city of Kingdao. Initially, household models of MS 170 were produced there with tires 30 and 35 cm long, but over time, the assortment increased significantly.

Currently, almost all models of Stihl gasoline saws, exactly like another tool of this company, are produced in the Celestial.

Where they sell stihl chainsaw fakes?

You can sell you a copy of the Stihl MS 660 chainsaw in shopping centers, at the cottages and even in the yards of your house. The price starts at 100 and depending on your ability to bargain, it may fall to 50.

As a rule, scammers use one and the same story:

  • A salary at a construction site or factory was issued.
  • Bought a stolen batch at a cheap.
  • Has already been bought, but my friends or gave five more pieces.
  • Need to drink or urgently need money.
  • A lot of ads on ads.

If you need a chainsaw for a couple of days, and you are not going to blame the forest on an industrial scale, then a fake chain of the Stihl MS 660. It will be very useful to you. The Chinese fake, although worse in quality than the original, is quite capable of “sawing” wood, in ancient times people coped with more meager tools. It is not a pity to drop, throw, catch nails and so on, anything can be poured into the tank, just to burn, and after its breakdown, throw this chainsaw on the attic, and forget it like a terrible dream.

When demonstrating the work of the product, it seems to you that I drank good. This illusion due to the fact that sellers pour pure gasoline into the tank. After the performance, the resource of the “Nedotil” is reduced by 50%. If you bought a trick and purchased it, then use a saw as it is, with the fuel that the seller flooded.

After failing, do not repair a fake stihl chainsaw

A more stupid waste of money than the purchase of a fake, maybe if you carry it for repair.

The cause of constant breakdowns is the very low quality of steel. Blinds in the cylinders go as an option from the plant, it makes no sense to list the rest of the sores, especially if they are a component of 100% of the total volume of the product. The minimum that awaits you is the replacement of the piston, which is very expensive, and only extend the agony of this parody of the saw, spoiled at the factory.

Fakes for chainsaws of other brands are produced.

Remember another important thing! These fakes are sometimes sold under unknown domestic brands, as well as at high prices.

The red price of this chainsaw, no more than 50.

STIHL MS 660 How to distinguish a fake of a chainsaw from the original (real chainsaw on a white background)

How to protect yourself from buying a fake

The original gasoline saw STIHL is a professional or semi.professional class costs a lot of money. Therefore, the acquisition of the tool you need should be approached with maximum caution and responsibility. A fake can be made with varying degrees of reliability, but almost always it is produced in a hurry on low.grade equipment, which should not be unnoticed by an experienced master. The following tips will help to distinguish counterfeit products from quality goods.

  • Beware to purchase chainsaws from dubious sellers. STIHL has a developed dealer network with standard trading rules and a single pricing policy. The official trade representative will surely show a certificate confirming the right to sell the products of this respected company. If you are offered on the market new Stihl chainsaws at a low price, then you definitely deal with scammers.
  • Pay attention to the marking of the product. The serial number should be knocked out on the case under the muffler and duplicated by stickers on the saw and packaging box.
  • The company’s logo is always present on each model, but not in the form of an easily removed sticker, but in the form of a relief print or high.quality painting. Original logo

Quality of the Chinese Stihl chainsaw: is there a difference from German

When it comes to the reputation of a company whose products are used almost around the world, it is difficult to believe that the management will decide on a purposeful deterioration in qualitative characteristics. It was 7-10 years ago that the inscription “made in China” forced to put the saw back on the store shelf. And this was the right decision, because there was no question of any quality then.

The quality of the assembly of Chinese STIHL saws is practically no different from German. This is caused by strict observance of production technology and meticulous output control.

On the crankcase of Chinese chainsaws, as well as in German, there is a small “TR” stamp or the letters “Qc” are applied, indicating the conduct of factory tests (Test Run) or confirming quality control.

STIL 180 chainsaw: compare the original and fake


Outwardly fake, in principle, is almost indistinguishable from the original. Fake chainsaw is performed, as a rule, in the same color scheme. For its assembly, screws with the same head as that of STIHL are used.

The first small difference can be found on the lid of the fuel tank. Most often, the “stihl” engraving is absent. Unless, of course, you have a copy in your hands, and not the original.

This engraving is absent on the tire mounting nuts. Original nuts, as a rule, are marked with the letter S.

The original always has a sticker with a 9-digit factory number. It is necessary for the chainsaw to be accepted to the official service center for warranty repair. On the fake, such a sticker is usually absent.

On the muffler of the original product, there is always an engraving “StiHL” indicating the article. Shatters do not bother with such engraving.

Chainsaw and its elements under the outer lid

If you remove the air filter lid, you can notice that the filter itself is far from original, but obviously Chinese. Because this element of the original unit looks like this:

On the other hand, a fake Chinese filter looks completely different. over, even to the touch, its material is felt like a penny cheap. That is, it is a regular foam.

Perhaps it is also worth noting that when evaluating the originality of the saw, one must look at various trifles. For example, on the cover of the air filter, you can easily find such burrs:

If the chainsaw is original, then such negligence on it is simply excluded.

As a conclusion, we want to clarify why we described in such detail the signs of fake chainsaws. After all, in principle, sometimes fake can satisfy you with your quality. over, it may be reliable and durable. But still you should know what you are buying: original or copy. Because some dishonest merchants may try to sell a fake tool in exorbitant prices. And we hope that our material will help you protect yourself from these unclean dealerships.

In this device, the screws are made under the “star”. In fakes, they are usually made for a hexagon and flat screwdriver.

As already mentioned that the screws in the original are made under the “star”. However, sometimes such elements are found in fakes. Therefore, this sign is not always quite informative.

Fuel and oil tank covers

In fakes the lids are made quite accurately. However, there is no inscription “stihl”.

The original has a sticker with a serial number consisting of 9 digits on this site. He must coincide with those present on the box. There is no such sticker on a fake.


Before releasing the product, the company carefully monitors its appearance, so the following factors can serve as the first signs of fakes:

  • The absence of a company with a serial number of the product and corresponding barcodes on the packaging of a company label.
  • The presence of irregularities when painting the surface, and also the paint has a faded color.
  • The original products have a stamped logo that is absent on copies.
  • Errors in writing the company’s name. Stihl.
  • The presence of defects, or the surface has unevenness.

Vintage Chainsaws Proper Oils and Mix Ratios


If an external inspection of the products has not answered the questions of interest, then you can proceed to components.

Fake manufacturers make a lot of efforts when creating a poor.quality tool, but they miss some details:

stihl, original, distinguish, gasoline
  • Tire length. a poor.quality model has a larger tire in length than the original.
  • Instruction. if there is no branded instruction with translation into many languages ​​of the world in the set, then the tool is poor.quality.
  • The presence of extra spare parts in a set of extra spare parts is a sure sign of fake, since the original products are limited exclusively by the screwdriver and the combined key.
  • If there is a hole on the tire with which the stars are lubricated, then you can safely declare about the fake.


It is difficult to distinguish packaging, since the level of printing is high. Fake saws are packaged in the exact copies of the original boxes. You can distinguish by a glued information plate. If you drank several, compare these signs and numbers on them. At least they should differ. Each number is unique.

Pay attention to the presence of a unique serial number on the box. All saws are produced in factories in China.

Inscription Made by stihl in china. not a fake indicator. Saws are produced at factories in China, under the leadership and supervision of the Germans.

There is one visual difference between a fake STIHL saw from the original. there is no pronounced white strip around the logo and along the entire length of the box on the fake.

Differences in components

In the original kit, they never put a canister. If you find a plastic canister. fake.

The packaging of the chain is similar, the differences in the marking on the chain itself. The original product has a company logo. On the fake it is absent.

On the original protective case, there is also a STIHL logo. There is no logo on the fake, and the shape of the cover is different.

On the original bus there are no holes at the driven star. Fakes give out obvious holes for lubrication of a star.

To the original STIHL saw, from the tool, only a screwdriver and a “candle” key, on which there is also an engraving of the company. The fake is equipped with an expanded set of tools and put in a special cover.

Why fake stihl is worse than the present:

  • There is no warranty;
  • As a rule, low quality manufacturing;
  • Danger to work. Damage is not excluded, brake failure;
  • Spare parts and accessories are not suitable.

These are only some reasons for a vapid for which you should not take a fake. An ordinary No-Name chainsaw can be bought for an amount of 6-7 thousand and it can work, accordingly. The usual Stihl MS 180 costs at least 11 thousand, even closer to 12. over, in terms of its technical characteristics (engine power, tire length, etc.P.) does not exceed competitors.

The first signs of a fake calm

In most cases, you can confuse the chainsaws only in the pierces. Assembly, appearance and quality of manufacture are very different. Problems begin only if the saw was taken, which is called without looking. How can this be confused:

These “samples” even have a different color, not to mention the rest. It is obvious to the calculation that the seller selling the saw will tell the buyer that they have been shared with red covers. No, there are no. Only such orange as there is. And only such a shade.

stihl, original, distinguish, gasoline

Here are a photo from the official website of the company, US division:

Two similar to the type of chainsaw, but one is the original, and the second is also not fake. an analogue, with other logos, another company, but by design, flowers and layout, posing as “that same” chainsaw.

Here is a more difficult task (although this is not 180, but the principle is the same):

There should be no stickers anywhere except on the brake. Well, the blue color is not about us at all.

What mix oil to use! What ratio should I run in different saws!

stihl, original, distinguish, gasoline

In general, the list or as they say the checklist of the authenticity check should be as follows:

stihl, original, distinguish, gasoline
  • Use of corporate color;
  • Use of corporate font;
  • Stamping everywhere, except for the handle of the brake;
  • The smoothness of the gaps, the location of the inscriptions;
  • The quality of the packaging (high quality corpuscard, from good quality seal). There is definitely a sticker with a serial number on the box, the country of production. Similar information on the sticker should be applied to the saw case;
  • The presence of the same serial numbers on the package, a sticker with a serial number at the saw end, an engraving located under the exhaust system (above the sticker);
  • Tire tire nuts with the STIHL logo (stylized letter S);
  • Logo on the leading star;
  • Logo on the piston (!)-Yes, it is unlikely that anyone will climb there, but still;
  • The absence of any holes at the place of attachment of the driven sprocket on the tire;

For stickers. everywhere in addition to the brake handle, stamps are used. Although some learned to fake them. But not all.

The most important thing is that new saws are forbidden to sell somewhere except officials.

How to distinguish Chinese Stihl 180 from the original

Drinking device MS-180 is a common model not only among avid masters and gardeners, but also fans of producing a “PA”. The technical capabilities of the stihl 180 fake are left to be desired, although the price does not differ at all.

How to distinguish Stihl 180 original from a fake:

  • The dimensions of the original tire in the MS-180 model-30-35 cm. Fakes are made with large tire sizes. from 40 cm.
  • The body of “garage” production has unevenness and roughness. Who at least once ordered with Aliexpress will definitely find out such a marriage.
  • The air filter is “pierced” by a serial product number and the company logo.
  • The product tire should have a STIHL laser engraving, while Chinese do not have it at all or it is blurred.
  • The rivets of Chinese creation are painted completely under the color of the tire.
  • The MS-180 model does not have a separate opening on the tire to lubricate the sprocket.

How to distinguish the real STIHL oil from a fake

High.quality oil is the key to the productivity of the device. You want to use a saw all the time without repair?! Therefore, the company Stihl and recommends filling only branded oil. Here, too, it was not without counterfeit.

In order not to be left without money and chainsaw, choose a lubricant in the fuel liquid correctly. And here are a few signs of fake:

  • Real motor oil from the company is supplied to the store in the covered lids. If this was not found, then there are two options: someone sells marriage or quietly drains part of the liquid for himself.
  • The inscriptions should be convex.
  • The original contains the quality of the EAS quality.
  • Date of Rosliva and party number. on the lid of the product.

A clear sign of counterfeit products is a poor sticker-fucker, wiped inscriptions or completely their absence.