Stihl Trimmer Air Filter Cleaning

Lawn mower Stihl FS120

Stihl FS120 lawn mowing machine. New in 2013. It has a fairly high power of 1.8 hp. And forged hard shaft. Designed for professional use in agriculture and forestry, it can easily mow soft and hard grass over large areas, overgrown with young trees and shrubs.


Model description

  • Through the use of the innovative ElastoStart system, an easy and quick start is provided. Thanks to the damping element, the energy from the compression process is extinguished, and the launch is smooth.
  • On the multifunctional two-handed handle are all the levers and control keys of the lawn mowing, which is very comfortable for the operator.
  • In the basic configuration there is a knife 250 mm. With 3 teeth, designed for cutting bushes and various thickets.
  • It is optionally possible to purchase and install a mowing headset with fishing line up to 3 mm thick, a metal double-petal knife, a saw blade (chisel-shaped or sharp-toothed).
  • Thanks to the installation of a single-point vibration damping system, the impact on the shoulder girdle and hands of the worker is significantly reduced.
  • The Stihl FS120 lawn mower is characterized by reduced noise levels during operation and reduced toxic emissions.
  • The ergonomic STIHL lawn mowers can be conveniently adjusted with a T-screw without using any additional tools.

Stihl Trimmer Air Filter Cleaning

Operational Features

The STIHL FS120 lawn mower is distinguished by a fairly simple device, not demanding in maintenance. Subject to factory recommendations regarding preventive maintenance, replacement of consumables, sharpening of cutting tools, compliance with certain safety rules, the trimmer does not cause difficulties during operation, it works for a long time without repairs.

Thanks to the special compensator, which is the regulator in the carburetor of the Stihl trimmer, the supersaturation of the fuel mixture is prevented in case of contamination of the air filter. As a result, the power does not change for a long time. Cleaning the filter will be required when at least 80% of its surface is dirty, which is also beneficial if continuous operation is necessary.

The Stihl lawn mower runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil, the manufacturer recommends the use of a special STIHL MotoMix mixture, in which the correct ratio of components is selected. However, this mixture is not commercially available in all markets; therefore, a fuel mixture of gasoline no lower than AI-92 and STIHL engine oil in a concentration of 50: 1 is prepared. It should be borne in mind that the use of a poor-quality mixture leads to breakdown of the engine, sealing rings, and fuel tank.

Instructions for use lawn mowers STIHL FS120

Advantages and disadvantages of STIHL FS120 lawn mowers

  • Convenient two-handed handle is adjustable for the growth of the operator.
  • Thanks to the dual belt, working with the scythe is very convenient.
  • Handles, thanks to rubber buffers, significantly reduce the transfer of harmful vibrations to the working body, which are created by a rotating cutting tool and engine, which is especially important during intensive use. Cutting thickets, rough grass, shrubs.
  • The cost of the Stihl FS120 lawn mowers is within 22 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable with its expanded functionality.

Among the shortcomings of the gas trimmer, owners sometimes note malfunctions associated with the spark plug. Insufficient power, poor start, interruptions at idle.

In such cases, the spark plug should be changed without waiting for the scheduled period of 100 hours.

review of work

Lawn mower STIHL FS120

Lawn mower Stihl FS120 in operation


“I use the Stihl fs 120 trimmer for the second year. A very powerful unit, excellent assembly, no complaints. “


“The Stihl 120 lawn mower worked for me for 2 seasons without any problems. From maintenance, I changed the air filter, everything else works fine. I’ll sharpen the knife often, but slightly, literally a couple of movements so that it doesn’t stitch ahead of time. ”