Stihl Trimmer With Easy Start

Such a technique as lawn mowers and trimmers, today is not something unusual in the arsenal of the summer resident. If you also want to look after a lawn in a modern way, then you should consider similar units. With their help, you can periodically mow the lawn and cut bushes, as well as remove weed thickets. In this case, the territory will look neat, like clubs.

The plot, of course, can be looked after differently, but over time, weed plants are planted everywhere, thereby drowning the useful shoots. In order to simplify gardening, you can purchase a Stihl FS 55 trimmer, which will be discussed below.

Overview of the lawn mowers brand FS 55

Stihl Trimmer With Easy Start

Trimmers today are also called lawn mowers, and the model that was mentioned above is no exception. You will have to pay 13,490 rubles for it. It is a premium device. With it, you can take care of large suburban areas and lawns. This unit mows weeds, young and old grass, shrubs and reeds.


The Stihl FS 55 trimmer is an excellent lawn care solution. The engine power of this unit is 1 liter. Pp., which is optimal for domestic use. In one pass, you can mow grass up to 120 mm wide. It is noteworthy that the design has a special system that allows you to care for grass even along fences, in narrow sections and around flower beds.

The engine capacity is 0.33 liters, which will be enough for half an hour of work. The Stihl FS 55 trimmer comes with a knife, protective cover, and trimmer head. This should also include a two-shoulder belt, which simplifies use. As for the protective cover, it acts as a reliable barrier to fishing line and knife.

Consumer Reviews

Stihl FS 55 petrol trimmer can be adjusted to the height of the operator. The handle and belt are configured for the most comfortable use. Customers also like the fact that the controls are on the same handle, so you don’t have to reach for them, because everything is located near the palm of your hand.

Stihl Trimmer With Easy Start

The casing, which is included in the kit and protects the fishing line, has a narrowing at the bar. The operator will be able to easily view the trimmer head, which allows you to conveniently handle bottlenecks. The manufacturer also took care of safety, providing the design with a casing that eliminates the ingress of pebbles from under the knife into the user. But using a primer, the operator will be able to pump fuel into the carburetor.

Buyers note that it is very easy to start a lawn mowing, which is true even after a long period of inactivity. The system is easy to start, which is guaranteed by an easy engine start. You won’t have to spend strength on a long pulling of the cord, two jerks will be enough.

User’s manual

Before you start using the described equipment, you must read the instructions for its use. As for the launch, it is necessary to lay the device on the ground in front of it. The supports will be the stops and the protective casing. In this case, the cutting tool should not touch the ground or other objects, because when it starts, it will begin to rotate.

It is important to make sure that no strangers are near the Stihl FS 55 gas trimmer. They should be no closer than 15 meters. It is important to take a stable position before starting. Next, you need to prepare the stop button for operation. It is located on the multi-function handle.

Now you can proceed to fixing the throttle lever. It should be pressed and held in this position. At the same time, the throttle lever should be engaged. Leave it in this position until the latch catches on the housing tab. If the gas lever is locked, it is necessary to lower it first, and then. Clamp. The tool lever is now ready to start.

The choke on the cold engine must be closed, for this the drive lever is set to the appropriate position. The Stihl FS 55 trimmer, the operating instructions of which are provided in the kit, must be laid on the ground again. It is important to make sure that the braid is as reliable as possible. The tool is pressed to the ground so that it does not tip over at startup. It is important to make sure once again that the cutting tool is not in contact with anything.

Additional operating recommendations

At the next stage, it is necessary to restart the engine using a cable for this. With your right hand, extend the handle until you feel the stop. Then tightly and sharply need to pull up on the starter cable. If there is an ergo-start device, then the cable must be pulled as smoothly as possible, while ensuring constant force.

Do not pull the cable to the end. If you are going to use the Stihl FS 55 trimmer, the instruction manual for this equipment must be read. From it you can find out that the next step before starting is to open the air damper. To do this, use the drive lever.


The trimmer is a high-tech equipment that can be found in many summer residents. Although it is considered quite expensive, it justifies its price after a while, because you have to spend much less time on lawn care.