Choose an electric screwdriver Metabo PowerMax Bs Basic. Specifications

TOP-13 best screws Metabo 2020-2021. Review, characteristics, pros and cons of In the modern domestic market, you can find many batteries and network screwdrivers designed to drill and screw screws. The leading manufacturer of professional equipment for small repair work is Metabo, which produces functional devices with capacious batteries and a large number of revolutions. Electric screwdriver is one of […]

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Speaking electric screwdriver Metabo PowerMax Bs Basic. Battering Drill Electric screwdriver…

Fourth generation of Metabo PowerMaxx screwdrivers over, traditions have been established in early January for its customers and fans of the Metabo brand make the first annual presentation of new models, which increases shocking its forces in protecting and expanding its positions on the world market of professional power tools. Among the first half, the innovations were announced in the […]

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Basic Motor Failures

The main malfunctions of the electric motor Causes of Motor Failure Typical motor problems Motor troubleshooting Every year, gasoline engines are more and more displaced by electric motors installed on a new type of machine called electric vehicles. However, like internal combustion engines, electric powertrains can break, causing problems in the functioning of the vehicle. The bulk of the motor […]

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