How to cut skirting boards to the ceiling

Different materials and their features Styrofoam. Perhaps this material is the most fragile. it is unstable to mechanical damage, scratches and even minor impacts. Of the advantages. light weight, the ability to paint in various colors and ease of processing (it can be cut with a clerical knife. however, very carefully). Expanded polystyrene. This material can be considered a type […]

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How to cut corners on plastic ceiling skirting boards

Product features For the manufacture of decorative elements, the same materials are used as for the panels. polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It differs from the usual mounting L-shaped profile only in the decorative part, in the form of a classic concave skirting board. Unlike standard fillets made of polyurethane or polystyrene, plastic skirting boards have a fastening element in the form […]

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How To Attach Skirting Boards To The Floor Without A Drill

Skirting board material for fixing to the floor To begin with, it is important to decide which surface it will be attached to. There are two options: to the floor or to the walls. The choice depends on the characteristics of the walls and the material chosen for the floor plinth. Skirting board material: Wood; MDF; Plastic. Wooden skirting boards […]

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