Stihl chainsaw how to breed gasoline

Gasoline selection The first question that the user faces before starting work is what gasoline to pour into the Stihl chainsaw. Gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw is filled exclusively with unleaded high-octane gasoline, that is, with an octane number higher than 90. If you fill it with a low-octane gasoline, it is fraught with engine overheating, piston seizure and engine […]

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How To Breed Gasoline For A Mower

Gasoline with chainsaw oil. How to dilute and why it is done How to properly dilute gasoline with oil for refueling two-stroke engines of chainsaws. The recipe for the preparation of a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines of gasoline units Gasoline with chainsaw oil. How to dilute and why it is done Chainsaws from different companies are based on a […]

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How To Breed Oil In A Gas Trimmer

Trimmer, or lawn mowing. A tool that can not be done in the household. At the same time, its reliability, efficiency and long service life depend on many factors. For example, the quality of fuel. This means that you need to choose the right oil for the trimmer, observe the proportions when adding to gasoline and the rules for refueling […]

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