Trimmer for grass Caliber is not a reasons. Common causes and procedure

Trimer Caliber BC 1480 is not started. The lawn mower will not start or start, but stalls The most important point in the use of any equipment is to comply with the basic rules of operation and its timely maintenance. It is this approach that will provide you with good and long. But still, sometimes unforeseen situations happen, and for […]

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Lawn-mow “Caliber” Bk-1380. Technical Specifications and Operating Rules

Lawnmow BK 1380 “Caliber” is assembled at a domestic plant from components made in China. The trademark “Caliber” entered Russia not so long ago, in 2001, and managed to gain popularity. The main assortment of the brand is power tools and garden equipment, which includes lawn mowers. This is a household appliance designed for processing small and medium-sized territories (up […]

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How to Remove a Caliber Screwdriver Gear

The screwdriver can be repaired independently, having studied its structure and principles of operation of individual units. Device and screwdriver malfunctions All screwdrivers are arranged approximately the same. They consist of the following functional units: Start button; Pulse width regulator; Electric motor; Transistor; Planetary reductor. All components of the device are in a strong and aesthetic case, which has a […]

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