How To Change A Blade On A Saw Blade

DIY circular saw repair When starting to repair the unit with your own hands, it is not necessary to disassemble it completely to find out the reasons for the breakdown. Some malfunctions are characterized by specific symptoms, by which you can determine the problem and purposefully disassemble one or another part of the device. Reducer housing gets very hot Rapid […]

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How To Change A Candle On A Trimmer

Trimmer ignition. Principle of operation and possible malfunctions If the owner of the lawn mower wants to adjust the ignition system on his own, he should understand the principle of operation of this unit. In an internal combustion engine, it consists of a flywheel and a magneto (coil). In turn, the flywheel includes an impeller that performs the function of […]

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Oil Change In Trimmer

Changing the oil in the trim tab Change the oil in the engine and gearbox. Replacing the oil filter. Online registration. Call (096) 941-53-96. Types and principle of operation of filters for trimmer Modern lawn mowers use two types of filters. Fuel and air. Fuel filter for trimmer Even the highest quality fuel has various additives that quickly accumulate and […]

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