How to start the engine of a motor block Lifan. Checking oil level

The most common motives for a motorblock breakdown A single axle tractor is equipped with an internal combustion engine (ICE) and like all other tractors over time breaks down, its repair and maintenance is conducted in the same way as for single-cylinder carbureted ICE in any other machine. In the article in more detail let’s consider the reasons why a […]

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The forwards chain saw stalls when hot. Algorithm of checking the crankcase for leaks

Why the chain saw does not start or stops: causes and remedies Every chainsaw owner faces malfunctions on a regular basis throughout the life of the tool. As a result of various malfunctions your chain saw refuses to start or works with a noticeable dip. The troubleshooting experts can help you. However, in order to save time and money, you […]

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What the screwdriver indicator is for. Checking an appliance for serviceability

How to check the indicator screwdriver Sometimes there is a need for certain electrical work in the home. And if you have an indicator screwdriver in the house, it is easy to know, for example, the presence of the phase. When considering devices, the principle of operation is taken into account, it is important to understand the varieties. Modern products […]

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