How to adjust a Chinese chainsaw. Algorithm of actions for adjustment

Carver chainsaw carburetor adjustment Using a chain saw makes life much easier, even for recreational users and is practically indispensable in some workplaces. But like all comparably complex machines, chain saws need service. Improper or inadequate maintenance can lead to malfunctions and engine problems. One of the most common causes of malfunction is that the carburetor of your chainsaw is […]

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Chinese electric screwdriver cordless what is better. 4th place Zubr DSHL-121

best cordless drills, screwdrivers Cordless electric screwdriver drill is one of the most popular power tools because it is super versatile. The device is able to perform both the functions of an ordinary drill because of the high torque, and be used for tightening nuts and screws (like a classic electric screwdriver). For this purpose, an electric screwdriver is equipped […]

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Chinese gasoline trimmer for grass what is the best. The best cheap gasoline lawn trimmers

Top 10: Ranking of gasoline trimmers (four-stroke) for grass 2021-2022 The selection / review is made by the editorial opinion of About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase. Rating-2021-2022 best petrol trimmers (four-stroke) for grass on […]

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How to remove the clutch from a Chinese chainsaw

How a chainsaw works All types of units are driven by a gasoline internal combustion engine. During assembly, single-cylinder engines are installed, into which high-octane high-quality gasoline is refueled. Instead of a gearbox, a single-stage transmission is used, which makes the chain move. The structure of the unit, due to its simplicity, allows it to work flawlessly in any conditions. […]

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