How to work correctly with a circular saw. Can you cut with an electric jigsaw?

How to work with a circular saw in wood The choice of tool depends largely on the individual needs of the person. But to help yourself with such a question, you should know the basic technical characteristics and capabilities of saws in general: Schematic diagram of a manual circular saw. Power. This characteristic affects how the circular saw will work, […]

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How to use a circular saw. Circular saw

HOW TO USE A CIRCULAR SAW CORRECTLY A craftsman uses a circular saw when he wants to be able to cut wood and man-made wood materials in any direction, accurately, quickly, and most importantly. safely. It is very important to choose a quality made tool with precise guides and reliable cutter guard. Even without turning it on, you can check […]

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How to use a hand-held circular saw. The choice of a professional model: the Makita 5103R

How to work with an electric saw Electric pruning saws, like any tool, require certain rules of operation. Equipped with sharp cutting discs or blades, plugged-in power saws are unsafe tools. Improper handling can cause serious injury to the operator. Therefore, it is necessary to use the electric saw with maximum caution, observing certain safety rules. Since this power tool […]

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