How to connect the controller angle grinder. Other features: soft start and more

Instructions for making a speed regulator for angle grinder with your own hands The integrated option to regulate the number of revolutions of the wheel will make it possible to gently work materials such as wood or plastic. At lower speeds, increased comfort and safety. Such an option is most practical in radio and electrical installation, service stations and studios […]

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How to connect an angle grinder to the car. Angle grinder from a chainsaw and electric saw + (Video)

How to run the angle grinder 125 where there is no el.networks Need to saw 1 hour without recharging, so the minimum budget requirements not exceed 1500r and mobility, and not to waste time on experiments and buy unnecessary junk have 2 Oops acb 7 and 5 ah wbr, need them to squeeze the energy for full operation angle grinder. […]

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How to Connect a Tachometer to a Chainsaw

Manual chainsaws are currently widely used both for felling trees, cutting knots and further harvesting firewood, as well as in the construction of wooden houses and various buildings for household purposes. Like any other tools, these devices (rather reliable) require regular preventive maintenance, and sometimes tuning. For example, a tachometer for a chainsaw will allow you to easily not only […]

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