Gas Consumption Per Trimmer

Key device parameters Power and type of engine. The wider the trimmer’s capabilities, the stronger the engine and the higher the fuel consumption. The engine can be light (1 hp and below), simple (within 1-3 hp) and reinforced (more than 3 hp). A two-stroke engine costs a lot less than a four-stroke engine, but it is harder to maintain, since […]

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How To Reduce Fuel Consumption On A Trimmer

The increased fuel consumption and the rapid formation of soot on a candle scythes when using a properly prepared fuel mixture indicate the need for carburetor adjustment. This describes how to set trimmers with carburetors that have one screw for adjusting the fuel supply. Carb adjustment Flush the air filter before adjusting the carburetor. It is recommended to rinse it […]

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How to Calculate Trimmer Fuel Consumption

For example, you can calculate the instantaneous (instantaneous) consumption, that is, the amount of fuel consumed at a given time, using the on-board computer. It displays a lot of useful information, including the average gas consumption per 100 km, the fuel consumption rate for the current trip and instantaneous consumption. Using the on-board computer, you can easily set the parameters […]

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