The trimmer for grass does not develop power and revolutions. Little tricks

The trimmer for the grass does not gain momentum. the causes of the problem and their elimination Why is the gasoline or electric trimmer for STIHL, Husqvarna, Champion grass is not gaining momentum. why do this common problem have a number of different reasons for the trimmer. While working with the device, you can meet as obvious problems, signs Trammers […]

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Patriot lawn mower stalls when you gas. The lawn mower does not develop speed.Another reason

Patriot trimmer is not gaining momentum reason You ask that the first? Answer. muffler. The muffler is responsible for exhaust gases and the suppression of the flame in them. All combustion products pass through it, which ultimately can clog it. The situation with a muffled muffler is not something unusual, but it occurs due to improper fuel mixture. To check […]

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The Carver lawmaker does not develop momentum. Carburetor adjustment when stalls…

trimmer for grass gasoline Carver is not gaining momentum Observing all these precautions, you will give your mower for many years of fruitful work, and yourself. the luxury of well.groomed lawns, comfort and convenience when mowing unnecessary vegetation in your site. About the reasons why the lawn mower stall when you press gas, watch in the next video About the […]

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