The Benzotrimmer Does Not Idle

The benzotrimmer does not keep idling The Lacetti 1.6 engine has an electronic throttle valve. maybe you need to reset adaptations.It was so with me. swam revolutions. even went deaf on the move. drove off. everything became ideal Post has been edited by WalterWhite. January 13, 2014, 20:40 Super driver Group: Full members of the club Posts: 3,014 Registration: 13.1.2008 […]

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Chainsaw Stihl 180 Does Not Jam

Modern chainsaw ignition Ignition, on modern gearless chainsaws, is a module that includes a coil, an electronic board is a transistor type. The ignition system (non-electronic part) includes a flywheel with magnets (magneto), a glow plug, an armored wire (high voltage wire). What’s inside the ignition module? Perhaps someone watched videos on video hosting sites and watched the module in […]

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The petrol trimmer does not start fills the candle

Gasoline trimmer won’t start: causes and remedies Diagnostic features Main reasons Ways to eliminate breakage Recommendations for use Taking into account the specifics of using gasoline trimmers, their owners often have to deal with certain problems. One of the most common troubles is that the lawn mower will not start or gain momentum. For the fastest and most effective elimination […]

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