How to Fuel a Fishing Line on a Patriot Trimmer

Type. HOUSEHOLD. Appointment. MOWING OF DENSE GRASS AND BUSHING. ENGINE: Petrol, 1-cylinder, 2-stroke. ENGINE LOCATION: Top. POWER: 1.3 kW. / 1.5 h.p. FUEL TANK VOLUME: 0.5 l. WEIGHT: 6.5 kg. FUEL: Mixture of AI-92 gasoline and oil for 2-stroke engines in proportions of 50: 1. CUTTING EQUIPMENT: Cutting head with two fishing lines (diameter 2.0 mm.) CAPTURE WIDTH: for fishing […]

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Stihl Trimmer Fuel Adjustment

On trimmers, in addition to electric motors, gasoline internal combustion engines are installed. This mechanism requires special attention, because if configured incorrectly, it will either refuse to work or will work intermittently and loss of power. Basically, adjusting the engine is to adjust the fuel supply, and this is done using the trimmer carburetor. The main problems and malfunctions of […]

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