How much oil to fill in the gearbox of the walk-behind tractor cascade

What kind of oil to pour into the walk-behind tractor As a rule, in the instructions for motor vehicles, the manufacturer indicates which brand of engine oil and in what volume it is better to use. If there are no such recommendations, the agent is chosen according to the following characteristics: SAE; API; ACEA. The SAE parameter indicates the viscosity […]

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Motoblock neva what kind of oil to fill in the gearbox

Gearbox device The gearbox for the walk-behind tractor allows you to use additional equipment that gets its speed from this particular mechanism. The device itself and the principle of operation are similar to elements of other models. МОТОБЛОК “НЕВА -МБ2.” С ДВИГАТЕЛЕМ YAMAHA MX-200 PRO.СБОРОРКА ПЕРВЫЙ ЗАПУСК. Important! When assembling the gearbox of the Neva walk-behind tractor, the structural features […]

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What Kind Of Lubricant Is Better To Use For The Gearbox Angle Grinder

Main Features of Lubricant for Angle Grinder In angle grinders, the main unit subject to the greatest loads during operation is a gearbox consisting of helical gears. The torque generated by the angle grinder rotor is transmitted from the rotor to the working tool through the small helical gear to the large helical gear. Correctly selected gear lubricant significantly reduces […]

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