Is it possible to cut gypsum board with an angle grinder. Tools for cutting drywall

What and how to cut drywall correctly at home Beginners in the construction business do not know what and how to cut drywall in the best way. After all, any work, whether it’s the creation of a ceiling construction, a partition, or a complex element of decor, requires knowledge of the rules for drywall cutting and rigorous adherence to them […]

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How to Cut Artificial Gypsum Stone

The construction market offers a variety of products manufactured using the latest technology. It contains interesting combinations of materials that give amazing visual results. In the framework of this article, we will talk about such a finishing material as decorative stone made of gypsum and its use for internal and external decoration. Facing stone made of gypsum and its properties […]

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Gypsum Removal Oscillator Saw

This catalog presents a variety of saws (for gypsum dressings, for autopsy / autopsy, for the sternum) and drills (electric, cordless, pneumatic) for orthopedic surgery. Whether you want to perform operations on the hip, knee, shoulder or sternum, perform an autopsy or remove plaster, all this is possible with the help of our saws and drills and accessories. The familiar […]

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