Malfunction of the he ignition coil of the trimmer for grass symptoms. Assembly device and common…

TRAMER REPAIR OF THE TRAMMER for Grace with your own hands Motokosi is a popular seasonal tool designed to remove unnecessary vegetation in the house site. Like any other technique, these devices periodically break. Repair of a he ignition coil of a trimmer for grass is one of the popular problems characteristic of gasoline cos. The ignition system itself is […]

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Put the ignition on the Husqvarna mower. We diagnose a candle and candle canal

How to properly set the ignition on a lawn mower It doesn’t matter what kind of equipment, and especially garden, working in quite difficult any conditions, asks for maintenance. Even the usual and small service significantly increases the resource of the work of this technique, and does the work itself more ordinary and solid. And the motors are starting “from […]

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How the ignition works on a power tiller. General rules for operating and starting all types of power tillers.The first steps in setting up a power tiller.

Principle of power tiller ignition EXCELLENT TOOL FOR CRAFTSMEN AND HANDICRAFTS AND ALL FOR THE GARDEN, HOME AND SUMMER COTTAGE LITERALLY FOR FREE THERE ARE REVIEWS. Many households have power tillers and power tillers, which greatly facilitate the work in the garden. I’ve got one of those, too. It was obtained back in the 90s and served me faithfully all […]

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Chainsaw Ignition To The Planet

General information The microprocessor-based contactless ignition system 1137.3734 (MPBSZ) is a logical continuation of the development of electronic ignition. Model 1137.3734, which has no analogues, is intended for operation in motorcycles of the IZH brand of all models with a 12 volt generator. The microprocessor ignition module allows by connecting the output wires in a certain sequence to select the […]

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