How to install a drill bit. Drill whisk

Grinding and polishing with nozzles on the drill and electric screwdriver types and purpose Among hand tools, the hammer is in the lead, while the first place in the arsenal of power tools takes the drill. Electric drill not only drill holes in metal and wooden structures, but also perform work on polishing and sanding various surfaces. To do this, […]

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How to put a spool on a grass trimmer. How to install a reel on a grass trimmer?

Repair the grass trimmer spool with their own hands: how to remove, disassemble, change the fishing line for the trimmer, assemble and install back If the trimmer line does not extend with a light tap of the grass trimmer spool button on the ground, the prerequisites are usually. Option 1. overbite, t.Е. Clamping the cord between turns. This problem usually […]

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