The brake of the chainsaw was jammed what to do. What are the breakdowns in the lubrication system of the chain:

The chain is spinning at the idle of the chainsaw Reducing the performance of the chainsaw is associated with the denture of the chain. This is a common inconsistency, sharpening must be created often. How to do this with a machine, a ratfille or a corner grinder, read in the corresponding article. Basil does not saw under load and […]

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Jammed the trimmer motor for grass without oil. A short circuit of wires

Repair and lubrication of a trimmer gearbox for grass With frequent, intensive use of motorcycles, the gearbox can start to heat up or make sounds uncharacteristic for its normal operation, for example, rattle. This indicates that the mechanism must be lubricated. If this is not done on time, then more serious problems will arise (for example, gears will be quickly […]

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Nut jammed on angle grinder

What are the ways to unscrew a tightened nut on an angle grinder? It is difficult to encounter this problem when rotating at idle speed. Particularly when working with light discs and soft-start tools. However, after an increase in rpm and contact with the surface to be cut, the following happens: When material resistance is encountered, the wheel’s angular velocity […]

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