Saw STIHL 180 chain how many links

Chainsaw chain STIHL MS 180 How to correctly count the chain links of a chainsaw so as not to be mistaken in the selection. Since the 180th STIHL is our most popular chainsaw, a great variety of chains are produced for it. Among this variety, there are also frankly unusable products and quite decent analogues. The original chain from STIHL […]

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How Many Fishing Lines Are Threaded Into The Trimmer

I want to devote today’s article to the sore topic of summer residents and gardeners of the entire post-Soviet space “How to refill a fishing line into a trimmer.” Not many trimmer manufacturers answer this question in their operating instructions. Therefore, it is difficult for ordinary gardeners to figure out how to do this correctly. I want to start with […]

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Stihl 180 Chain How Many Teeth

Sorting: The highly reliable steel cutting teeth of the STIHL 63 PM3 chain belt are characterized by a special tooth geometry that allows for a clean and smooth cut. To increase the service life and normal operation of the chain, it must be systematically lubricated. The 63 PS3 saw chain is characterized by sharpened edges, an r-like top plate, which […]

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