Review Petrol Grass Trimmer for Grass

Excellent start-up, quiet, high-quality assembly. Very economical gas mileage. For 6 acres, if the grass is not overgrown, half the tank is enough for me. Cuts grass of varying thickness. The set includes a simple, clear instruction in Russian. PATRIOT PT 4355 Imperial The petrol grass trimmer has a comfortable bicycle-style handle. The reliability of the device is guaranteed due […]

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petrol grass trimmer you give gas and stalls

If stalled after gas supply Owners of gasoline braids quite often mention that the lawn mower stalls when you press the gas. Typically, such a breakdown occurs due to a malfunction in the carburetor. Failure in its operation can occur due to prolonged storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overload of the motor. Vibrating movements of the device during operation […]

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Petrol Trimmer Starts Poorly For Cold Reasons

Gasoline trimmer won’t start: causes and remedies Diagnostic features Main reasons Breakdown elimination methods Recommendations for use Given the specifics of using gasoline trimmers, their owners often have to deal with certain problems. One common problem is that the lawn mower won’t start or pick up steam. For the fastest and most effective elimination of such a problem, you should […]

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