How to Disassemble a Hitachi Screwdriver Battery

To understand how to disassemble a screwdriver battery and not damage it, you should follow some simple rules. The battery is disassembled in order to replace the batteries or transfer it to another type of nutrient elements: for example, change nickel batteries to lithium ones. Disassembling actions must be neat, precise in order to avoid damage to other important elements […]

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Metabo 10 8 Screwdriver Review

Metabo screwdriver. is the golden mean when choosing a power tool, both for home use and for professional activities. Metabo screwdrivers deserve this characteristic for a successful combination of functionality, quality and price. The stylistics of the famous German brand can be traced in the entire line of tools. Regardless of the battery. the battery or the network, the devices […]

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Remaking a Hitachi Screwdriver 12 Volt On Lithium

Energy Storage Information Site Each master is faced with the problem of reducing the operability of the tool, or a complete failure due to the battery. Manufacturers use nickel-cadmium batteries in 12, 14, 18 volt screwdrivers. The sequential assembly of several elements creates the desired voltage. Replacing lithium nickel-cadmium batteries increases the battery life, making the design easier. Mandatory installation […]

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