petrol grass trimmer you give gas and stalls

If stalled after gas supply Owners of gasoline braids quite often mention that the lawn mower stalls when you press the gas. Typically, such a breakdown occurs due to a malfunction in the carburetor. Failure in its operation can occur due to prolonged storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overload of the motor. Vibrating movements of the device during operation […]

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The trimmer stalls when you press the gas of the husqvarna

Breakdown elimination methods The following works are possible on the carburetor: cleaning and adjusting the fuel supply valve; similar work with a valve that releases exhaust gases and vapors (after fuel combustion); replacing the weaker spring on the inlet valve; restoration of the tension of the carburetor cable; replacing the fuel suction hose, checking and strengthening the loosened connection; change […]

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