How to rewind the stator drill at home. Types of electric motors and repair features

Repair the drill. Stator calculation instructions for rewinding the electric motor with your own hands Many household devices and homemade structures use small power electric machines as a drive as a drive. Despite the high reliability of electric motors, their failure for a number of reasons is not uncommon. Given the relatively high cost of these devices, it is […]

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What the end saw is for. Types and equipment. Assignment and how to choose

Trimmer saw. Types and device. Designation and how to choose Circular saw is a circular saw designed for cutting wooden, plastic or metal products at a specified angle with the utmost precision. The device is widely used for rapid production of the same type of blanks. Trimming saws are characterized by great accuracy, so they are used for cutting molded […]

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How to remove the reel from the gasoline trimmer. What types of fishing lines are there?

Grass trimmer spool repair with their own hands: how to remove, disassemble, change the line for trimmer, assemble and install back If the line for the trimmer is not extended by lightly striking the grass trimmer spool button on the ground, the prerequisites for this are usually. Option 1. overbite, t.Е. Clamping the cord between turns. This problem usually occurs […]

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