How to remove the coil from the electric trimmer video

Grass trimmer coil device Trimmer mowing heads come in a variety of designs, both simple and complex. The picture below shows an exploded view of a semi-automatic trimmer head from a Husqvarna (Husqvarna) brushcutter. This type of head is present on most mowers and electric trimmers, such as STIHL (STIHL), Patriot (Patriot), Champion (Champion), Bosch (Bosch), Huter (Huter) and others. […]

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How to assemble a cultivator on a single-axle tractor video

Alteration of a walk-behind milling cutter for a minitractor 2h Alteration of a walk-behind milling cutter for a mini-tractor from a walk-behind tractor ZARYA CH 101. Connecting a cutter. Assembly of cutters Detailed, step-by-step instructions for assembling cultivator cutters. Secrets of assembling soil mills, cultivator, walk-behind tractor Not knowing the “secrets” and not having experience 99 out of 100 beginners […]

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How To Get A Bit Out Of A Screwdriver Video

How to correctly insert a bit into a screwdriver? The start button is arranged in such a way as to adjust the rotation speed by pressing force. The principal element of a screwdriver is its power source. If the drills are produced in modifications both with a mains supply and in an autonomous (battery) version, then screwdrivers, due to the […]

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